Gigabit Jersey Glotel global telecoms awards shortlist 2017

JT’s pioneering fibre project shortlisted for Global Telecoms Awards

JT’s pioneering fibre project shortlisted for Global Telecoms Awards

Global Telecoms Awards shortlist — Gigabit Jersey – JT’s project that will soon see every home and business in the Island connected directly to super-fast broadband – has been shortlisted in the world’s premier awards for the telecoms industry.

The Gigabit Jersey project began in 2012 and 94%* of broadband services have now been directly connected to the fibre network. It means that Jersey is now ranked first in the world in terms of percentage broadband services with a full-fibre connection to broadband.

It will also allow the Island to become the first in the world to completely replace its ageing copper wire network – which has served the telecoms industry well for over a century – with fast,
reliable and secure fibre-optic cables.

Now in its fifth year, the Global Telecoms Awards celebrates a broad range of global accolades, which sees JT shortlisted in the Fixed Network Evolution category of the awards, against some
big players from around the globe.

JT Chief Executive Officer Graeme Millar said: “When we began the Gigabit Jersey project, some people were understandably cautious and questioned whether it was necessary for the Island.
However, we knew then that device use and bandwidth would grow, in line with more and more services being delivered digitally, and I’m pleased that the Global Telecoms Awards judges have
recognised the importance of our insight and investment in full-fibre connectivity by this shortlisting. The need for fibre is now evident publically and I’m so glad we made the decision
early on – we’re now in the fortunate position where major UK operators are trying to catch up.”


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