Backup Best Practices for World Backup Day 2022

Emily Martins
Cybersecurity Consultant, JT Enterprise

As we rely more and more on technology at work and home electronic data has become a significant aspect of our daily lives (especially when it comes to our work) protecting that data becomes increasingly important, too. That's what World Backup Day is here to celebrate: keeping our data safe, secured, and available.

To celebrate this World Backup Day, we're going to be covering some of the best practices you can follow to keep your data safe. If you backup your data, these are the practices you need to be following.

7 backup best practices

1. Back up frequently

backup frequency iconYou should probably be backing up more frequently than you’d think - did you know that 21% of people have never made a backup? ( If you're not sure how frequently, think about how much work you're willing to lose. Two weeks' worth of work? A day? How about an hour?

The truth is, most of us can't afford to lose more than a few hours of work. That means you should be backing your data up multiple times a day if it's feasible for your business.

You can also increase the frequency of your data backups by fostering better data hygiene with your staff. You may only be able to backup your entire workplace's data set every few days/weeks, but individual employees should have no problem backing up data a few times a day.


2. Use multiple backup methods

backup methods iconAnother important best practice for backing up your data is to use multiple backup methods. After all, we all know the dangers of keeping all of your eggs in a single basket.

We just covered one way that you can diversify your backups. Have your employees back up their data and conduct workplace-wide backups, too. Other ways to keep your backup methods varied is to use different locations and backup formats, for example remote backup in the cloud and local and offsite physical backups. The goal is to have at least a handful of backups in multiple locations, at multiple frequencies, and in multiple formats so that you're never at risk of losing everything all at once.

It's also important to think about the types of backup that you’ll use, you want to make sure that you can recover and restore your information as quickly as possible. Alternating types of backup, such as incremental daily backups and full weekly and monthly backups, will allow for a faster response when disaster strikes.


3. Encrypt your backups

backup encrypt iconNext, you should encrypt your backups. Encryption may sound like an intimidating practice, but it's relatively easy to do and adds a lot of security to your data. All it does is scramble your data in a way that only you can unscramble it.

This protects your data in the unfortunate case that it becomes the target of a hacker or internal threat. You'll retain some level of control over your data even as it's actively being targeted, helping you retain power in the situation.

The purpose of encryption is to make data security just as core to your approach as backing up your data.


4. Set an appropriate data retention span

backup data retention iconAlongside backing up your data regularly, you should be setting an appropriate data retention span. This is how long you plan on keeping your data after it's been backed up. After all, keeping data backed up forever is costly and largely unnecessary.

You'll want to consider how long you keep backups, how many backups you keep at any given time, what regulations surrounding data backups in your region are, and so on.


5. Use offsite backup storage

Offsite cloud backup iconWe mentioned the importance of using multiple backup methods. You already know that your data could fall victim to hackers and internal threats. Something you may not have considered, however, is a physical threat. Using a mix of both local and offsite backups can protect your data from physical harm.

This could be a fire, electrical surge, faulty equipment, or something as simple as an employee spilling their coffee on a storage device. Having your data backed up to separate physical locations will prevent these sorts of mishaps from wreaking permanent damage to your data.


6. Take advantage of remote backups

remote backup iconAnother useful best practice you can take advantage of is remote backups. Remote backups are conducted over the cloud rather than through a physical/wired connection.

Remote backups have become more popular as the cloud has made them easier to implement. And while they shouldn't be your only method of backing data up, they're a major convenience for your business. You can even partner with a backup provider who offers remote backups as a service.


7. Use a professional backup tool

And that brings us to the last best practice, which is using a professional backup tool to keep your data protected. Third-party tools will help keep your data safe with features and implementations that would be difficult to create otherwise.

JT offers just such a solution in the form of JT Cloud Backup. This service is compatible with most enterprise environments and enables your business to keep its data secured over the cloud.

Check that your data is secure this World Backup Day

Our FREE no obligation Cyber Assessment will assist you with creating a backup strategy to keep your business safe.

Book your FREE Cybersecurity Assessment

Cyber threats are continually evolving, and its imperative that your business is protected to prevent the latest information security threats, vulnerabilities and risks.

Reliable security can only be built on a combination of well-trained people, sound governance, accurate reporting and delivered by correctly configured technology.

Our FREE no obligation Cyber Assessment will examine each of these areas, producing a comprehensive study for your whole business.

Solar energy trial for JT exchange

Although the west of the island is generally more known for its fabulous sunsets, now the sun’s rays are being put to another use in a trial that will see one of JT’s telephone exchanges using renewable energy. In the first trial of its kind by JT, 84 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are being installed on the roof of the West Exchange in St Ouen’s Village.

JT’s 10-year Sustainability Strategy commits the company to move 50% of its energy consumption to renewable sources by 2025. This has already resulted in a successful project with the Little Green Energy Company in Sark to use the sun’s energy to help power the JT mobile network on the island.

In Jersey, JT is working with solar energy experts SunWorks to install the panels on the roof of the West Exchange building. The pilot will see the extent to which the solar can provide a supplementary source of electricity, if successful, it could be used across more sites around the island reducing JT’s reliance on the grid.

Tom Noel, JT’s Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, said: “We made a clear promise when we launched our Sustainability Strategy that we would apply its principals across every part of our business. One of the most visible demonstrations of that is to install solar panels on prominent sites and we hope that the trial will tell us whether it will work elsewhere. As a technology business, we use a large amount of energy and if we can switch to renewable sources of power where possible,  we will make less impact on the planet – using energy generated in the sunniest place in the British Isles.”

Mark Brandon, Director of SunWorks, said: “When a company like JT comes to us with plans to use renewable energy in a practical way, we know we are dealing with a client that’s speaking the same language as us. It is important for the larger local businesses like JT to consider where their electricity comes from and make all efforts to use local resources for electricity generation. This supports the global transition to renewables and can deliver significant long term savings on electricity.”

See the world through a different lens

Photography enthusiasts in Guernsey are being asked to consider the challenges and strengths people on the autistic spectrum have when taking part in a competition with a difference during World Autism Acceptance Week (28 March – 2 April).

Autism Guernsey is running a digital photography competition, sponsored by JT, with the theme ‘From a Different Angle,’ reflecting how autistic people see the world, hoping that the entries will give an eye-opening perspective on how we all see things differently.

Judges will choose the photo that best reflects the theme, regardless of whether it’s taken using a smart phone camera or the latest digital SLR, is in black and white or colour. The competition is open to everyone in Guernsey and the winner will receive  an Apple iPad, donated by JT, who have selected AG as their Chosen charity for 2022.

Mandy Rowlinson, Fundraising Manager for Autism Guernsey, said: “World Autism Acceptance Week aims to draw attention to people living with autism, both to educate those unaware of the condition, and to help make the world friendlier to those who are affected by it.

This year, with the help of the JT Team we’re running a digital photo competition which will showcase how we view things. I’m really excited to see just how objects can be viewed and explained differently, because as a society we are all different and embracing difference is what makes us a community.’’

All photos that are sent in will be displayed on a digital screen in the JT shop on World Autism Awareness Day, Saturday 2 April when the winner will be announced.

Tamara O’Brien, Deputy Managing Director, JT Guernsey, added: “Peoples’ understanding of Autism has improved greatly over the last few years. A powerful indication of this, is the campaign  to move from ‘awareness’ to ‘acceptance’, which is about helping people lead more fulfilling lives.  We are hoping Islanders will get involved in World Autism Acceptance Week and help us change attitudes and foster change, while at the same time reminding us, we are all unique, all different and sometimes we need to look at things from someone else’s viewpoint.’’

On Saturday 2nd April the Autism Guernsey team will be in the JT shop to chat to people about what they do. Accompanying them will be ‘Archie the Recycling Goat’ one of Autism Guernsey’s famous Goats from 2021, who helped to raise the profile of the Golden Guernsey Goat Trail, which raised money for Autism Guernsey and the Guernsey Adult Literacy Project.

Employee Recognition goes digital with JT All-stars

JT has launched a new digital initiative that gives their people the opportunity to recognise and reward team members across all locations and in real-time for delivering on the company’s strengths.

With a passion for people and a drive for digital innovation, JT set about creating an easy to use, digital platform, that was managed by their own people, and was simple and engaging.

The new JT All-Stars recognition platform gives everyone the ability to thank their peers, colleagues and co-workers, and also gives Managers the option to allocate points that can be redeemed from an extensive range of prizes.

Having launched the scheme less than a month ago, already over 85% of JT’s 586 strong global team have activated their accounts, with over 1,000 peer recognitions being made.

This latest scheme is just one of a few digital initiatives being launched by JT resulting directly from listening to employee feedback. It’s part of the company’s innovative culture and drive to building an inclusive working environment, where people are encouraged to have a voice, so everyone feels valued and heard. So now, when a co-worker does something great, they can share that moment with the whole team or business by sending them a recognition in real time.

Laura Belo, JT’s Head of HR, said: “We’re so proud of our people and everything we achieve together, but what’s really special is seeing people taking the time to thank and reward each other. This new platform not only puts our people first it empowers them to create positive business outcomes and sustainable performance. Simple acts of kindness can go a long way and we’re thrilled with both the adoption rate and feedback from our people so far.”

Assessing Cyber Risk – How secure is your business?

Emily Martins
Cybersecurity Consultant, JT Enterprise

Over the last few years, cyber crimes have been at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. With a predicted damage cost of $10.5 trillion in just three years (Cybersecurity Ventures), there isn’t a sector, industry, or company that shouldn’t be concerned with the risks of cyberattacks.

That’s why conducting a cyber risk assessment periodically is so crucial. This post will cover the importance of a cyber risk assessment and how services like JT Cyber Assessment can help you stay a step ahead of cybercrime.

What is a cyber risk assessment?

A cyber risk assessment is a test or series of tests conducted on your current cybersecurity policies, procedures, and controls. This evaluation aims to spot vulnerabilities in your security posture before a malicious party does so you can bolster your controls.

Although you can (and should) conduct an internal cyber risk assessment, it’s recommended that you seek an outside service to test your policies as well. This way, you get the maximum amount of protection and don’t miss potential blind spots.

How secure is your business, and how can JT Cyber Assessment help?

The growing risk of cybercrimes over the last several years led JT to develop JT Cyber Assessment. It’s a state-of-the-art assessment service that can boost your cybersecurity policies as well as your company’s confidence in its policies.

JT's Cyber Assessment focuses on three key areas:

Understanding your organisation and risks

The first point JT Cyber Assessment pays attention to is analysing your organisation and its unique risks. No two organisations are exactly alike, and neither are the cyber threats they face.

JT looks at factors like external versus internal threats, how your sector impacts your likelihood of being targeted, whether or not you use a remote, hybrid, or traditional work structure, your networking and IoT practices, and more.

Reviewing your current security policies

Next, JT Cyber Assessment puts pressure on your current security policies.

This encompasses everything from complex network safeguards to the training you provide your staff on cybersecurity.

Your current policies are not only evaluated for vulnerabilities, but they’re also compared against the current best practices in your industry. This will give you an idea of where you stand among your peers and whether you’re an easy target for cybercrime.

Performing an in-depth analysis of your current cyber risk

Finally, JT Cyber Assessment analyses your present cyber risk. This is an in-depth procedure during which your cybersecurity systems are put to the test. The goal is to understand how well your current policies and systems will hold up under a real-world cybersecurity threat.

This is one of the most important tests that can be conducted on your system and is an excellent way to uncover vulnerabilities before a bad actor exploits them.

JT Cyber Assessment uses the ISO27001 framework and the ISO27002 supporting guidance

The ISO27001 framework is one of the most important ISMS frameworks ever developed, and it’s the one that JT Cyber Assessment uses to assess your cybersecurity systems and policies.

JT Cyber Assessment also uses the partnering ISO27002 supporting guidance, a set of guidelines used to better understand and implement the ISO27001 framework. Combined, these provide an excellent basis for understanding and improving your cybersecurity.


You can use other cyber risk assessment standards as well

Of course, not all organisations will want to use the ISO27001 framework, which is why JT Cyber Assessment offers a variety of cyber risk assessment standards. Below are a few of the other options businesses can choose from.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and NIST SP 800-53 (R5)

The NIST CSF is a set of guidelines that a business can use to assess, manage and reduce cyber risk. It divides your cybersecurity policies into tiers and identifies five business-critical operations that tie into your cybersecurity.

The JT Cyber Assessment uses the NIST CSF, along with the NIST SP 800-53 (Rev. 5) Security and Privacy Controls for Information Systems and Organizations to produce a more comprehensive review of your security posture.

CIS Critical Security Controls (CSC)

CSC is a modern set of cybersecurity practices. It provides recommendations for cybersecurity policies to put in place based on the current best practices and prevailing threats to organisations.


For Europeans, GDPR is a set of regulations that companies must follow to secure their data and customers’ data. These are a great starting point for building your cybersecurity strategy and a must for remaining compliant.


The PCI DSS cyber risk assessment framework for the payment card industry is a necessary realignment for how your business treats cybersecurity. This is one of the most high-risk industries, and as such, you need to take a unique approach.

Best of all: JT Cyber Assessment happens in the background

One of the best features of the JT Cyber Assessment is that it can be done with minimal intrusion to the operation of your business, and can be completed both on-site or remotely. We offer various cybersecurity services, including cyber risk assessments and cyber compliance tools.

Secure your FREE Cybersecurity Assessment

Cyber threats are continually evolving, and its imperative that your business is protected to prevent the latest information security threats, vulnerabilities and risks.

Reliable security can only be built on a combination of well-trained people, sound governance, accurate reporting and delivered by correctly configured technology.

Our FREE no obligation Cyber Assessment will examine each of these areas, producing a comprehensive study for your whole business.

cybersecurity professional working on JT cyber compliance dashboard

Cyber Compliance – a better way of working

John Bridge
Principal Cybersecurity Consultant, JT Enterprise

Cybersecurity is no longer just about protecting your data and digital assets. Organisations also face the challenge of achieving compliance against information and cyber security frameworks. This can create additional pressure and technical needs that many businesses don’t have the resources to contend with.

At JT we understand that your data, is your business, and to ensure it remains that way businesses need to understand the importance of cybersecurity and cyber compliance -  read more below:

So, what is Cyber Compliance?

Cyber compliance is the practice of maintaining your cybersecurity policies, procedures and controls so that they meet a certain standard. Organisations already know that cybersecurity is a top priority, but implementing policies capable of keeping companies secure can be a lofty goal.

Governing bodies around the world are increasing their focus on security, with more now mandating a level of compliance against key information and cybersecurity frameworks.

Implementing a cyber compliance strategy simplifies this. It gives you a marker to aim for and creates consistency throughout your organisation.

Why is cyber compliance important?

Several factors make cyber compliance a critical strategy for any business. Here are just a few of the core reasons to invest in cyber compliance.

Ensure that sensitive information is kept safe

Cyber compliance ensures that your business keeps sensitive information safe. With data being such a valuable commodity, nearly all of your information could be considered “sensitive”, so why wouldn’t you want to protect it?

More specifically, the term “sensitive data” refers to data that belongs to your employees, customers, and your overall security, but can also include key operational information such as trade secrets, intellectual property and proprietary business strategies. Keeping this information secured is crucial to the success of your business and the safety of your stakeholders.

Regulations require that businesses follow cyber compliance

There are an ever-increasing number of cybersecurity rules worldwide. These regulations raise the bar for cyber compliance, forcing companies to do the same.

Regulations add a level of urgency to cyber compliance, as failure to comply could put your organisation in legal jeopardy. That said, regulations are not necessarily the final word on cyber compliance. For some organisations, they might only be the starting point.

Using cyber compliance protects your business against data breaches

Third, implementing cyber compliance will help your business stay guarded against data breaches. The average cost of a data breach in 2020 was $3.86 million, a 10% increase since 2014 ( It’s not a stretch to think that this number will continue to rise as these breaches become more severe and frequent. 

Following cyber compliance will give you a higher level of protection against these breaches, sparing your business millions in damages and potentially years of recovery.

What are the challenges of cyber compliance?

Maintaining cyber compliance consistently in a global organisation is difficult

Cyber compliance comes with its own set of challenges. Not the least of which is maintaining consistency in a global organisation. If your business has locations and headquarters throughout the world, then you’ll be faced with the challenge of keeping up your standard across multi jurisdictions with variations in regulations which can be difficult.

External vendors can pose a risk to your business

External vendors and service providers can make your service more efficient. But they can also pose a risk.

These providers are privy to your data, and once it’s in their hands, your security is only as good as theirs. Your business must account for your internal security risks and the external risks presented by these vendors.

Keeping track of your cyber compliance can be complex

Keeping up with your cyber compliance is no easy task. The more cybersecurity policies you implement, the more policies must be audited, updated, and monitored. Internal reviews are essential, but if not carried out they can leave you vulnerable to blind spots in your evaluation methodology.

How JT can help

JT is here to help you overcome these challenges. We offer various cybersecurity services, including cyber risk assessments and cyber compliance tools. JT has partnered with Centraleyes to bring their comprehensive, simple to use platform to the Channel Islands. Here are the three modules we offer to give your cyber compliance the bump it needs.

1st party risk

JT’s 1st party risk module ensures that your internal policies, procedures and controls are up to scratch. We compare your posture against best practices, spot vulnerabilities, and help you fill in the gaps.

3rd party risk

3rd party risk compliance involves evaluating your vendors. JT will collect breach reports on your behalf, fi nd new ways to secure your interactions with these vendors, and make recommendations about risky vendors.

Board View

JT’s Board View gives your business an overview of your cyber compliance and is easy to use for non-technical audiences. In one convenient place, you can track your compliance and threat level over time, letting you easily focus on the areas that need the most attention.

Book your FREE Cybersecurity Assessment

Cyber threats are continually evolving, and its imperative that your business is protected to prevent the latest information security threats, vulnerabilities and risks.

Reliable security can only be built on a combination of well-trained people, sound governance, accurate reporting and delivered by correctly configured technology.

Our FREE no obligation Cyber Assessment will examine each of these areas, producing a comprehensive study for your whole business.

Pedalling their way to work, JT joins EVie travel scheme

JT team members are being offered a 20% discount on using e-bikes and e-vehicles to help meet targets on reducing carbon emissions. The telecom company has joined the EVie Corporate Partner Programme which offers reductions on using EVie’s sustainable transport solutions.

The benefits of encouraging more people to cycle or use an electric vehicle include boosting productivity and wellbeing, but it also means fewer vehicles on Jersey’s roads as greener alternatives are chosen for getting to and from work and to meetings and work appointments.

The scheme offers JT team members discounted access to EVieBikes, EVie cars and vans, bike servicing and the BlueBike subscription that provides full-time use of a bike.

Tom Noel, JT’s Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, said: “We see this as a really positive step towards sustainable business travel. We already have a bike discount scheme where we provide our people with help towards buying a bike and the ongoing maintenance, but this partnership means they don’t have to own their own bike. Instead, they get the benefit of leading a healthier lifestyle through the scheme which is also helping JT meet its sustainability goals and contributes to the reduction of air pollution on Channel Island roads – it’s a win all round.”

Jamie Kelly, CEO of EVie, said: “We see our corporate partner programme as a way of making a real difference to reducing carbon emissions. Our programme aims to provide convenient, healthy and sustainable shared use travel. It helps by reducing the need to have private parking and cuts down on the use and demand for public parking spaces. To date, EVie users have displaced 55 tonnes of CO2. What works well for many businesses that have joined our Corporate Partner Programme is the BlueBike subscription that provides their people with a bike for their full-time use. It reduces the hassle and if something goes wrong, we’ll replace it with a new one.”

International line-up will take the stage at Cobo Bay once again

The Cobo Bay Balcony Gigs, proudly sponsored by JT and seen by many as an essential part of the Guernsey summer, is back for 2022 and for the first time in three years has a line-up of international acts, supported by Guernsey’s leading local talent.

The Balcony Gigs have always been about bringing people together and for a number of years JT has been using its technical support to live stream them on so that anyone who can’t make it to the gigs can join in the fun online from wherever they are.

A tribute to the legendary Duran Duran will kick off the series of free family friendly gigs continuing through the summer to the August Bank Holiday.

Tamara O’Brien, JT’s Deputy Managing Director in Guernsey, said: “Once again an awesome line up has been announced for the Cobo Bay Hotel Balcony Gigs, in this our 11th year of sponsoring the events. We know how lucky we are to enjoy these free events in such an idyllic location, which provided a massive boost for islanders over the past two years. Now as the world opens up, we can once again enjoy large outdoor gatherings with family and friends from outside the Bailiwick and this event marks a very special moment for Guernsey and our hospitality industry.

I always look forward to these events which to me signal the start of the Guernsey summer. There is some amazing musical talent here and the Cobo Bay Balcony Gigs are the best place to see them perform live.”

David Nussbaumer, organiser of Cobo Bay Hotel’s Balcony Gigs, said: “We are itching to get going and I am thrilled that we are bigger and better than ever, welcoming bands from the UK once again to this amazing west coast venue. Thanks to more than a decade of support from JT, we have together transformed the Summer Balcony Gigs into the most sought after event series each year. With this partnership we have kept the Guernsey summer alive even during the challenging times we have all faced. We have so much to celebrate and to be thankful for and we will be doing that all the way from May until the end of August. The true spirit of the Guernsey summer is coming, and I can’t wait.”

Keeping with the great Guernsey tradition of supporting local charities, a collection at every event will support the two charities being supported by Cobo Bay, Guernsey Cheshire Home and JT, Autism Guernsey.

Holding events in such beautiful surroundings comes with added responsibilities and all those attending will be asked to play their part to help ensure that Cobo Bay remains litter-free by collecting and taking home their rubbish.

Career opportunities at JT

At JT there is, quite literally, never a dull moment. It’s fast-paced, challenging, exciting and together we’re constantly evolving and moving forward.

Our vision is to become the best telco in the world, by creating a culture where everybody feels valued and is empowered to support our customers, both at home in the Channel Islands and across our global locations.

Everyone at JT is encouraged and supported to be their very best. We invest in the development of our people and are proud of our reputation as a fantastic place to learn, grow and build careers. We recruit only the best talent and attitudes to join JT’s amazing family of talented and dedicated people. We pride ourselves on our employee feedback, motivating work atmosphere, excellent personal career support and truly inspiring leadership.

Click here to find out more and apply.

Careers in Retail

Our Retail Sales Advisors are experts in all things digital and Telecommunications working with a dynamic portfolio of products, brands and services. They put our customers at the heart of everything they do, creating a pleasant experience with each interaction.

As the frontline face of our company our Retail Sales Advisors are responsible for helping our customers with their queries, challenges and technical hurdles. This exciting role with the JT Family is where we begin to help our customers experience everything that is great about JT.

So, if you’re someone with a natural flair for connecting with customers click here to apply today.