JT recognised as a diverse and welcoming workplace

JT recognised as a diverse and welcoming workplace

The work that JT has done to improve inclusivity has been recognised by a leading organisation that promotes diverse teams and inclusive cultures in businesses all over the UK and across all sectors. JT has won a TIDE Bronze award for reaching the exacting standards set by the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion.

TIDE (Talent, Inclusion and Diversity Evaluation) benchmarks and measures JT’s approach and progress against a robust framework. In the last twelve months JT’s TIDE score has jumped to 61% after making significant improvements to training and development and putting diversity and inclusion at the centre of its workplace culture.

Nicola Reeves, Group HR Director, said: “We got involved in the TIDE awards because we wanted to benchmark ourselves and set recognised targets so that we could truly make our workplace as inclusive as possible. Our people are critical to our success and deserve to work in a culture where everyone feels valued, empowered and inspired. Having respect for each other is a central part of what we do as an organisation, and our people feel encouraged to innovate and improve because they are listened to when they speak up.”

Being part of the TIDE process is about making continual improvements and JT will participate again next year to check on progress.

Sarah Gosiewska, JT Head of Talent, added: ‘’We have put a great deal of energy into improving our training across the business, and I am delighted that it was recognised as being one of the areas that had improved in 2022, which is thanks to the amazing people we have here – there is always more to do, but we are united in our longterm goals.”

How JT can help you localise your data storage and reduce business costs

James Inder
Data Centre Manager

The need to protect both your business and your customer’s data is more critical than ever before. However, it's also become more expensive just when companies need to tighten their belts. So how can businesses deal with this two-pronged challenge when it comes to data.

One clear solution is ‘Data Localisation’ so let’s take a closer look at what it is and why it needs to be a top priority for your business.

What is data localisation?

Data localisation means storing data in the same location where you gathered it. So if you collected data in the Channel Islands, you would also keep it on a server in the Channel Islands.

Since the introduction of new and often complex regulations, Data localisation has become a lot more common. Many countries are now calling for tighter control over residents’ data, often resulting in laws that mandate companies to store data in specific ways.

In the Channel Islands, data protection laws were updated in 2018 to align with the EU’s GDPR standards. These laws include regulations about keeping customer data protected and not transferring it outside its place of origin.

Why you should localise your data with JT in the Channel Islands

If you’re not sure how to embrace data localisation, JT has you covered. Our localised data centres are designed to help you meet regulations worldwide.

Our Channel Islands data centres, operate 24/7, include dedicated and experienced support, and offer excellent security benefits.

Data security

JT's localised data centres protect customers’ data availability, integrity, and confidentiality. They are fully ISO/IEC 27001 and PCI-DSS certified and SOC2 accredited.

Physical security

We take physical security and site safety extremely seriously. Our data centres are all ranked as Tier 3 standard, protected by security guards, have sophisticated CCTV surveillance, and are monitored 24/7 by our dedicated Network Operation Centre (NOC).

JT’s data centres are also well protected against the elements, ensuring a minimum of 72 hours of back-up emergency power with priority refuelling contracts in place for any prolonged outages.

Our location in the Channel Islands and away from mainland Europe keep us removed and protected from any potential threats and danger from the continuing conflict in Ukraine.

Every member of the JT data centre team is a Data Centre Certified Professional and all offer 24/7 Remote Hands Support, so you’ll always have access to JT experts whenever you need help.

Data localisation benefits

Of course, there are other reasons why data localisation is a good move for many businesses. Here are some key reasons to invest in data localisation.

Stay compliant

Data localisation makes it much easier to comply with local regulations. That's because you are intentionally compartmentalising your data based on the region where it was collected.

This compartmentalisation allows you to put rules, practices, and policies in each region where your data is collected. Rather than trying to sort through a massive data pool and applying compliance policies, you can keep data where it was collected and organise your policies that way.

Make your data flows transparent

With localisation, you'll better understand where your data is coming from and how it's moving through your system.

This means you can pass this information on to regulators and customers. You can provide insights into how data is treated by your business, giving parties a better idea of how you manage and move data.

Easily deal with issues

Rather than running into an issue that takes all of your data offline at once, you're more likely to encounter problems that affect just one region's data.

That will help you better pinpoint where a problem is coming from, allowing you to get back up and running faster if problems arise.

Plan for your future storage needs

You can also use data localisation to make planning for your future storage needs easier. Data localisation, by design, breaks down your storage usage by region.

You can also see which regions are using the most storage, which are growing, which are shrinking, and so on. This is useful when deciding where to place future investments and makes managing your storage more efficient.

Future-proof your data storage

Future-proofing your data storage is essential, and data localisation can help — especially regarding future regulation changes. If your data is already stored locally, you won’t need to scramble to comply with new regulations — you’ll already be a step ahead.

Reduce business costs

Data localisation cuts down on regulation and compliance costs. But beyond that, it helps you save money by reducing your risk. You're less likely to face charges associated with damaged or corrupted data, leaks and hacks, and more.


Embrace data localisation with JT today

Book a data centre tour today to learn how data localisation can help your business and see our facilities first-hand.

Tom Noel and Katie Corbett

New roles at the top as JT sets its sights on transformation and growth

JT has announced changes to its Executive Committee as the company moves forward with its ambitious strategy to transform and grow the business.

Katie Corbett is taking up a newly created role as Chief Commercial Officer, with Tom Noel moving to become JT’s Chief Product Officer, having spent two years as the Director of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability. Together they will ensure that customer experience and innovation is at the forefront of JT’s business, supporting  delivery of the transformational and growth strategy.

Following his appointment in April, Daragh McDermott, JT Group’s CEO, worked with the JT Board to review the structure of the Executive Committee and then went through a thorough process before deciding to appoint Katie and Tom to their new roles.

Daragh McDermott, CEO of JT Group, said: “There are a lot of benefits to taking a step back and carrying out a thorough health check of the team that lead the execution of the company’s strategy and with the support of the new Chair, Meriel Lenfestey, and the JT Board, this was the opportunity to do just that. Our strategy is the right one for our customers and our other wide set of stakeholders, and this has not changed. But we also have an ever changing set of challenges to manage, as we transform and grow, and the appointments of Katie and Tom to these new roles will ensure  greater freedom to drive our business forward with innovative new products and a focus on providing the very best service to our customers.”

Katie, has over 25 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, beginning her career at JT in 2010 in the Corporate Sales Team. She will focus on commercial excellence, managing the commercial activities for all JT client engagement globally.

Katie Corbett said: “The hundreds of people that make up JT have faced extraordinary challenges over the last couple of years and along with so many other professionals, have worked extremely hard to overcome them. As a business, we are constantly reviewing how we manage our core activities and our people, and I believe the changes we are announcing will give many of them new opportunities to develop their careers and take this fantastic company forward. ”

Tom takes charge of the teams developing JT’s product range, and will also take on responsibility for growing JT’s Fraud Protection Services (FPS) business. Joining JT in 2015, he oversaw the newly formed JT International division and built up the IoT business which sold last year at a valuation of £200m.

Tom Noel added: “Our strategy to serve and give back to our communities hasn’t changed, but our leadership needs the tools to improve and progress. JT has seen many changes throughout its long history and while we are moving through these challenging times, customers expect us to adapt to changing economic and political landscapes, and to do so quickly. The plans we put in place over the coming months,  will ensure we continue to serve our customers, our people and our business well into the future.’’