JT grants wishes to Bosdet Foundation End of Year Wish campaign

JT grants wishes to Bosdet Foundation End of Year Wish campaign

As part of the Bosdet Foundation End of Year Wish campaign, JT has donated two PS4 controllers and two Wii controllers to the St Lawrence Youth Project, and has now completed a free assessment of the Jersey Women’s Refuge’s Wi-Fi and migrated the property to fibre, enabling families to enjoy a faster and more reliable broadband service

The Bosdet Foundation pairs up organisations with companies and individuals who can help support them in achieving charitable aims.

For the winter Battle of Flowers Parade, the Bosdet Foundation invited local organisations to create a Christmas stocking to decorate its float. Each stocking contained a wish, that the Foundation aims to help fulfil throughout 2018.

Alan Le Pavoux, Charity Manager of the Bosdet Foundation, said: “We received over 30 stockings with wishes attached. What surprised us most was that the majority of wishes were about societal changes and improving Jersey – which sadly is a lot harder a wish for us to grant. Next year we are going to invite organisations to write two wishes – one a wider issue wish and another a material wish that can benefit the organisation.

“I would like to thank JT for choosing to grant two wishes which we approached them about, as I know it means a lot to the organisations.”

Tamara O’Brien, Head of Customer Experience JT, said: “The organisations in Jersey that support our Islanders are unparalleled. We had already worked with the St Lawrence Youth Project Family Fun day last year and were so impressed by the students’ dedication and mature manner. Which is why we are so glad we can also grant them their wish for 2018 so that more of their members can play the same games, at the same time.

“The Women’s Refuge is also well known for its remarkable work in the Island so again we were really happy to be able to work with them to help grant this wish to help centre-users access fast and reliable Wi-Fi over our full fibre network. Supporting projects like this and the work of the Bosdet Foundation is very important to us as a local organisation.  So many of our team live and work on Jersey and we try where we can to support causes that really can make a difference to the community in which we live and work.”

Anna Shipley, Assistant Youth Worker at the St Lawrence Youth Project, spoke to some of the members and asked them what JT’s donation meant to them.

Tom Clayton, said: “I think JT has been extremely generous”, and Will Wheatley added: “We can play with more people and more can get involved. Everybody can socialise and others can play the same game at once.”

Marine Oliveira, Domestic Abuse Prevention Advocate at the Jersey Women’s Refuge, said: “We were incredibly surprised and grateful to hear that JT was going to consider our wish. Any help or suggestions for improvements JT can give us will be gratefully received – our Wi-Fi is used by children to do their homework and stay in contact with friends, by staff to fulfil their duties and by the women who come to us for refuge to search for jobs and new homes. We would like to thank the Bosdet Foundation and JT for answering our wish for 2018 and not just reviewing but upgrading our system.”

Next year, the Bosdet Foundation is hoping to display tree decorations at businesses across the island linked to a family scavenger hunt to find the most wishes. We hope that businesses and individuals can help make some of the wishes come true. If you would like to join the wish project next Christmas please email alan@bosdet.je

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