World first: AGCC Regulator Approves JT’s Cloud Platform

World first: AGCC Regulator Approves JT’s Cloud Platform

By Paul Taylor, Managing Director, JT Global Enterprise

The eGaming industry is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Driven by accessibility from multiple platforms, operators are facing even more demands from savvy customers in a crowded marketplace. This rapid pace of change in the eGaming sector means service providers have to keep up and anticipate their customers’ demands.

One of the ways service providers are able to achieve this is by forming close partnerships with tech specialists; and those relationships are very much based on trust. The reason that these partnerships are so critical is that in key areas such as virtual security and reliability, specialist expertise is needed.

The growing demands are such that industry recognition and third party endorsement for gaming firm’s developers, and also for their partners becomes a key differentiator. So therefore it is critical to help customers look for that dedicated and expert help, and forge lasting relationships with them and their trusted partners.

At JT, we know how important those lasting relationships are – as through forming relationships with our trusted partners we’ve been able to further develop our services specifically to meet our customers’ needs and anticipate future demands. An important example of just that was the recent announcement that our Cloud platform has become the first of its kind, anywhere in the world, to receive Regulatory approval from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

This certification and approval from the AGCC means that global eGaming companies registering with the Commission can choose JT’s Cloud Platform, confident that it meets the stringent international security requirements as set down by the AGCC. This mark of assurance bolsters JT’s existing AGCC Data Centre Hosting Certificate License, alongside our existing independent SOC certification, so further strengthening our position as the Cloud partner of choice for the eGaming industry.

The certification from the AGCC means that JT has a unique basis from which to offer Cloud-based computing systems and services to the eGaming market, providing operators with access to the same cost efficiencies that other sectors have been utilising for some years. It also allows them to unlock the kinds of improvements in services that would be impractical and cost-prohibitive using in-house systems.

Like everything in the eGaming sector, the regulatory process to achieve the certification has been thorough and extremely rigorous, involving the work of independent expertise. The AGCC undertook a full six-month review of JT’s Cloud platform – which we operate in conjunction with market leader Dimension Data – and the processes that underpin it, utilising not just their own knowledge and skills, but also those of third-party security agencies.

JT has this year been operating in the Channel Islands for some 120 years and throughout this time has a strong record of continuous investment in all areas of infrastructure over that time. Today JT is an innovative Tier 1 telecommunications provider who has more recently invested over £40 million in its Channel Island based Data Centre facilities alone, alongside the expansion in provision of off-island fibre connectivity, together helping to robustly connect the Channel Islands internationally and support their place on the global business stage.

By using Cloud platforms through third-party Data Centres such as those operated by JT, remote gambling operators can dispense with their own hardware infrastructure and instead buy in the services they need on a ‘Pay as you Go’ basis. Service degradation is a particular issue in highly competitive arenas such as online gambling; where potential customers have such a wealth of providers to turn to if their favoured sites start to slow down.

JT’s Cloud Platform provides that all important secure environment for both established eGaming organisations and start-ups under regulation and so provides a cost effective alternative to their own physical environments. JT’s systems use dedicated physical networks and Enterprise grade security controls on best-of-breed

hardware and software, with full N+1 resiliency. Furthermore choosing to partner with JT also comes with all the service management elements customers may need; including 24×7 security monitoring powered by expert staff. Importantly JT’s infrastructure is protected by multiple layers of security including intrusion and denial DDoS prevention to ensure their customers have peace of mind.

It’s for all these reasons, alongside certification by the relevant authorities, plus our partnerships with industry leaders that together makes hosting firms like JT the right choice for the online gaming sector. That’s not an accident – it’s part of our vision for JT to become the partner of choice for global telecoms innovation.

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