Benefits of Fibre Broadband for Businesses

Jamie McGuire
Account Director, JT Enterprise

JT have led the way with hyperfast fibre broadband services in the Channel Islands for over 10 years having already completed the full fibre role out in Jersey. By the end of 2026, Guernsey's community fibre project is expected to be completed, bringing fibre connectivity to every home in the Island's network.

But what about fibre for businesses? In this blog, we'll be looking at the benefits fibre connectivity has for businesses across the Channel Islands.

How businesses in Guernsey can benefit from fibre broadband

Working with Old Government House Hotel & Spa

Meet Andrew Chantrell, General Manager, Old Government House Hotel & Spa. Watch how JT’s superfast fibre broadband allows their customers to experience five-star connectivity.

  Watch here

Access critical information at the speed of light

The primary benefit that every business will experience when using fibre broadband is rapid speeds. Fibre connectivity can bring speeds up to 1000Mbps, which is up to 50x the speed of basic ADSL packages. 

This increased speed will allow businesses to be more productive and lean. According to Sandisk, employees could be losing up to a week's worth of work each year due to slow internet speeds. This massive jump in performance can bring back that week, boosting your company's output. 

And with JT Fibre Broadband, your business can get even greater, more reliable speeds from fibre broadband. Our system ensures internet integrity, safeguarded by a range of world-class Cisco routers. This provides faster data transfer speeds for real-time application data, voice and video traffic.

Greater bandwidth (excellent for call centres)

Another shortcoming of ADSL is that it provides relatively low bandwidth. This can make it easy to max out, leaving your staff waiting on a sluggish connection. 

Fibre broadband has far greater bandwidth than ADSL, which (similar to increasing your connection speeds) will open up new opportunities for your business. 

This is especially true for call and customer support centres, as both are prone to consuming all of their bandwidth. Fibre broadband will allow you to better meet the needs of your customer while also expanding your call centre operations. And in a world where video conferencing is the new norm, higher bandwidth limits will keep you connected with high-quality video calls. 

Improved cloud capabilities

The cloud is more essential to our workflows than ever before, and each year, it becomes increasingly entrenched in the way we work. From storing our files to making remote collaboration possible, your business likely relies on the cloud in a variety of ways. 

However, working over the cloud has its challenges. It can be resource-intensive, sluggish, and if it doesn't sync in real-time, it can hamper collaboration. 

By upgrading to fibre broadband, your business can make working on the cloud far more practical. You'll have the speed and bandwidth you need to not only better support your current cloud tools but also enable you to adopt more powerful ones. 

Long-term cost-savings

Last but not least, fibre broadband can provide your business with long-term cost savings. The upfront investment provides Guernsey-based businesses with a more reliable internet connection, reducing costs associated with unplanned downtime. 

Additionally, increased speeds and bandwidth will allow your staff to be more productive with the same tools they're already using. The result is greater output, less downtime, and reduced overhead.

JT Fibre for Business Broadband

JT has already led a full-fibre broadband rollout in Jersey and is excited to bring this technology to businesses throughout Guernsey. Below are some of the key features of JT’s Fibre for Business Broadband service. 

JT Fibre for Business (Guernsey)  – Product Description

Communicate, connect, share in an instant.

  Download >

JT has led the way with hyper-fast fibre broadband

For the past ten years, JT has been pioneering and deploying fibre broadband technology. As mentioned, we've already brought this technology to Jersey, keeping the island connected.

Designed for all business users

Regardless of your business's sector or size, JT Fibre Broadband is prepared to support your organisation. Our expertise has helped businesses of various backgrounds succeed with fast, reliable connectivity. This enables your business to focus on scaling and meeting the needs of its customers. 

JT Fibre Broadband offers unlimited usage, so there are no caps on your data. This service includes free fixed IP addresses, too, which will allow a mail or web server to be set up on the connection. 

Experience the full power of JT's fibre broadband with the JT Fibre for Business plan

Businesses can upgrade to JT's 1Gb Fibre for Business plan to maximise their connectivity speed and reliability. This plan provides rapid speeds, making it easy to transfer large files daily or support a multitude of users.

Check out JT One for Business

If you’ve not got all of your services with JT, there’s never been a better time to switch. Our NEW and improved JT One for Business plan now includes data roaming in the UK, Europe and USA* + JT Total Wi-Fi.

Learn more >

Get ready for fibre broadband in Guernsey with JT today

Depending on your location, your business might be ready for fibre broadband today. When fibre is available in your area, we'll be ready to support your business with JT Fibre Broadband. Get in touch with the JT Enterprise team below to find out more:

5 backup best practices for ransomware

Sunny Ajanaku
Professional Services Manager, JT Enterprise

From a hackers’ perspective, backups are bad news. They give your company a lifeline and a means of recovery, which is why they are a key target during an attack. The harder it is, or the longer it takes, for you to recover, the more likely a hacker is to get their ransom. By encrypting or deleting your backups, your company has no safety net of data to refer to, and the more effective the attack becomes.

For the purpose of this blog, we’ll assume that a hacker already has access to your network. Let’s say they got in through a highly targeted phishing campaign and, over a few weeks, have worked their way towards your data centre environment. At each step, they’ve covered their tracks to avoid detection, gathering more insight into your technical landscape along the way.

Before they alert you to the attack by installing ransomware on every endpoint and server connected to your network, they will look for your backups. Here are the five vulnerabilities that hackers love to exploit to encrypt or delete your backups.

Backup best practices for ransomware

1. Don’t back up data to the same environment

Since a hacker already has access to your data centre environment, storing a copy in the same place as the data is created makes it easy for hackers to delete your backups.

2. Ensure separation between your backup server and the rest of your network  

The more that your backup server can communicate with, the easier it is to find from a network scan. For example, if you’re backing up to your hypervisor, there’s no need for your backup server to talk to your domain controller. With proper network separation in place, you’re making life difficult for hackers, slowing them down and therefore increasing the chance of detection.

3. Make sure backup servers don’t share the same Active Directory (AD)  

If your backup servers are set on the same AD, hackers can use this shared authentication to access multiple backup servers and delete the data.

4. Don’t use the same SAN for storing backup and production data

We’ve seen cases where a SAN that’s used for replication and disaster recovery (DR) is also storing backup data. Once the SAN’s been found, it’s light work for the hackers to remove your safety net.

5. How long does it take you to recover your network?

Recovering from an attack isn’t pretty. While the recovery takes place, there’s forensics work happening on top of your ops team frantically checking logs. It’s a stressful and extremely busy time, so recovery can be slower than usual. Make sure you understand how long this takes you, and make sure you’ve got sufficient bandwidth between your backup environment and your hypervisor platform so that you’re not slowed down unnecessarily.

There’s constant chatter in our industry about ransomware, and rightly so. It’s real and it’s affecting businesses of all sizes day in, day out. Last year, our security specialists and incident responders spent over 300 days assisting with ransomware recovery.

When did you last backup your business-critical data?

JT Cloud Backup, delivered in partnership with Ekco, offers integration with a range of DR and backup solution providers – including Zerto, Veeam, StorageCraft, Ahsay and Asigra – so we can mix and match technologies to build a bespoke solution that fits requirements across your entire business.

By carefully analysing your current infrastructure, we will identify and resolve problems with your business continuity provisions before disaster strikes. We can also audit your needs to deliver a plan that aligns compliance, risk, user experience and cost. And we’ll also help you test your DR plans regularly to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

To learn more about our services and how JT Cloud Backup can help your business maintain operations in any situation, get in touch with the team today: 

Cyber First Aid – #ThinkB4UClick

Emily Martins
Cybersecurity Consultant

October marks #CyberSecMonth (European Cybersecurity Month), the annual campaign dedicated to promoting cybersecurity among individuals and organisations, providing up-to-date digital security information through awareness-raising - the motto this year is “Think Before U Click” with "Cyber First Aid" being one of the main themes of the campaign.

Emily Martins, a Cybersecurity Consultant at JT shares useful payment tips and advice on what to do if you've been hacked.  Read on below...

What do you do if you’ve been hacked?

It’s all too easy to think ‘it’ll never happen to me’ when it comes to cyber-attacks, but the reality is, no one is safe. In fact, I was targeted myself not so very long ago. I had entered my bank card details into a website that I had never used before, but one that I trusted, and within an hour criminals were already attempting to use my bank card in multiple countries across the globe. Luckily my bank quickly recognised the transactions as being fraudulent and blocked it before any damage was done, but it did take me by surprise and really made me wonder, if my bank hadn’t blocked my card and I hadn’t checked on my banking app, just how much damage could they have done?

Security is so much more than remembering not to tell anyone your password or not to click on an obviously dodgy website. Websites we trust can sometimes be compromised, many scams can appear legitimate and lure us, and sometimes we just get complacent with the mindset of ‘I’m safe, why would they target little old me’.

In my case there wasn’t much else that I could do in the moment, I blocked my card and re-ordered a new one, leaving me without my standard method of payment for 5 days. Luckily, I have several accounts and only use one for online payments, transferring money into it as and when needed so I wasn’t left without a way of paying, but for others who just have one account and one card it could have had a much more negative impact.

So, just how do you prevent something like this from happening?

Make sure you’re not putting all of your eggs in one basket. I like to keep a small amount in one account for weekly expenditures and the rest of my money saved in other accounts. That way, if my card gets stolen or compromised only a small amount is at risk.


Check if your bank provides single-use cards. Some online banks, such as Revolut will provide single-use credit or debit cards, specifically for online purchases, that way even if your details are stolen the card is voided and no money can be taken. Of course, this doesn’t protect you against physical card theft or skimmers (a card reader that can be disguised to look like part of an ATM) but it goes a long way towards protecting you online.

Keep an eye on your transactions. My last tip is to make sure you’re checking your bank account on a regular basis for suspicious activity. Most major banks will have an app that you can download to your mobile, so checking your bank at the end of the day is simple. If you notice any pending transactions that you don’t recognise you should immediately call your bank’s fraud department who can take steps to contain and minimise your exposure.


You can find more #CyberSecMonth resources below:

Support to local Cancer charity

Communications boost for local cancer charity, with JT partnership

This year the JT Guernsey Team have decided to offer their support to Guernsey Cancer Support, a small charity made up of volunteers who help those living with or impacted by cancer, their families and carers.

The Channel Islands telecoms group has kick-started its 12-month commitment with a people donation of £500 and a number of free-roaming devices and sims that the Charity’s members can use when travelling off-island for treatment, giving them one less thing to worry about.

Gill Syvret-Berboda, Chairwoman of Guernsey Cancer Support, said: ‘We are incredibly grateful to JT Guernsey for choosing us as their charity of the year. Like so many other charities, it has been a difficult 12 months particularly during the lockdown periods when we were unable to hold our monthly meetings or spend time with members and give support to those affected by cancer.

‘Improving connectivity will enable us to help our members who are travelling off-island for critical treatment to stay in touch with loved ones. This is going to make a huge difference to us and all the people who use our services. A team like JT, that is clearly passionate about being part of what we do, is already making a difference and means so much to us.’

Tamara O’Brien, Deputy Managing Director, JT Guernsey said: “Unfortunately, one in two people will be affected by cancer in some way, and the chances are we all know someone, likely more than one person, who has been affected in some way by this disease.

“For this reason alone, we are all fully committed to supporting Guernsey Cancer Support as they care for our loved ones. It’s very important to us that we get involved with causes which are dedicated to helping others because without additional support, especially in difficult times, many services would not be so readily available.”

Helping local charities and initiatives is embedded into JT’s culture; it’s a great way to bring people together and give back to the communities we serve.

Throughout 2021, JT will focus their support on charities which helps people living with cancer and their families. The Guernsey office has chosen Guernsey Cancer Support and the team in Jersey will partner with Macmillan Jersey to make the best use of JT’s expertise to help develop digital patient services and to make a positive impact where it is most needed.

Notes to Editors
For further information, please contact Chloe Chescoe at Black Vanilla on 01481 729229 or email

MS365 misconceptions – Don’t risk not backing up your business’s 365 data

Paul Gray
Product Portfolio Manager (Cloud)

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular business software tools, offering email, meetings, file storage, and more.  

But while organisations can rely on MS365 to power their daily operations, there’s are some major risks to data security and retention.  Threats inside Office 365 have grown by 63% in the last two years alone, according to McAfee. And with everything from meeting invites to sensitive intel on the line, how can you keep your business safe from MS365 data loss? 

Your data could be lost when using MS365

Microsoft 365 has become a go-to business tool thanks to the infrastructure it provides for data management. And yet at the same time, the process of actually managing, securing, and backing up your data is still your responsibility.  

MS365 won't perform backups for you — and that’s something not too many people know (certainly not at a general user level). 

Below are just a handful of the data types you’re at risk of losing if you don't take measures to improve MS365's data handling.  

Data that has been accidentally deleted

It happens all the time at work: someone presses the wrong button; moves the wrong file to the wrong location; misreads a prompt on their computer. Or maybe there was no human error at all — a machine simply crashed at the wrong time, and now your data has been accidentally, permanently deleted.  

Microsoft 365 does not protect your data in these instances. Certain pieces of data may be protected in some cases for a short period of time. But more often than not, data that is wrongfully deleted will stay deleted.  

Communications data that should never be erased

Communications data is another type of data that's at risk when you use Microsoft 365. Whether it's emails, messages sent via a third-party platform, or communications sent over a bespoke application, this kind of data is central to a company’s operations and you don’t want to lose it.

Unfortunately, it's common for communications to be moved to the recycling bin for a variety of reasons. And if this happens, Microsoft 365 will only protect your data for one month — after which it is permanently deleted.

Since the average time of discovery for wrongly deleted data is 140 days or more, it's unlikely that you'll see those communications again.

Data that is protected by industry-specific regulations

MS365’s limited data management capabilities are arguably the most serious in the case of industry-specific regulations. This refers to legally imposed regulations on how your data is stored, secured, and accessed.

A key area where this is a concern is in the instance of eDiscovery: the legal process of sharing data between parties during civil litigation. If data is properly protected, then there's a chance it won't be recoverable. And that can have serious and lasting legal repercussions.

The same can be said for companies that hold highly-sensitive information, such as bank account details and personal data.


JT's solution to Microsoft 365 vulnerability concerns

It was these concerns and more that led JT to develop the JT Cloud Backup integration solution for Microsoft 365. JT Cloud Backup integrates seamlessly with the MS platform to protect your data without getting in the way.

Define your retention policies from the start

Data retention policies are complex and specific to each business — that’s why we allow you to specify your unique policies right from the start. JT's Cloud Backup solution helps you define and implement your retention policies for a secure and personalised option.

Prevent accidental deletion

As mentioned, Microsoft 365 secures the bulk of your data for less than three months. However, the period it takes to realise that data has been wrongfully deleted is generally 140 days, rendering 365's 90-day policies… less than helpful.

JT's Cloud Backup solution takes things up a notch by backing up your data every five minutes — company-wide and without interruption. That means the window for data to be permanently lost is so small — on an individual and organisational level — that you'll never need to worry about accidental deletions again.

Local data centres

As mentioned, Microsoft 365 secures the bulk of your data for less than three months. However, the period it takes to realise that data has been wrongfully deleted is generally 140 days, rendering 365's 90-day policies… less than helpful.

Contact the team today >


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JT SD-WAN Solution with business employees working remotely and hybrid

5 key benefits of JT’s SD-WAN Solution

A reliable and secure network is key for any business and because of the recent seismic shifts in general operations, business requirements in the connectivity space have needed to evolve rapidly. Never before has it been more crucial to ensure that your business can function in an adaptable and cost-effective manner while also ensuring your network can cope with these changing demands.

That's where JT's SD-WAN, a fully-managed network overlay solution, can play an essential role in simplifying network operations while optimising network performance. JT's SD-WAN gives organisations access to an efficient, economical solution that's reliable, secure, and highly scalable.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network: Why make the move to SD-WAN?

You may be familiar with the acronym 'SD-WAN'. But do you know how this innovative approach to wide-area networking could future proof and benefit your business? Here are 5 key benefits of JT's SD-WAN:

1. Rapid Deployment / Low Capital Investment

SD-WAN is a cost-efficient, scalable solution. When you partner with JT expertise, we simplify the start-up process for your business by managing the infrastructure.

JT's investment into the 'head-end' of the service, configured and hosted on our core infrastructure, means deploying SD-WAN over your network is much faster than traditional private networking solutions and indeed faster than most other SD-WAN services. It also means, that you get the full suite of features that would typically be available only to organisations who host and configure their own infrastructure.

As we've done this for you, you get to skip that part and enjoy a comprehensive managed service in nearly no time at all. This offloads a significant amount of the upfront costs and, thanks to our multi-tenancy capabilities, JT's SD-WAN will work for your business, no matter how large it is today or tomorrow.

2. Network Infrastructure Agnostic

Do you have multiple network connections, provided by multiple carriers, including MPLS, DIA and LTE, patched together and spread all over the globe? Well deploying SD-WAN as software overlay, allows businesses to manage, and simplify, their existing networks in one place. For businesses that rely on alternate networking services, integrating them with SD-WAN is straightforward. This means that you can keep your existing networks when you start using SD-WAN.

3. Seamless integration with MPLS

For those looking to maintain an existing MPLS, JT’s SD-WAN is easy to integrate sitting 'over the top', working in conjunction with MPLS to prioritise certain traffic on certain routes as you need it.

For existing MPLS customers, this means that your MPLS solution can be managed through the SD-WAN with ease, giving you the service you're used to without adding complexity just simplifying visibility and control.

In addition to the simple management offered by JT's SD-WAN, the integration with existing services like MPLS at a telco level, provides insights that most other SD-WAN services simply can't provide. You'll be able to keep data on your packets and routes without compromising your multi-site networking.

4. Insights & Intelligence Based Routing

JT's SD-WAN provides a layer of intelligence over your WAN automatically prioritising routing by application or traffic type. Being able to utilise all infrastructure options, MPLS, DIA, broadband or even LTE, new sites can be added to your network quickly and efficiently.

This gives you complete control paired with individual insights. It's a solution that's as flexible and adaptable as you need it to be.

5. Built-in Security

Built-in UTM/NGFW security from an industry pioneer JT's SD-WAN comes with built-in UTM and NGFW security. These solutions effectively protect your data and applications across your networks. It's a robust security solution from a pioneer in network security. JT's SD-WAN is also flexible enough to seamlessly incorporate third-party security solutions, service chaining your existing firewall solution into your network.

JT launch secure business service after successful hospital trial

Dr Chris Hare, Consultant Cardiologist, Jersey General Hospital, said: “I spent a full weekend on-call deliberately reporting all emergency scans from home. There were quite a few and they were complex. With JT’s SD-WAN, it was possible to review scans while patients were still on the table enabling rapid decisions about whether more was needed to be done or if they could return to their ward. With the system we had in place previously I would never have even considered attempting this, they were too slow, making it quicker for me to drive to work. But this new solution from JT is a gamechanger.”

Read more >

A Fully Managed Service

JT’s SD-WAN service comes fully managed as standard. Your network is managed and supported by our skilled team 24x7x365. We can remotely detect and resolve issues before they become service-impacting, no matter where on your network that is, be it St Helier or Singapore.

Complete the form below to learn more about how JT’s SD-WAN can make your networking more intelligent.


JT DDoS – world-class cyber-attack mitigation from a trusted local provider

Susan Sproston
Head of Business Sales

DDoS is one of the most intimidating forms of cyber-attack for any business.

What is DDoS?

DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, is an attack that involves sending vast amounts of traffic to an unprepared website, platform, or service. This huge spike in requests causes the servers to become inoperable, at which point the hackers can hold the server at ransom — typically demanding a financial reward. Until the ransom is paid, a business's servers will be down; its online operations will be all but frozen and sensitive data is within the hacker’s reach.

DDoS may pose a threat to Channel Island businesses, but the JT DDoS Mitigation Service — which sits in-front of your dedicated JT Internet Backbone service — helps stop DDoS bots in their tracks, mitigating the risk. Here’s how...

Protect your business from large scale DDoS attacks, on-site and at home

As the area’s most established, trusted telecom provider, JT has over a century’s worth of experience in communications, decades of experience in secure networking, and abundant expertise and resources to reliably mitigate and prevent cyber-attacks of all kinds.

If you’re wondering what makes a DDoS mitigation service with JT so special, here some of the core benefits to partnering with us:

Network-level security – mitigation for in-office and remote workers alike

Remote work has shifted from a flexible perk to the standard set-up for many Channel Island enterprises. While it benefits employers and employees, remote work poses new challenges — specifically within security. Remote businesses may have a greater reliance on third-party services, the risk of insecure hardware at employees' homes and a decentralised security solution too. Most notable however, for larger businesses, remote access systems (like Citrix or VNC connect) are being targeted by cybercriminals as a route onto the network.

While many enterprise firewalls, which operate during these remote access connections, offer some measure of DDoS protection, most can't provide the level of security that JT can. This is because many businesses use DDoS mitigation features built into existing firewall services – which are in-effect protecting the firewall from being overwhelmed by DDoS – so, at a firewall level, not a network-level.

The added benefit to using JT as a core network infrastructure provider, means it can apply DDoS mitigation protocols to a network level. Designed specifically to spot and block attacks before they even touch your network – let alone get the chance to overwhelm your firewall.

This allows you to embrace the modern mode of work, remote or in-office without compromising your network’s protection against DDoS attacks.

High-capacity, advanced attack ingestion capability

JT DDoS Mitigation offers both Generic DDoS and Volumetric DDoS network protection. The service is capable of absorbing the largest DDoS attacks — our solutions can handle 4.5 terabytes-per-second of malicious traffic. That provides significantly more coverage than any of the largest DDoS attacks to date: Google in 2017 (2.5Tbps), Amazon in 2020 (2.3Tbps) and Github in 2018 (1.35Tbps).

In other words, JT offers one of the most robust DDoS protections in the world. No matter the size or notoriety of your business, the associated risks of a DDoS dramatically decrease with JT's protection.

24x7x365 proactive protection

JT DDoD attack mitigation is an ‘Always on’ solution, continually building traffic profiles based on real-time traffic flows. You can view live line rate behavioural analytics and anomaly detection – giving you granular oversight of your network’s security whenever you need it.

These features, combined with the high attack capacity and network-level protection, create a highly scalable Attack Mitigation solution capable of spotting and responding to your network security at a moments notice.

JT DDoS Mitigation Service – a solution you can trust

For more information on how we can protect your business, customers and employees, reach out to our team today.

OR click below to get your 30-day free trial and mitigation report.


Autism Centre moves a step closer thanks to successful golf day

The annual Autism Jersey golf day, sponsored by JT, took place on Friday 11 August at La Moye Golf Club raising over £20,000 for the charity.

A dry day and yet another excellent turn-out ensured the success of the day, which involved 22 teams enjoying a round of 18 holes followed by lunch which, due to refurbishment of the clubhouse at La Moye, was served in the nearby Les Creux Bowls Club. A raffle and auction, including a golf flag signed by Henrik Stenson, winner of the 145th Open Championship, boosted the funds raised which will go directly towards the development of a purpose-built Autism Centre in Jersey.

The winning team was Kedge Capital with an outstanding score of 94, followed by Continuum with 91 and Estera with 89. Meanwhile, individual prizes went to Dan Burchell of CPA Global for the men’s longest drive; to Brona Lambert of Moore Stephens for the women’s longest drive; and to Steve Morgan of Quilter Cheviot for nearest the pin.

Nick Winsor, the Chairman of Autism Jersey, said: “Once again the Autism Jersey Charity Golf Day was a great success and I was delighted that our patron, the Lieutenant Governor Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton, could join us. The important work of Autism Jersey would not be possible without the generous support of local businesses. I would like to make a special mention of the sponsor for the day, JT.”

Daragh McDermott, Director for Corporate Affairs at JT said: “Autism Jersey is a charity which offers invaluable support to Islanders affected by autism and their families, and we are, as ever, very pleased to support them in their fundraising efforts by sponsoring and taking part in this phenomenally popular annual golf day at La Moye Golf Club. Not only did it stay dry but there was some great golf demonstrated by the participants, thanks must go to each team for their support once again and congratulations to all the winners.”

Autism Jersey aims to raise at least £1.5 million for the centre in a joint effort with the States of Jersey. It is envisaged that the centre will be operational in 2019.

Download full press release here