Case Studies

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Jersey Electricity

At JT, we believe people at the heart of what we do. That’s why our latest collaboration with Jersey Electricity and BrightCloud Group is more than just a partnership; it’s a leap towards redefining customer service for our Islands.

“Working together on this new technology solution has not only provided a seamless experience for our customers, it’s also enabled our team to better manage, protect and maintain information.”

Kate Gosson, Head of Customer Experience,
Jersey Electricity

JB's Brewery + Lido

JB’s Brewhouse & The Lido

JT enables us to provide the best and most seamless service and always keeps us connected.

JT really are experts when it comes to keeping people connected.

Marcus Calvani
BeServed Group


Jersey Seafaris

Jersey Seafaris

JT provides us with reliable, consistent and immediate connectivity meaning we can connect wherever we are quickly and easily.

JT’s connectivity is critical to our operation. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to make real time decisions on the move. It gives us ship to shore and shore to ship communication at the touch of a button.

Richard Stevens
Owner and skipper
Jersey Seafaris


Jersey Post

Jersey Post

Thanks to JT’s Fibre network we’ve been able to continue to expand and advance our technology to better serve our Island’s community.


Randalls Jersey


JT Fibre underpins everything we do as a hospitality business, across every premise; from ordering stock to managing inventory, advertising events on social media, serving customers and connecting portable card readers and powering secure Wi-Fi for our patrons.

Thanks to JT, we can deliver seamless service with a smile to every customer everyday.

Gavin Reid
Managing Director


The Drone Ranger

The Drone Ranger

Having JT’s reliable, stable and fast internet connection is critical to my business. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with clients, share my portfolio, update my social media or send off finished short films, I just really wouldn’t have a business without connectivity.

Elliot Cocket
The Drone Ranger (TDR)


Concentric Financial Services


Concentric provide sustainable and traditional wealth management solutions to clients all over Europe – connectivity is paramount. JT’s Cloud PBX has allowed Gordon and his team to stay connected in the office, on the move and more recently during remote working – allowing a seamless experience for their clients. Watch below for Concentric’s story and more of the benefits of JT’s Cloud PBX.

Gordon Bennie
Managing Director
Concentric Financial Services


Spiffy Estate Agents


“I’ve been with JT for as long as I can remember. I’ve never considered changing supplier for my telecoms purely because of the reliability and the confidence that I have in the service that’s provided to me. We certainly could not have achieved what we have achieved without the service that JT provides us.”

Julian Lucas-Villar
Managing Director
Spiffy Estate Agents


Holeshot Signs

Holeshot Signs

“Being with JT is being brilliant, I know that I’ve got the service there 24/7, I know I’ve got good quality and I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Oliver Holmes
Owner, Holeshot Signs


Fortuna Electronics

From fixing over 60 years ago to a ‘smart’  showroom with nearly 150 connected devices, including an 8K smart TV feed, Fortuna are feeling the benefits of hyper fast JT Fibre.


Bailiwick Express

JT provided Bailiwick Express with a fit-for-purpose Mitel phone system and Pro Broadband ahead of schedule during their new office opening. Giving them the essential connectivity needed to get their business up and running without a hitch — hear what they had to say…


No 3 Forum

“Our offering of all-inclusive packages created specifically with digital start-ups in mind relies on a stable fibre infrastructure. Since the installation of JT Fibre we have been able to manage the service for everyone in the building without any issues or further cost.”

Alex Belcher, Managing Director


Hartmann House

“JT’s fibre-optic broadband provides the reliability and speed to work smarter, and with confidence so that our team can efficiently send everything required in one production file. Having JT fibre means we can take full advantage of new technologies to keep our business moving forward.”

Dr. Tessa Hartmann, Managing Director


Resolution IT

“We have been really impressed with the speed, reliability and coverage of JT’s superfast 4G network, which is enabling us to better manage our mobile costs and our team can stay connected and conduct their work from wherever they are.”

Olly Duquemin, Co-Founder and joint Managing Director


Jersey Evening Post

“The JEP is using the latest digital technology, to improve the reader experience of its growing audience, both online and in print. JT’s fibre-optic broadband network provides the JEP with access to superfast and reliable infrastructure enabling it to harness the power of its first-class digital press.”

Andy Sibcy, Editor in Chief


365 Tickets

“The new JT Fibre network was recognised as a game changer that offers the reliability and resilience to support our communication needs. The experience working with JT was a complete pleasure, it was professional and seamless.”

Tim De Gruchy, Operations Director


“JT is very much seen as an extension to Covidien’s IT team having deployed all of our key communications technology over the past 7 years.”

Dave Farlow, IT Director


Cherry Godfrey

“When we originally discussed our requirements with JT, they really listened to our needs and provided practical solutions. Since installation, the support we have received has been excellent.”

David Barrow, Group Finance Director


JB's Brewery + Lido

JT, the only Mitel Platinum Partner in the Channel Islands, provides valuable expertise in terms of supporting systems, implementing systems and keeping us abreast of the latest innovations. It’s great to know that we have the technical expertise at the end of the phone, and the same from an account management perspective.

Rob King, IT & Facilities Manager,

Old Government House

Old Government House

Wi-Fi is really important to us, to be able to offer our guests what they would expect from their own home.

The team at JT were great leading us through the process and explaining the elements to us.

Andrew Chantrell
General Manager
Old Government House Hotel




We use JT’s Managed Wi-Fi Service throughout the premises, providing reliable, secure and hyperfast Wi-Fi for members, local athletes and visiting professionals.

We are grateful for our partnership with JT and we’re excited to see where this journey takes us.

Ben Harvey


Cooper & Co

Cooper & Co

Coopers sources coffee from around the world, with a focus on sustainability and traceability. Customers are transported from continent to continent as each sip illuminates the immense complexity that is the world of coffee. Hear what David has to say about running Cooper & Co’s diversified business home and away using JT’s connectivity, and how it helps create a truly unique coffee experience locally.

David Warr
Managing Director
Cooper & Co


Studio M

Studio M

“(With JT Fibre) We can turn around art galleries in an instant, upload thousands of high-res images all over the network in minutes, which used to take us hours. We can access our images on our secure cloud platform, delivering images to our clients and across our social media channels instantly.”

We have the world at our fingertips online and we’re connected to more and more people each day thanks to JT connectivity.”

Matt Porteous
Photographer and Founder, Studio M


3Ci Sport

3Ci Sport

“On this occasion (ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Europe Final 2019) it was the JT SIMs that made the high quality live streaming connection possible.

The JT teams in Jersey and Guernsey were great, tailoring a specific package to our needs.”

Phil Bouchard
Director, 3Ci Sport


Virtex Studios

“Whether we’re sending around huge virtual and augmented reality files, or streaming live VR eSports to thousands across the globe, we know we have a connection we can rely on. We’ve grown our business with JT Fibre and can’t wait to see where it takes us next!”

Tim McGuinness, Founder and CEO.


Beaulieu Convent School

Beaulieu Convent School uses JT Fibre and Cisco Meraki Wi-fi to connect 850 students, with over 1,200 devices to an immersive online learning environment, creating over 10,000 documents per week.



4Group used JT’s reliable 4G connectivity to revolutionise how customers orders and delivery information were handled when their drivers are on the ‘on the move’. Here’s what Nigel Blandin, CEO of 4Group had to say.



JT worked with Swoffers to assess their needs and install their new integrated Mitel phone system and improved business Professional broadband — giving them the essential connectivity to power their new website showcasing local properties and keep their busy phone lines running smoothly.


Kraft Heinz

“We were very attracted to the truly unique and industry-leading solutions that JT offers and it was evident that their approach to tailor solutions to meet our business needs would enable us to achieve our objective of consolidating our systems and improving connectivity for our staff.”

Francesco Tinto, Global CIO of Kraft Heinz.

m-Health Solutions

“m-Health Solutions provide a heart monitoring system that uses wireless technology, to remotely send data via a SIM card in a smartphone, to be analysed by cardiac technologists and cardiac specialists. Using JT’s M2M SIM Management system, m-Health can achieve more accurate and faster solutions for diagnosis.”

Sandy Schwenger, CEO

Salamanca Group

“With over 120 staff in three locations, we required a business-critical link between our offices and business continuity and speed were of the utmost importance. JT provided us with a highly resilient MPLS system, linking all teams efficiently to the company’s private network.”

Matthew Such, Head of Technology Trust and Fiduciary


Warm Solutions

“JT’s Cloud solution service has certainly gone the extra mile exceeding all expectations in supporting us from day one.”

Jensen Nixon, CEO



“JT took the time to understand our needs, including the culture change challenge of moving away from desk phones. They were very responsive and patient, which was important as we are a demanding client.”

Jason Kane, Head of IT


Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor photography and Karl Taylor Education, operate an education platform used by thousands of people across the globe. JT provided the capacity needed for their business to facilitate smooth live production broadcasting, carrying large amounts of video data to viewers in real-time with a 1Gb Fibre Optic line.



“ArtBanc migrated to JT’s Cloud based services to ensure future security and reliability. With only a small IT ‘shop’, JT gave us their complete support throughout this seamless transition.”

John Hesse, CFO & COO




We caught up with Adrian to discuss how his team have had to adapt and innovate with online training courses, all made possible with JT’s Hyperfast Fibre Broadband. Watch below to find out more about their new way of working.

Adrian de Gruchy


Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust


“Without the reliable connectivity provided by JT we couldn’t give our visitors such a good experience and allow them to share that experience far and wide with their friends and family. And of course it would also mean that we couldn’t ultimately do our conservation work.”

Dr Lesley Dickie
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust




“Thanks to (JT) connectivity maintaining solar panels is so much more effective, you would normally have to get up on a roof and actually do some tests, now you can do all this remotely. For the user this means that you can view your energy generation from anywhere you like.”

Mark Brandon
Director, Sunworks


Longueville Golf Range

“JT Fibre has a made a huge difference for us here. Fibre has allowed this smart golf range to become a reality for islanders, experiencing quality digital enhancements to their game which you would normally see on the professional world stage.”

Aaron Anderson
Director, Longueville Golf Range


Valley Adventure Centre
“We have everything booked online so at the heart of our business is our online booking engine, we need fiber, we need speed.
The service that we’ve had from JT has been excellent right from the start… we’ve had great service from JT over the years and we just look forward to growing our business with JT (and) with fibre.”
Roger Le Masitre
Director Valley Adventure Centre


We spoke to Healthspan in their Guernsey HQ about their experience with JT, using their integrated Mitel contact centre system to deal with multi-channel customer support, and how this has helped shape an enhanced customer experience.


Offshore Group

“We really enjoy working with JT and our account manager has been fantastic. He’s really given us the support and the ability for the business to grow. We’re really happy and we really look forward to working with them in the future.”

Will Morgan, Managing Director



“We found JT to be extremely responsive from our initial enquiry to the installation of our new telephone system. I would have no esitation in recommending their services, and look forward to working with JT again in the future.”


“JT enabled us to increase our sales and improve our customer service by integrating product recommendations into our tablet devices providing a much improved service, which is ultimately our key aim.”

John Bovill, IT & eCommerce Director


JTC Group

“The decision to move to the JT Premier Scheme, which offers real value for money, was an easy one. The quick and efficient implementation really impressed us and the change was completed with zero disruption to our staff and their working day.”

Adam Jeffries, Chief Information Officer



“Every step of the way JT has made it a priority to understand our needs and has provided a thorough service delivering the technology to complete the picture for us in terms of customer service.”

Dean de la Rue, Director


The Potting Shed

“With an existing relationship with JT in Guernsey we were confident that we would
receive a good service from them, and they are always very responsive if there is an issue.
Meeting tight deadlines is critical to our business success and thanks to JT Fibre we have
confidence in delivering projects on time, trouble free.”

Ed Prow, Managing Director (Jersey)



“JT have pulled out all the stops to meet our business go live date with flawless execution on the Contact Centre implementation.”

Andrew Mutch, Director of Technology Operations


Hart Brown

“The decision to choose JT’s Managed Wi-Fi was an easy one and JT made the installation process painless and straightforward. We are now in the process of rolling the solution out to our other five offices.”

Peter Burtwell, Head of IT


Jane James Ceramics

Jane James Ceramics moved three business premises over to JT’s full-fibre network in one hit. They now benefit from improved reliability, super-fast speed, and quality internet service performance. And, as a result can provide a better customer service.