JT’s frontline teams shine at National Customer Experience Awards

JT’s focus on customer care and customer experience (CX) during the COVID-19 pandemic shone through at a national awards event last week, where JT’s team were awarded Gold in the ‘Customer Experience in the Crisis’ category.

JT were up against strong global entries from much larger companies, like TalkTalk and Pharmacy2U. The judges decided JT’s commitment to meeting the unprecedented demand for fast and reliable connectivity to every household during the pandemic made it a worthy winner.

Daragh McDermott, Managing Director JT Channel Islands, said: “COVID-19 has challenged everyone, and our first priority was to always keep our customers connected. We were acutely aware of how reliant the whole community was on our infrastructure and services, so we worked quickly to support customers when they needed us most.  Measures like introducing free landline calls, upgrading our broadband network to 1GB/s at no extra cost and removing charging if customers went over their usage limits, were quickly put in place to ensure people stayed connected. I am really proud of how our teams have worked together and that they have been recognised in this way, as they too have found things very challenging during these extraordinary times.”

JT was also a finalist in the ‘CX in the Community’ and ‘Business Change Transformation’ categories, and also won Silver in ‘The Best Use of Insight and Feedback – Customers Voice’, beating insurance giants Vitality and broadband provider Swish Fibre.

Tamara O’Brien, Group Head of Corporate Communications, Brand & CX, added: ‘It’s fantastic to see our people’s total commitment to our customers, their colleagues and our wider community has shone through on a national stage, up against world class global companies such as TalkTalk and Pharmacy2U.

Our people were incredibly swift to adapt our services based on what our customers needed and to use the customer insight and data we had to help us support them.  This recognition underlines how important continuing to listen to our customers and evolving the service and experience we provide is.”

To see all the winners see : https://cxa.co.uk/winners-and-finalists-2021

Macmillan Jersey’s Get Together for Good brings out the best

Last year, JT and Macmillan Jersey changed what was an annual coffee morning event into 7 days of activities that brought people together and raised over £26,000 for the local charity. Now in its second year, the event attracted much more support with events taking place all over the island. Funds are still coming in but the charity expects to raise in excess of £30,000, with over £6,000 coming from their partners JT, who held their own internal charity week in tandem, raising £3,000 which was then £4£ matched by the company.

The event was initially created to enable the charity to continue with a well-established fundraising tradition during a difficult fundraising period, which has now become a new firm favourite in Jersey’s community calendar.

Steph Gibaut, Head of Income Generation for Macmillan Jersey, said: “It’s been amazing to see how ‘Get Together for Good’ is evolving alongside Jersey’s Greatest Coffee Morning, which so many people still like to hold. The contribution and support from the community has surpassed all our expectations, from the fantastic prizes to give away in our Charity Raffle, to film nights and a special coffee blend, it’s surprising how much you can pack into one week of fun. Every penny raised will go towards the essential work that we do in supporting cancer patients, their family, friends and work colleagues. As a Jersey charity that doesn’t receive any funding from Macmillan UK, our services can only be provided thanks to the generosity of the many local people who support us. After such a financially challenging year, we are so grateful to those that went the extra mile to support us and want to give special thanks to JT who have over the past two years become so much more to us than just a sponsor’’.

Daragh McDermott, JT’s Managing Director, Channel Islands said: “It’s truly  inspiring to work with a team like Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey. Over the past two years we’ve worked together to create an annual fundraising event that allows people to design their own activity, have some fun but above all, help support those, who support our loved ones.  JT offices around the world took on a very different look for that week in September, with all of our people embracing the theme and pulling together to raise money, awareness and have a good time. We held 28 independent events, ranging from  an online ‘Duck Derby’ to a pop-up clothes shop, and a coffee and cake morning across all of our global offices. The icing on the cake was to see Fort Regent glow green all week for Macmillan Jersey awareness.

Macmillan Jersey not only motivate us at JT, they’ve also captured the hearts of our entire community, with so many people and businesses around the island coming together to support this great event, it just shows how we can all be part of one team, united in our efforts to make a difference’’.

Cyber First Aid – #ThinkB4UClick

Emily Martins
Cybersecurity Consultant

October marks #CyberSecMonth (European Cybersecurity Month), the annual campaign dedicated to promoting cybersecurity among individuals and organisations, providing up-to-date digital security information through awareness-raising - the motto this year is “Think Before U Click” with "Cyber First Aid" being one of the main themes of the campaign.

Emily Martins, a Cybersecurity Consultant at JT shares useful payment tips and advice on what to do if you've been hacked.  Read on below...

What do you do if you’ve been hacked?

It’s all too easy to think ‘it’ll never happen to me’ when it comes to cyber-attacks, but the reality is, no one is safe. In fact, I was targeted myself not so very long ago. I had entered my bank card details into a website that I had never used before, but one that I trusted, and within an hour criminals were already attempting to use my bank card in multiple countries across the globe. Luckily my bank quickly recognised the transactions as being fraudulent and blocked it before any damage was done, but it did take me by surprise and really made me wonder, if my bank hadn’t blocked my card and I hadn’t checked on my banking app, just how much damage could they have done?

Security is so much more than remembering not to tell anyone your password or not to click on an obviously dodgy website. Websites we trust can sometimes be compromised, many scams can appear legitimate and lure us, and sometimes we just get complacent with the mindset of ‘I’m safe, why would they target little old me’.

In my case there wasn’t much else that I could do in the moment, I blocked my card and re-ordered a new one, leaving me without my standard method of payment for 5 days. Luckily, I have several accounts and only use one for online payments, transferring money into it as and when needed so I wasn’t left without a way of paying, but for others who just have one account and one card it could have had a much more negative impact.

So, just how do you prevent something like this from happening?

Make sure you’re not putting all of your eggs in one basket. I like to keep a small amount in one account for weekly expenditures and the rest of my money saved in other accounts. That way, if my card gets stolen or compromised only a small amount is at risk.


Check if your bank provides single-use cards. Some online banks, such as Revolut will provide single-use credit or debit cards, specifically for online purchases, that way even if your details are stolen the card is voided and no money can be taken. Of course, this doesn’t protect you against physical card theft or skimmers (a card reader that can be disguised to look like part of an ATM) but it goes a long way towards protecting you online.

Keep an eye on your transactions. My last tip is to make sure you’re checking your bank account on a regular basis for suspicious activity. Most major banks will have an app that you can download to your mobile, so checking your bank at the end of the day is simple. If you notice any pending transactions that you don’t recognise you should immediately call your bank’s fraud department who can take steps to contain and minimise your exposure.


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