JT at NextGen Digital Challenge awards 2017

JT awarded second place at NextGen Digital Challenge Awards 2017

JT was runner-up in the ‘Networking Innovations’ category at the recent NextGen Digital Challenge Awards 2017, which celebrates digital innovation in the British Isles.

The Channel Islands’ only locally owned telecommunications company was commended for its pioneering work that allows devices operating in the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) to communicate with each other without interruption, wherever they are in the world. Its ‘open roaming’ solution allows machines to connect using a JT SIM card.

With a standard single network SIM, there are dozens of single points of failure and potential problems with coverage but what makes JT’s solution special is that its SIM has no network preference. If data reaches a dead end or bottleneck, it will instantly switch to a fully functioning network.

The judges praised the independence of JT’s solution as well as its ‘NOMAD’ management platform, which provides dynamic coverage control, location services, elimination of overage charging and is also offered as a white label to customers.

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JT IoD Winter Seminar

Launch of JT-sponsored IoD winter seminar series

JT is once again proud to sponsor the Institute of Directors’ Guernsey Winter Seminar series, which begins on Friday 3 November. The first seminar will be held at 12.30 pm at the Digital Greenhouse.

The topic of the seminar will be Board Effectiveness and discussions will be led by a panel of experts, including Louise Gulliver, Managing Director of Professional Development at the IoD; Roger Barker, former IoD Head of Corporate Governance, and Derek Millar, Chief Executive Officer of The Catholic National Mutual Limited and finalist for New Chartered Director of the Year 2017.

James Ede-Golightly, IoD Committee member and series organiser, said: “The panel will discuss some of the key aspects of board effectiveness and the Chartered Director programme, as well as share personal experiences of working in boards to establish and promote the principles of board effectiveness. The seminar will also highlight current issues and trends with relevance to directors and boards.

“I expect that this year’s Winter Seminar series will match last year’s great success and I would like to thank JT for its ongoing sponsorship.” Tamara O’Brien, Deputy Managing Director of JT Guernsey said: “We’re pleased to continue to support the IoD by providing these topical lunchtime events for its membership. The series begins with a subject that is important and relevant to the whole business community,
and I’m sure the quality of discussion will be high.

“As the only locally owned communications provider in the Channel Islands, we are committed to supporting local industry and our long-standing partnership with the IoD, as sponsor of this seminar series, enables us to get right to the heart of bringing leading local business figures together for thought-provoking discussion. We wish the IoD every success for this Winter Seminar series.”

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Gigabit Jersey Glotel global telecoms awards shortlist 2017

JT’s pioneering fibre project shortlisted for Global Telecoms Awards

Global Telecoms Awards shortlist — Gigabit Jersey – JT’s project that will soon see every home and business in the Island connected directly to super-fast broadband – has been shortlisted in the world’s premier awards for the telecoms industry.

The Gigabit Jersey project began in 2012 and 94%* of broadband services have now been directly connected to the fibre network. It means that Jersey is now ranked first in the world in terms of percentage broadband services with a full-fibre connection to broadband.

It will also allow the Island to become the first in the world to completely replace its ageing copper wire network – which has served the telecoms industry well for over a century – with fast,
reliable and secure fibre-optic cables.

Now in its fifth year, the Global Telecoms Awards celebrates a broad range of global accolades, which sees JT shortlisted in the Fixed Network Evolution category of the awards, against some
big players from around the globe.

JT Chief Executive Officer Graeme Millar said: “When we began the Gigabit Jersey project, some people were understandably cautious and questioned whether it was necessary for the Island.
However, we knew then that device use and bandwidth would grow, in line with more and more services being delivered digitally, and I’m pleased that the Global Telecoms Awards judges have
recognised the importance of our insight and investment in full-fibre connectivity by this shortlisting. The need for fibre is now evident publically and I’m so glad we made the decision
early on – we’re now in the fortunate position where major UK operators are trying to catch up.”


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National Coding Week

Over 7,500 people take part in National Coding Week 2017

The fourth National Coding Week 2017 – founded in the Channel Islands by former headteacher Richard Rolfe and tech entrepreneur Jordan Love – was a great success with record-breaking engagement, both at events and online.

In the UK, people from all walks of life attended sessions from coding for beginners to advanced skills over the course of the week (18-22 September). Locally, more than 200 people went to events held at Jersey Library and Guernsey’s Digital Greenhouse, which ranged from augmented reality to women in technology. At least 2,400 children also gained a ‘Digital Badge’ for National Coding Week by taking part in an online course at school, learning essential skills such as password and social media management, and being aware of ‘stranger danger’.

The week prompted over 7,000 Tweets, including engagement from the BBC Academy, GCHQ, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) OpenCourseWare and Cisco. There are now close to 3,000 Followers of NCW on Twitter. As well as the Channel Islands and UK, events were held in the US and Australia.

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