Macmillan JT Get Together For Good

MacMillan Jersey and JT launch the 7 day ‘Get Together for Good’ campaign

The annual fundraising day for MacMillan Cancer Support Jersey is changing this autumn with a challenge to use 7 days to make a real difference. This year Macmillan Jersey are asking us to help them to continue to help our loved ones, and with JT are launching the ‘Get Together for Good’ campaign.

‘Get together for Good’ is a week of activities and challenges running from 21 to 27 September. Each event is about bringing friends, colleagues, classmates and families together, either online or in person. Making every day and every event unique by uniting the whole community, for one week, to make a change.

MacMillan Jersey receives no funding from MacMillan UK and relies on the donations and generosity of islanders to provide much needed services for local patients and their families. With JT’s help, the charity hopes that a refreshing approach to fundraising, allowing everyone to personalise their day, will help raise the funds needed to maintain their services.

Local businesses, eager to play their part, have really embraced the idea, providing prizes for the bumper prize draw and pledging donations for purchases made towards group events.

Lauren Perchard-Rees, Chief Executive of Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey, said: “We felt that 2020 was the year for change and with the creativity and passion of the JT team, we decided to give people loads of opportunities to get together to raise money for our work. Every penny raised here, stays here, in Jersey, helping not only cancer patients but also their support network of family and close friends. The Oasis cancer support centre alone costs over £300,000 a year to run but we need more than that to continue our work with patients, especially this year as our fundraising is 50% down on previous years.”

Tamara O Brien, Group Head of Customer Experience for JT, said: “We know that in small communities such as ours in the Channel Islands, the chances are that most of us will know someone affected by cancer. By supporting MacMillan Jersey, we have helped turn the traditional one-day fundraiser into a week of fun that can be done online or in groups, giving everyone plenty of options including staying at home to having small gatherings. There will be links to downloadable invitations, suggested movie lists, bunting and posters, all to help spread the message of supporting the brilliant and vital work of MacMillan Jersey.”

MacMillan Jersey helps people with all types of cancer and has provided over 3000 support sessions in the last 12 months.

To find out more about the ‘Get together for Good’ week, how to become a partner and how to donate visit

JT shortlisted for Connected Britain Award

JT has been shortlisted in the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) category in this year’s Connected Britain Awards.

It has joined the likes of Sky, Cisco and Westminster City Council on the list of finalists at the prestigious telecoms industry awards, with the winners to be announced – virtually – between the 23rd and 25th September.

Supported by more than 600 roaming agreements across the world, JT can offer multiple network access through a single SIM card, which provides robust, secure and ‘always on’ connectivity.

JT’s award entry focussed on the Nomad IoT Management Platform, which allows our customers to reduce their operating costs by enabling them to monitor and control large numbers of SIMs quickly and efficiently.

A ‘rich’ set of features – such as device location, geofencing and data consumption monitoring – can be accessed via API or UI to orchestrate provisioning, billing and support across multiple operators through a single interface.

In 2020 JT launched its first ‘embedded-SIM’ (eSIM) proposition. eSIM allows customers to easily change their network providers ‘over the air,’ eliminating the ‘lock-in’ effects of traditional SIMs.

Barna Kutvolgyi, MD of JT International, commented: “The Internet of Things is now a truly global phenomenon, with applications across the healthcare, mobility, automotive and infrastructure sectors, all of which are now supported by JT’s solutions.

“We have built an excellent reputation as a global supplier of connectivity, building on our large portfolio of roaming and wholesale agreements which the JT team developed as a way of keeping travellers and any devices connected around the world.

“I’m delighted that the hard work and success of JT’s team has been recognised with this short-listing by such a prestigious scheme as Connected Britain.”

JT sponsored Autism Jersey Golf Day at Le Moye Golf Course in Jersey

Technology comes to the fore to help raise money for Autism Jersey

Island golfers will once again be teeing off at La Moye Golf Club on Friday 21 August to support Autism Jersey, sponsored by JT. This year, the event lunch and prize giving will be hosted across the La Moye Clubhouse and the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club in St Aubin to ensure strict compliance with COVID-19 measures, with the two venues being digitally linked using the latest audio-visual technology powered through JT’s full-fibre network.

Nick Winsor, Chairman of Autism Jersey, said: “I would like to thank JT and Delta Events for responding so quickly and working within the restrictions to make sure our two lunch venues will be linked via video screens. Thanks to their technology and expertise, all the players and supporters will be able to see and hear the prize giving and speeches, including from the Lieutenant Governor. We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected charities everywhere, but the funds raised will go directly towards developing a bespoke centre for supporting those on the autism spectrum and a permanent home for the charity that we are working with Andium Homes to deliver.”

Daragh McDermott, JT’s Managing Director, added: “Our partnership with Autism Jersey goes from strength to strength and we’re immensely proud to have this long-term connection with an organisation that does such vital work in our community. We want to continue to help the charity provide support to islanders so that they can lead lives that are fully included in our society. COVID-19 presented us with new challenges on holding this event, but we enjoy a challenge and I am really pleased we’ve all been able to work together to make sure it will run as smoothly as ever.”

Jersey’s digital talent wins 2 major awards

Jersey’s digital talent was recognised among the winners of the prestigious UK Digital Experience Awards with JT’s Customer Experience and Marketing Team winning two major awards against tough competition from UK and Global household names such as BT, EE, ASDA and The Very Group. The team gained the Silver Award in the ‘Best Digital Marketing Campaign’ category and a Bronze Award for Customer Experience programmes in the ‘Use of Data Analytics & Insight’ category.

JT’s 2019 Christmas digital marketing campaign was praised by judges for the use of Snapchat and Augmented Reality technology to create a festive virtual town blending the online world with the traditional retail environment securing Silver Award to BT’s gold. Working closely with two local digital businesses, Comnexa and Continuum, the methods JT introduced to measure, track and analyse customer feedback to drive change and improvement earned a Bronze Award for ‘Use of Data Analytics & Insight. These awards have secured recognition of the talent Jersey has to offer, alongside some of the biggest companies in the UK digital market.

Graeme Millar, JT’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Having worked in many global organisations, I understand the challenges of being judged alongside large-scale international brands like BT. The fact that Jersey and JT made it to the shortlist shows just how far our teams’ achievements are being recognised. We were certainly walking amongst giants and I’m proud of the individuals whose innovation, creativity and vision will help shape our digital leaders of tomorrow. It is another example of how, with the support of organisations like Digital Jersey, our world beating local talent is being developed.”

Tamara O’Brien, Group Head of Marketing, Brand and Customer Experience, said: “I’m very proud my team were initially shortlisted given the competition, however, to go on and win these awards in both categories was a genuine surprise. The judging of all the entries was intense and it’s thanks to the dedication of my small local team that we were ranked so highly amongst all the companies there. We are always looking at ways to improve our service and evolve our offers to better meet our customer needs. This recognition demonstrates the success we can achieve, together, by adopting a customer first focused approach.”

The 6th UK Digital Experience Awards recognised the greatest accomplishments from the UK’s digital sector, evaluating entries from businesses of all sizes and across multiple sectors. Previous winners of the Awards have included Three, EE and Sky. This is the second consecutive year JT has been recognised as part of these Awards, receiving a Silver Award in 2019 for ‘Best App’.

Spirit of Guernsey celebrated at first Balcony Gig

Music lovers in Guernsey have been among the first in the British Isles to enjoy live music since the start of the Covid-19 crisis. They danced and celebrated with The Big Band Collective at the first of Guernsey’s family friendly outdoor Cobo Bay Hotel’s Balcony Gigs, which are sponsored by JT.

The popular fixture of the Guernsey summer calendar was due to begin in May with a series of tribute acts supported by local bands, but those were cancelled due to Covid-19. Now, thanks to the fact there are zero cases in Guernsey, large outdoor gatherings are permitted, so the Balcony Gigs could return.

Guernsey’s Chief Minister, Deputy Gavin St Pier, opened the event and said: “For me, like thousands of Islanders, it was great to be able to enjoy the first in the series of Cobo Bay Balcony Gigs. It’s thanks to the efforts of this community working together in its response to COVID-19 that we’re now in a position where events like this can be held, but we cannot take that for granted, especially knowing how unpredictable the global situation is and that the good position we’re in may not last forever. While we can, we should make the most of events like this both because they support our hospitality sector and because they’re a special part of Island life.”

JT’s Deputy Managing Director in Guernsey, Tamara O’Brien, said: “It’s so good to see the local economy starting to take a small step forward again and I’ve been blown away by the public response. We’re incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy large gatherings again and this event marks a very special moment for Guernsey.”

David Nussbaumer, who organises the events for Cobo Bay Hotel, said: “I was a little nervous about whether people would turn up or not, but the response has been fantastic. I’ve never seen so many people here. I’d estimate we’ve had well over 3,000 Islanders supporting local businesses and enjoying our brilliant local talent. This has been an extremely difficult year for the hospitality industry and we’re not through it yet. But to see so many coming together during tough times is humbling. I want to say how grateful we are to JT without whom we would not have been able to put this on.”

Tim Langlois, band member with The Big Band Collective, added: “We’re so fortunate in Guernsey that our government has managed the Covid-19 situation so that we are one of the few places in the British Isles able to put on events. We were so excited about this gig and being the first to perform after such an up and down year was a rare privilege none of us will forget.”

JT SOC Services

David Salisbury
Product Portfolio Manager - Security

In every aspect of business we are pressed to do more with less whilst we are also pressed to ensure that an organisation is cyber secure. Global cybersecurity spend reached $124billion (£98.8billion) in 2019, and that number is only continuing to grow. t. Striking the balance between having enough security and budgets is going to get harder Instead, be smart with your investment — partnering with cost effective, scalable yet highly efficacious, SOC service provider.


Why partner for your corporate cybersecurity?

Though cybersecurity partners deliver an array of critical benefits, two really stand out.

The first is a data breach. A breach happens anytime customer/client data has been leaked, accessed, leveraged, or stolen. Cybersecurity also helps with compliance. Security regulations are constantly changing, posing yet another serious and difficult challenge for businesses to overcome.

When you outsource your security to the right place, you significantly reduce your breach risks and can improve your compliant behaviour — every step of the way.


Security Incident Event Management (SIEM)


For utmost trust and reassurance, you should lean on dedicated experts to get it right.

What is SIEM?

Every computer, network switch firewall, and program produces a logging file, that gives details of exactly what’s it’s been doing. These log files are what a cybersecurity investigator looks at when there is a cyber breach, unfortunately most of these devices don’t keep these logs very long and they are not reviewed, so the opportunity for early detection is lost. Which is why financial organisations and security conscious enterprises have been collecting these logs and correlating them proactively looking for attacks and data leakage. They use what’s called a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) platform to correlate something strange on a remote laptop and database sending its contents to the internet via the firewall. SIEM services aim to increase your team's real-time security vision. Without SIEM implementation, it's difficult to know how your security is performing and to pinpoint where threats are coming from.

What is SOCaaS?

SOCaaS — or Security Operations Center as a Service — is a way of outsourcing the typical role of an SOC. It's essentially the management behind your security system. If firewalls are the locks on your doors, a SOCaaS service is the team that makes sure those locks stay tight.

Outsourcing SOC — and implementing it as a service rather than as an internal department — is similar to the difference between installing a security camera on your home, or asking someone to keep an eye on it 24/7, 365 days a year.

You could manage that camera yourself, checking it when you have time or receive an alert. But that would be too reactive; you're only involved with your security after it's been breached.

However, with a team of experts monitoring your security day and night, you can proactively respond to threats. That way, you significantly reduce the risk of someone sneaking past your security camera — or in the case of a business, your firewalls and malware protection.

For business, SOCaaS is the difference between feeling protected and being protected.


Incident Response

The benefits of outsourced SIEM and SOCaaS

Industry compliance made easy

By investing in SIEM and SOCaaS services, adhering to industry regulations will be easier than ever. This is increasingly important as regulations are becoming more complex all the time.

Stronger security, backed by the experts

SIEM and SOCaaS take the pressure of real-time security from in-house; passing responsibility to experienced, third-party professionals. There's no need to hire or train internal staff, purchase or maintain equipment, and you can always scale if and when your needs change.

Lower costs in the long-term

Despite being an “always on” service, outsourcing SIEM and SOCaaS substantially reduce the cost of cybersecurity. In fact, compared to on-premise security teams, companies can significantly save each year on “soft costs” such as maintenance and growth.

Couple these savings with the introduction of a team of experts, the ability to grow your cybersecurity position and remain compliant, and a proactive approach to security, and the move to a cloud-based cybersecurity model becomes an easy decision.


Azure Sentinel Managed Service

Strong cybersecurity backed with: JT Sentinal SOC As a Service (SOCaaS)

Up until recently these SIEM platforms have been expensive and need an expert team to review and analyse the alerts.  Last year Microsoft released their own cloud-based sing platform which allows organisation using Office 365 to collect and correlate these logs cost-efficiently. There is still a need for a Security Operation Centre to review and act 24x7x365 on these security alerts, but this can massively reduce the costs involved in having a high-quality SIEM solution for customers.

We at JT have partnered with ITC a global SOC provider and Microsoft Sentinel experts to offer customers a highly skilled 24x7x365 Security Operations centre supported by the JT cybersecurity experts on the ground.

JT’s Sentinal SOCaaS provides a comprehensive approach to data collection, threat detection, incident investigation and rapid response.

Our cloud native SIEM technology; Microsoft Azure Sentinel is designed to tackle current and emerging cyber-threats by combining advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence with our team’s vast expertise and insight.

Whether your business adheres to NIST,  CIS Top  20, ISO or is yet to adopt a framework, to further establish the cybersecurity of your business and achieve regulatory compliance requirements, centralised logging, event correlation and incident investigation are key.

We automate the collection and analysis of data, detect and investigate potential threats or network anomalies, and help your business respond taking the necessary steps to ensure any identified event does not happen again.

Most importantly, we offer 24x7x365 management detection and response to give you confidence in your cybersecurity position.

To find out more visit: Azure Sentinel Managed Service

Or, get in touch with our Business Solutions Team using this form:

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JT marketing and digital expertise in the running for two major awards

JT’s Christmas digital marketing campaign and the way data and insight is used to measure how customers rate their experiences have put JT on the shortlist for two national awards alongside some of the biggest names in the technology world.

The UK Digital Experience Awards has shortlisted JT in two categories – Best ‘Digital Marketing Campaign Initiative’ and Best ‘Use of Analytics and Insight’, alongside global household brands BT and EE.

JT’s ‘Step Into Christmas Together’ campaign which used Snapchat and Augmented Reality technology to create a festive virtual town has earned JT a place as one of five finalists. The campaign brought the highstreets magical appeal of Christmas to customers digitally, resulting in an 86% increase in online sales for the period. JT was also recognised for the changes it has put in place to collect customer experience data, allowing it to drive further improvements and channel more benefits back to its customers. As part of JT’s data analysis, it introduced ‘JT Voice’, an online feedback forum which has seen nearly 1,800 members register in the 12 months since it was launched.

Tamara O’Brien, Group Head of Marketing, Brand and Customer Experience, said: “I am thrilled that our team stands shoulder to shoulder with those in huge international companies like BT and EE. To be shortlisted for these prestigious awards is evidence of the hard work they put in every day, ensuring that the information we gather is used to deliver the very best possible service to our customers.”

This is the 6th year of the UK Digital Experience Awards and the first year in which it will be held entirely online. Judging of the finalists is due to take place on Thursday 16 July.

Intelligent Sustainability for homes and businesses thanks to JT’s acquisition of technology automation company Zero1

JT has recently expanded its intelligent engineering and home automation service offering by acquiring Jersey-based company, Zero1. Founded in 2010, Zero1 made its name as a leading designer and supplier of environment and entertainment automation systems for homes and business in the Channel Islands.

Partnering with industry-leading manufacturers and using Jersey’s world-class full-fibre network, Zero1 designs and installs intelligent lighting and shading, security, heating and entertainment systems which fit seamlessly into homes and businesses. As more homes become workplaces and home schools, they need to be capable of running the smart applications and connected devices needed to keep our lives and economy going. Zero1’s tailor-made solutions combined with JT’s world-class fibre network and resources, will support making those places more efficient, comfortable, economic and sustainable.

Daragh McDermott, Managing Director of JT Channel Islands, said: “JT’s purpose is to connect our customers and enable their sustainable future. We have a proven track record in bringing products and services to market before our competitors, and Zero1 provides us with an opportunity to move into the exciting and growing world of ‘Smart’, automated and sustainable living. Having one of the fastest broadband networks in the world, JT and Zero1 can now bring our solutions past the router into homes and businesses, improving sustainability, efficiency, comfort and productivity. Services like this rely on the superior connectivity our fibre network provides and this is just another way of maximizing the potential of our islands network.

“Amongst many benefits of this joining together, will be combining the knowledge and design expertise of Zero1 with the engineering resources and capabilities of JT. For example we can now use green technology to create sustainable buildings that keep track of our energy and water consumption and then decrease it through automation and connectivity. This will reduce environmental impact, contributing to the island’s target to be ‘carbon neutral’ by 2030.”

For more information on Zero 1 visit

JT provides Macmillan Jersey with lifeline digital equipment to continue supporting vulnerable islanders

Research from Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK shows an estimate of around 2,000 people a week are going undiagnosed and nearly half of cancer patients have had their treatment changed, cancelled or delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Macmillan Jersey wants to remind islanders that health services are still open for other concerns and conditions too. With JT’s help, the local charity has made various operational changes and by using the powers of technology has continued helping islanders and their families at home and away throughout.

To be able to support Jersey patients and their families from a safe distance, JT has helped Macmillan Jersey by providing the charity with Cloud PBX technology, a phone system accessed through the internet, which enables the Macmillan Team to work remotely and continue emotional support and wellbeing services for patients and their families.

To make sure families stay connected to their loved ones while they undergo treatment and care away from home, JT will be loaning a number of basic mobile phone which will have incoming and outgoing calls and texts included free of charge. JT will also be loaning some portable mobile Wi-Fi devices which connect to the patient’s loan mobile phone to enable the use of free Wi-Fi.

Lauren Perchard-Rees, Chief Executive of Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey, said: “We are so thankful to JT for providing this lifeline equipment for our teams and patients to remain connected. It will make a tangible difference to their lives and improve the overall wellbeing of patients separated from loved ones due to self-isolating or ongoing treatment. Cancer affects the lives of so many of us, in so many challenging ways and we’re grateful at Macmillan Jersey that we can continue to operate. Charities have been hit hard due to Covid-19 and we need the support of our local community to enable us to continue helping islanders and their families living with and beyond cancer.”

Tamara O Brien, Group Head of Customer Experience for JT, said: “Part of our purpose at JT is keeping our customers connected and doing the very best we can for our people and our communities. We are all proud to support Macmillan Jersey, helping them to maintain their services in supporting islanders living with cancer and keeping patients in touch with their families. We know now more than ever how vital digital technology is, which, for many has been the only way of communicating with family and friends during lockdown. During such challenging times, it’s important we help those most vulnerable and raise awareness of the excellent work Macmillan Jersey does in caring for our loved ones within our community.”

Five interesting facts about Wi-Fi on World Wi-Fi Day

Today is World Wi-Fi Day. This year we’re feeling more grateful than ever for Wi-Fi, as it’s played a huge part in helping us live and work through ‘lockdown’ these past few months.

By connecting the devices from our homes to the internet, we’ve been able to keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues and customers and adjust to a new virtual world. It’s safe to say that 2020 is the year of Wi-Fi.

But how much do we really know about this industry-defining technology? Here are our five favorite (and fun) facts about Wi-Fi.


1. Wi-Fi originates from Hawaii
While the UK can stake some claim to the birth of the internet — thanks to English computer scientist, Tim Berners-Lee — the use of Wi-Fi dates back to 1971, and the tropics of Hawaii. The pioneering ALOHAnet, which connected the Hawaiian islands, was the world's first wireless packet data network. From this small corner of the world, ALOHAnet and the ALOHA protocol went on to inspire the creation of Ethernet and Wi-Fi technology.


2. “Wi-Fi” doesn't mean what you think it means
Wi-Fi is short for "Wireless Fidelity", right? Think again. This is actually a widely circulated, false piece of information. Wi-Fi was simply designed as a name and logo by Wi-Fi Alliance back in 1999 and the term has no real meaning.


3. Over 432 Million Wi-Fi hotspots
According to Cisco Visual Networking Index – globally, total public Wi-Fi hotspots will grow sevenfold from 2015 to 2020, from 64.2 million in 2015 to 432.5 million by the end of 2020.


4. Your home is a Wi-Fi blocker
Weak Wi-Fi signal at home? Blocker materials in your home are the most likely cause of obstructions to your Wi-Fi signal; including metal, brick and wood – basically your home itself! Often the ‘problem’ isn’t your internet connection to the home, but the signal within your home because of this. So, the best thing you can do is to contact your service provider to find out what solutions they can offer to improve the distribution of your Wi-Fi signal into those hard to reach places the signal from your router doesn't quite hit.


5. Over 7 billion devices are connected to Wi-Fi
Take a minute to count the different smart devices you have in your home. The use of Wi-Fi in the UK is staggering, with 94% of adults stating they have a wireless internet connection. Across the world, this totals close to 7 billion internet-connected devices and by World Wi-Fi Day 2021, that number will be a lot higher.