JT and Channel islands join IEEE global cloud computing lab

JT has been asked to become a founding member of the IEEE Intercloud Testbed Project which is developing technical standards for Cloud computing. JT, based in the Channel Islands, 100 miles off the south coast of England, will form part of a global lab alongside AT & T and the Orange Group, France Telecom SA to find a solution allowing the fast developing cloud system to federate and interoperate.

At present cloud systems are unable to inter-operate, which will have far reaching consequences in the future. The IEEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) Intercloud Testbed Project is aiming to provide a solution to this problem. It will create technical standards for inter-operability and allow the ‘Intercloud’ to become a commercial reality.

The ‘Cloud of clouds’ will mostly operationalize on members’ equipment and networks, but a reference Intercloud Root and Exchange is being set up in Telx Santa Clara allowing carrier neutral, rich connectivity, and JT will set-up a similar base in the Channel Islands.

The IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative represents the first, broad-based collaborative exercise for cloud computing offered by a global technical professional organisation.

Tim Ringsdore, Chief Relationship Officer at JT, is delighted the company has been asked to become a founding member, ‘This is a major achievement for JT and recognition of how far we have come in being recognized as a global telecoms innovator. It is also coup for the Channel Islands and for our JT Lab initiative and supporting Digital Jersey, who are and independent organisation that represents and promotes Jersey’s digital industries. This proves we are perfectly placed to be able to partner organizations and companies who wish to develop and test innovative products and services within Europe, but outside of the EU, as well as the rest of the world. The IEEE is a world renowned organisation that works to advance technology, which is why we are very proud to be working with them so firmly pacing JT at the forefront of the next internet revolution.’

The IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative will make the results of the research available to anyone. Its aim is to help advance the understanding and use of cloud computing, which is expected to have a significant impact on our information and communications ecosystem. It is also predicted to create 14 million new jobs worldwide.

About the IEEE

The IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is the world’s largest technical professional association. It was established in 1884 to originally support individuals in the electrical profession, and early members included Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. It is dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity and has over 425,000 members in more than 160 countries.


Telecom Council TC3 conference to include global innovator JT

The two-day Telecom Council ‘TC3’ conference, being held in Sunnyvale, California is to hear from Graeme Millar, the Chief Executive of global telecommunications innovator, JT.

JT is the leading operator in the Channel Islands; the English speaking, self-governing, British Crown dependency that is just off the south coast of England, which has grown into a world-class financial services hub.

JT has over 120 years’ experience in communications, but the company’s longevity hasn’t slowed its innovation. Graeme Millar will talk about the company’s Gigabit Isles project which is bringing superfast fibre broadband to every home and business in the island.  Through using the latest technology, JT are creating a full fibre to the home (FTTH) network that will enable all users to access the internet at speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s.  The project, which is on target to be complete by 2016, will provide the Island with the fastest ubiquitous network in the western world, as well as serving as a key enabler for high-speed service development.

Mr Millar will also discuss the JT Lab initiative which is enabling technology companies to access the award winning Tier 1 carrier’s (mobile and fixed) infrastructure and provide the perfect test-bed to try out both hardware and software before releasing into the market. JT provides companies with the opportunity to test, research, develop and launch products on a real network, on real customers and in real time and additionally there is also the option to provide global testing that utilizes JT’s 400+ roaming agreements.

Mr. Millar will be joined on stage with Dr. Will Hakes, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Link Analytics, an Atlanta-based analytical technology company specializing in Big Data Analytics Solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, who are currently working on a project at JT Lab with a major international technology firm.

According to Dr. Hakes of Link Analytics, “JT is the perfect global communications partner.  Together, Link Analytics and JT are developing innovative ways to leverage Big Data analytics to offer completely new products and services to end consumers, as well as enable the global services transformation that’s taking place within every communications service provider.”

Mr Millar said that the opportunity to speak at TC3 showed how far JT had come in its goal to be a recognised force in the global telecommunications industry. He will be on the speaker list alongside representatives of leading telecommunications companies such as BT, Sprint and Deutsche Telekom.

‘The goal that we set in our five-year strategy for growth was to become the partner of choice for global telecommunications innovation and ’ he continued, ‘the work that we have done with JT Lab, our award-winning Gigabit Isles project and our role in the emerging sector of Machine-to-Machine communication have been bold steps for a small company such as JT to take, but the vision and commitment of our excellent workforce have made them all a part of our success story.’

About Link Analytics

Link Analytics is an analytical technology company specializing in developing Big Data Analytics solutions for Fortune 1000 companies.  Link Analytics works with clients to answer their highest-value questions, transforming complex data into actionable and repeatable solutions.  Link’s mission is analytical enablement for its clients through Analytical Consulting, Analytical Technology Solutions, andCustom Analytical Engines.  More information is available at www.linkanalytics.com.

JT Lab offers a unique testing facility to major global players from the UK and Israel

You wouldn’t expect a telecommunications company from an island measuring just nine-miles-by-five to be connecting 45,000 premises to the fastest ubiquitous fibre network in the western world. You probably wouldn’t expect it to be hosting world-leading global technology innovators at its revolutionary test bed facility either, or to be at the forefront of Machine-to-Machine innovation.

It’s the fact that you wouldn’t expect all of those things from JT that make them possible, because the truth is that there aren’t many Tier 1 telcos like JT. Being small makes us quicker to adapt and innovate – two key factors in the modern telecommunications industry.

JT’s size is one asset; its location is another. Based in the Channel Island of Jersey, off the south coast of England, we are 20 milliseconds away from the UK and mainland Europe – but we’re not bound by UK or EU legislation. The Island is best-known for its world-leading international offshore finance industry, which has spawned a strong professional services sector.

However, it’s the fibre-to-the-home network that makes JT and JT Lab stand out. JT Lab provides companies with the opportunity to test, research, develop and launch products on a real network, with real customers and in real time. It is currently already being used by a world-leading hardware company and a top Israeli internet-security firm who chose to work with us because of our agility– for major global players, arranging testing can take years; our size means that we can make it happen in weeks.

Whatever the future trends and new product/sector innovations may be, JT is perfectly placed for them. Our vision is to become the partner of choice for global telecommunications.  Importantly, we’re experienced at engaging with organisations at the cutting edge of this dynamic industry so, to find out how we can help your organisation visit www.jt-lab.com or www.jtglobal.com