JT telegraph poles given new lease of life at Grouville School

More than 20 telegraph poles that are no longer needed to carry telephone lines have found a new home in a conservation project run for Grouville School.

JT are donating the poles to the newly formed McGugan Family Trust to build a raised walkway in a meadow next to the primary school that is used for outdoor lessons and activities by school children and other groups.

The meadow is prone to flooding in the winter and the Trust wants to improve accessibility.

Grouville Constable, John le Maistre, is Chairman of the Trust, and he asked JT for help: “The meadow needs work to provide better access and in particular we want wheelchair users to enjoy the wildlife. The idea is to put a boardwalk around it but that requires pillars, and telegraph poles are ideal because they are treated and last a long time. JT were extremely helpful, donating  telegraph poles that are no longer being used thanks to the advances made in digital technology. So this provides them with a new purpose that benefits our community.”

JT agreed to deliver the poles which were still in the ground waiting to be cut down and recycled. So far, tree surgeons have removed 13 of them from sites around the island and cut them to the right size for use in the project, with more to follow.

Graeme Millar, CEO, JT Group, said: “Twenty years ago, a platform next to the pond was built using similar poles and the Trust told us they are as good today as when they were put in. We are delighted that something we no longer need is being used to help our community and at the same time provide a valuable lesson about sustainability and the importance of repurposing and recycling whatever we can.”

Reservists from the Jersey Field Squadron will construct the walkway on the site, and it is hoped it will provide an outdoor classroom that other local groups, such as the Scouts, will use too.

Coffee and business brains brew over a successful partnership

JT has been at the heart of Santander International’s successful move to Charing Cross providing its world class Wi-Fi for the bank’s new work café.

The bank has been converting the former Thomas Cook travel agents into a fully connected work and meeting venue with the help of JT’s ultra-fast Wi-Fi services. The free-to-use meeting rooms and workspaces are centred around a specialist coffee shop and the venture shows the continued confidence both JT and Santander International have in the high street.

The work café will include JT’s Managed Wi-Fi service which ensures businesses and their customers have access to reliable and secure high-performance Wi-Fi at all times.

The aim is to create a relaxed centrally located space for businesses and entrepreneurs to meet, but it will be open to all and comes at a time when many banks are closing branches rather than opening new ones.

Katie Corbett, Director of Enterprise & Business Services, said: “We have been delighted to work with Santander International on this exciting project that will not just provide a new space for businesses to meet, but also give members of the public free access to our world class fibre network. JT Managed Wi-Fi gives guest users instant and dependable access to the internet over a secure network and will provide anyone using the Santander Work Café a welcome space in which to work for a few hours when away from the office or as an alternative to working from home. Businesses can also have confidence knowing they will be working over a fully managed network that has Enterprise-class security.”

Santander has over 80 work cafés in nine countries around the world, including Spain, Portugal, Chile, Brazil and Argentina, and has opened its doors to its latest in St Helier in January 2021.

James Pountney, Chief Executive Officer of Santander International, said: “After opening the first UK Work Café in Leeds in 2019, we were excited to bring the concept to Jersey. The difficulties caused by COVID-19 have meant businesses are reducing the number of people in their offices and we are confident providing a relaxing but also secure environment to work in will suit many of those who have asked their teams to work from home. We’ve been impressed with how easy it has been to work with JT in this partnership, knowing we could rely on them to provide the services we needed to meet the expectations of our customers. Working with a telecoms operator that boasts the second fastest speeds in the world is exactly what we needed.”

JT DDoS – world-class cyber-attack mitigation from a trusted local provider

Susan Sproston
Head of Business Sales

DDoS is one of the most intimidating forms of cyber-attack for any business.

What is DDoS?

DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, is an attack that involves sending vast amounts of traffic to an unprepared website, platform, or service. This huge spike in requests causes the servers to become inoperable, at which point the hackers can hold the server at ransom — typically demanding a financial reward. Until the ransom is paid, a business's servers will be down; its online operations will be all but frozen and sensitive data is within the hacker’s reach.

DDoS may pose a threat to Channel Island businesses, but the JT DDoS Mitigation Service — which sits in-front of your dedicated JT Internet Backbone service — helps stop DDoS bots in their tracks, mitigating the risk. Here’s how...

Protect your business from large scale DDoS attacks, on-site and at home

As the area’s most established, trusted telecom provider, JT has over a century’s worth of experience in communications, decades of experience in secure networking, and abundant expertise and resources to reliably mitigate and prevent cyber-attacks of all kinds.

If you’re wondering what makes a DDoS mitigation service with JT so special, here some of the core benefits to partnering with us:

Network-level security – mitigation for in-office and remote workers alike

Remote work has shifted from a flexible perk to the standard set-up for many Channel Island enterprises. While it benefits employers and employees, remote work poses new challenges — specifically within security. Remote businesses may have a greater reliance on third-party services, the risk of insecure hardware at employees' homes and a decentralised security solution too. Most notable however, for larger businesses, remote access systems (like Citrix or VNC connect) are being targeted by cybercriminals as a route onto the network.

While many enterprise firewalls, which operate during these remote access connections, offer some measure of DDoS protection, most can't provide the level of security that JT can. This is because many businesses use DDoS mitigation features built into existing firewall services – which are in-effect protecting the firewall from being overwhelmed by DDoS – so, at a firewall level, not a network-level.

The added benefit to using JT as a core network infrastructure provider, means it can apply DDoS mitigation protocols to a network level. Designed specifically to spot and block attacks before they even touch your network – let alone get the chance to overwhelm your firewall.

This allows you to embrace the modern mode of work, remote or in-office without compromising your network’s protection against DDoS attacks.

High-capacity, advanced attack ingestion capability

JT DDoS Mitigation offers both Generic DDoS and Volumetric DDoS network protection. The service is capable of absorbing the largest DDoS attacks — our solutions can handle 4.5 terabytes-per-second of malicious traffic. That provides significantly more coverage than any of the largest DDoS attacks to date: Google in 2017 (2.5Tbps), Amazon in 2020 (2.3Tbps) and Github in 2018 (1.35Tbps).

In other words, JT offers one of the most robust DDoS protections in the world. No matter the size or notoriety of your business, the associated risks of a DDoS dramatically decrease with JT's protection.

24x7x365 proactive protection

JT DDoD attack mitigation is an ‘Always on’ solution, continually building traffic profiles based on real-time traffic flows. You can view live line rate behavioural analytics and anomaly detection – giving you granular oversight of your network’s security whenever you need it.

These features, combined with the high attack capacity and network-level protection, create a highly scalable Attack Mitigation solution capable of spotting and responding to your network security at a moments notice.

JT DDoS Mitigation Service – a solution you can trust

For more information on how we can protect your business, customers and employees, reach out to our team today.

OR click below to get your 30-day free trial and mitigation report.


JT supports Macmillan Jersey for a second year

JT’s people have chosen to extend their support once again to Macmillan Jersey for a second year following the enormous impact the telecoms group had on the cancer charity in 2020. Pledging a further year of assistance will see the JT team focus on more fundraising efforts, continue with its current digital and network support package to the charity and help to increase awareness of the charity’s vital work on the island.

With JT’s help, Macmillan Jersey was able to react quickly to COVID-19 restrictions, implementing new systems to allow the team to work from home and adjusting fundraising efforts to reach a wider audience using digital channels. The new ‘Get Together for Good’ campaign in September, launched in partnership with JT saw a total of £26,346 raised through encouraging people to connect both virtually and in person and JT’s own people topped that up in December, by raising nearly £4000 on an internal fundraising raffle.

Steph Gibaut, Head of Income Generation for Macmillan Jersey, said: “We are so thrilled to have the support of JT for a second year. Alongside fundraising they were able to offer us cloud-based phone systems for our support services and loan phones for local cancer patients going off-island for treatment which proved invaluable to the charity and to our patients.

“As a direct result of our ‘Get Together for Good’ campaign we also received a substantial donation, along with a commitment of support for the charity for the next two years. For this to come at a time when, like everyone else we were facing financial challenges and having to cancel events was truly amazing. It was the lifeline we needed to help those who access our services. We continue to be so grateful and can’t wait to start working alongside the JT team again this year.”

Graeme Millar, JT Group CEO, said: “With restrictions still in place we recognise what a difficult time this can be for families dealing with the impact of cancer treatment, which is why we have chosen to support Macmillan Jersey again this year. It’s both amazing and refreshing to see just how impactful a simple message can be in uniting our community for a good cause.  We’re really keen to explore new ways of supporting Macmillan Jersey using our technology, expertise, and network. It’s been our absolute privilege to work with and support a team so dedicated to supporting others so that those facing the fight against cancer may never have to feel alone.”

Macmillan Jersey relies solely on fundraising events and the generosity of the public and corporate partners. All funds raised are used on island to help those with cancer and their families access community and emotional support, information, and wellbeing advice.