JT showcases its technology at world’s leading communications conference

JT’s market-leading work in the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) will be on display at this week’s Mobile World Congress, putting Jersey on the map at the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry.

JT has developed a special SIM card and underlying operating system which allows devices to communicate with one another automatically over mobile networks. JT’s 700+ global roaming agreements means that devices can seamlessly move onto a different network if the one they are using fails. JT SIM cards now connect over 1.4m devices worldwide, allowing JT to further reinvest international revenue into its world-class Channel Islands infrastructure and networks.

At MWC, being held in Barcelona, 26 February – 1 March, JT will partner with two leading technology software providers: North Carolina-based Able Device and Dublin-based Cellusys.

Able Device and JT will be located in the exclusive ‘Innovation City’ pavilion at MWC. Able Device’s technology takes advantage of the under-utilised processing power in every SIM card and turns it into an actual programmable virtual computer which can run applications, secure communications and, using Able Device’s software, JT is able to monitor network quality, detect location, and save customers money. Able Device and JT will run a ‘smart’ traffic light at MWC to exhibit a practical application of their technology.

Also, JT will announce a new partnership with IoT security specialist Cellusys at the conference. JT and Cellusys’ IoT security software allows enterprise customers to see and manage their cellular connectivity security via an IoT ‘security dashboard’: alarms can be triggered in case of attacks and enhanced security filters can be applied. For the first-time, signalling security will be available for customers who need full visibility and management capability over the security of their IoT devices.

Tom Noel, Managing Director of JT International, said: “Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, and it is a perfect opportunity to stay informed on everything happening in the sector and to share our latest announcements on JT advancements. These partnerships are further evidence of JT’s growing influence in the IoT space and recognition that Jersey is well ahead of the curve in embracing new technology.

“The growth in IoT has meant that every type of industry is now looking at connected technologies to ensure it is ready for the move from automated production and IT to an automated society. This transformation has even been called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. From transportation to how we communicate, automation is creating smarter services and a new way to live life, and JT is making sure that we’re at the forefront of this paradigm shift.”

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