JT DDoS – world-class cyber-attack mitigation from a trusted local provider

JT DDoS – world-class cyber-attack mitigation from a trusted local provider

Susan Sproston
Head of Business Sales

DDoS is one of the most intimidating forms of cyber-attack for any business.

What is DDoS?

DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, is an attack that involves sending vast amounts of traffic to an unprepared website, platform, or service. This huge spike in requests causes the servers to become inoperable, at which point the hackers can hold the server at ransom — typically demanding a financial reward. Until the ransom is paid, a business's servers will be down; its online operations will be all but frozen and sensitive data is within the hacker’s reach.

DDoS may pose a threat to Channel Island businesses, but the JT DDoS Mitigation Service — which sits in-front of your dedicated JT Internet Backbone service — helps stop DDoS bots in their tracks, mitigating the risk. Here’s how...

Protect your business from large scale DDoS attacks, on-site and at home

As the area’s most established, trusted telecom provider, JT has over a century’s worth of experience in communications, decades of experience in secure networking, and abundant expertise and resources to reliably mitigate and prevent cyber-attacks of all kinds.

If you’re wondering what makes a DDoS mitigation service with JT so special, here some of the core benefits to partnering with us:

Network-level security – mitigation for in-office and remote workers alike

Remote work has shifted from a flexible perk to the standard set-up for many Channel Island enterprises. While it benefits employers and employees, remote work poses new challenges — specifically within security. Remote businesses may have a greater reliance on third-party services, the risk of insecure hardware at employees' homes and a decentralised security solution too. Most notable however, for larger businesses, remote access systems (like Citrix or VNC connect) are being targeted by cybercriminals as a route onto the network.

While many enterprise firewalls, which operate during these remote access connections, offer some measure of DDoS protection, most can't provide the level of security that JT can. This is because many businesses use DDoS mitigation features built into existing firewall services – which are in-effect protecting the firewall from being overwhelmed by DDoS – so, at a firewall level, not a network-level.

The added benefit to using JT as a core network infrastructure provider, means it can apply DDoS mitigation protocols to a network level. Designed specifically to spot and block attacks before they even touch your network – let alone get the chance to overwhelm your firewall.

This allows you to embrace the modern mode of work, remote or in-office without compromising your network’s protection against DDoS attacks.

High-capacity, advanced attack ingestion capability

JT DDoS Mitigation offers both Generic DDoS and Volumetric DDoS network protection. The service is capable of absorbing the largest DDoS attacks — our solutions can handle 4.5 terabytes-per-second of malicious traffic. That provides significantly more coverage than any of the largest DDoS attacks to date: Google in 2017 (2.5Tbps), Amazon in 2020 (2.3Tbps) and Github in 2018 (1.35Tbps).

In other words, JT offers one of the most robust DDoS protections in the world. No matter the size or notoriety of your business, the associated risks of a DDoS dramatically decrease with JT's protection.

24x7x365 proactive protection

JT DDoD attack mitigation is an ‘Always on’ solution, continually building traffic profiles based on real-time traffic flows. You can view live line rate behavioural analytics and anomaly detection – giving you granular oversight of your network’s security whenever you need it.

These features, combined with the high attack capacity and network-level protection, create a highly scalable Attack Mitigation solution capable of spotting and responding to your network security at a moments notice.

JT DDoS Mitigation Service – a solution you can trust

For more information on how we can protect your business, customers and employees, reach out to our team today.

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