JT Ookla fastest network 2017

JT wins independent award for having fastest mobile network in the Channel Islands

JT wins independent award for having fastest mobile network in the Channel Islands

JT has once again been confirmed as the fastest mobile carrier in the Channel Islands and Internet Service Provider in Jersey by Ookla – the globally recognised leader in Internet performance testing and metrics for broadband and mobile networks.

Results from all networks across the Islands were analysed by Ookla, which runs Speedtest, the world’s most popular Internet performance testing service. Consumer-initiated test results using Speedtest by Ookla confirm that JT has faster Speed Scores than any of its competitors.

The tests were carried out from April to September in 2017 using industry-approved methodology. Ookla’s results are widely trusted by regulators, trade groups and analysts. They are used by virtually every major mobile carrier and Internet Service Provider in the world, including being used by the GSMA. Each day, over eight million tests are carried out on Speedtest and their customers include Microsoft, Cisco and Vodafone.

Daragh McDermott, Director of Corporate Affairs at JT, said: “The Channel Islands are well served by mobile and broadband operators and these results from Ookla simply help people decide who to choose.

“JT has invested tens of millions of pounds in our 4G and fibre networks across our islands so it is pleasing to receive a third-party endorsement confirming our investment is having a positive impact. That said, we can never rest on our laurels and as the Channel Islands’ only locally owned provider, JT will continue to invest to ensure that residents and businesses have resilient, reliable and speedy communications now and for the future.”

Jamie Steven, EVP of Operations at Ookla, said: “We at Speedtest by Ookla congratulate JT for the standout performance of their network speed, for a second year in a row. A reliable network and the internet are now integral to so many of our lives and it is already becoming difficult to imagine a world without it. JT is ensuring that the Channel Islands will remain at the leading edge of this digital revolution.”