Investing in a network to support local business mobility, Business Brief

It’s highly likely that the composition of your workforce has evolved over recent years to become an increasingly mobile one; constantly needing to be connected. Mobile technology has certainly changed the way we do business and successfully operate away from the office as well as we do within it, we’re all relying upon one thing – the mobile network.

As the Channel Islands’ only locally owned communications provider, and with over 120 years experience, we understand the important role we have to play in delivering the appropriate infrastructure to keep the Islands moving forward; and when it comes to mobile technology, we know how crucial excellent mobile connectivity and coverage has become.

This year we proudly brought to fruition a £12 million programme to deliver 4G services to our customers across the Channel Islands, including the build of a completely new mobile network in Guernsey, the island-wide replacement of our mobile network in Jersey and the introduction of a new wireless link for Alderney.

The result is a superior mobile network that has significantly improved pan-island connectivity and island-wide mobile coverage, enabling all of our customers to experience improved 2G and 3G services, while having access to world-class 4G mobile technology.

The world of business is becoming increasingly international and we are only too aware that the need for smart mobile solutions is ever more important for our local customers. Our new 4G network delivers the superior network capability to support these needs. Delivering better mobile collaboration, every business across the islands, whether large or small, can benefit from JT’s 4G.

Compared to previous mobile technologies, 4G is not only faster (up to four times as quick as copper broadband) but it also provides an improved performance based on three features; coverage, connectivity and resilience. So what are the direct benefits these improvements can bring to your business?

In today’s fast moving business world, staying connected to the office is fundamental to keeping ahead of the competition, and we all want to be able to work while on the move. Seamless connectivity enables that, for example if you’re watching a video on a tablet at work (through your office Wi-Fi) you can continue watching it on your mobile without experiencing a drop in service. Indeed, some of the latest handsets already have ‘miracasting’ available, which is the technology and applications to easily switch between platforms.

Looking at the impact our investment has made in Alderney alone, it’s clear that the new wireless JT network offers substantially more bandwidth between Guernsey and Alderney than could be cost-effectively delivered on standalone solutions. This represents a real step forward in connectivity and resilience for the Bailiwick as a whole.

Helping the Islands to move forward by enabling local businesses to realise enterprise mobility is at the heart of our investment. The advantages of 4G is extolled by our customers who already harness its power range for greater productivity, employee motivation, improved customer service  and the ability to react instantly.

One company for whom reliable mobile technology is essential is CA Frazier Group Limited, a Jersey based landscape gardening firm and with staff working on site at different locations around the Island. Managing Director, Michael Frazier, explains how 4G has made a difference to staff efficiency and productivity: “Since established we have always networked with JT. Their customer service is always friendly, efficient and are always quick to resolve any queries we may have. With their new 4G recently being installed it has made communicating with data whilst on the go faster and easier with a whole lot more coverage, especially whilst indoors which has clearly eradicated an underlying issue from 3G improving our staff efficiency and productivity. We would highly recommend JT.”

With JT’s new 4G network we believe that we are delivering the very best service to meet and exceed the needs of our local customers, like CA Frazier, now and well into the future. We’re really proud to know that because of our continued commitment and investments, JT is helping to drive forward the promotion and establishment of Guernsey as a credible location for Fintech and in Jersey we’re proud to be involved in delivering a Medtech centre of excellence.

JT’s 4G network is enabling local companies to keep pace with technology and is supporting their increasingly mobile workforce – if you’re starting to wonder what’s next, be assured that with JT’s advanced network we are able to support the next generation of mobile innovation beyond 4G.

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JT Proud to Power the 2015 IoD Convention

For the 4th year, in their role as Technology sponsor, JT  partnered the Institute of Directors (IoD) Guernsey, to support and help power their discussions at the IoD convention, which took place on Thursday 22nd October. Economist, author and journalist Tim Harford was a guest speaker at the sell-out event, entitled ‘The Guernsey Time Bomb’, which focused on the key demographic issues facing the Island. The voice of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Guernsey-born broadcaster Sarah Montague, also returned to moderate this year’s debate. As Technology Sponsor, JT enhanced the evening’s interactions by powering FREE Wi-Fi facilities for an audience of around 500 at Beau Sejour. An interactive Twitter feed was also provided during the event, with the audience and speakers encouraged to share thier thoughts, pose questions to the panellists and offer their own commentary as the discussions unfolded. Tamara O’Brien, Deputy Managing Director JT (Guernsey), said: “We’re pleased to have sponsored this important event and to again work closely with the IoD Guernsey. Our solutions this year helped to provide the technology to stimulate the discussions at the annual convention. IoD is an excellent platform for opinion leaders and the business community to debate matters affecting the islands future prosperity and economic success. The topic steered a lively debate, and JT’s involvement in the event helped to provide the infrastructure to facilitate this dialogue in real-time and supported by the very latest in technology.” IoD Chair, Richard Le Tocq said: “The IoD brings together expert panelists, IoD members and the wider business community to discuss how the Island can stimulate growth and prosperity in the face of the imminent demographic challenge in Guernsey. We are very grateful to JT and of course our main sponsor, Carey Olsen, for their continued support in helping bring these conversations into the mainstream.”