JT and La Collette flats make communications history in Jersey

JT and La Collette flats make communications history in Jersey

La Collette has made history by being the first part of the Island to remove the copper network in its entirety; paving the way for a full-fibre future.

The area’s network of copper wires and cabinets – which has served the community reliably for decades – has now been removed. In its place is a full-fibre network, capable of meeting the demands of today’s residents and businesses, who increasingly rely on products and services delivered digitally.

The switchover has been carried out by JT in partnership with Andium Homes, which has recently replaced 59 homes at La Collette with 147 new builds that meet the UK Decent Homes Standard, a benchmark of quality and efficiency.

Daragh McDermott, JT’s Director of Corporate Affairs, said: “As part of their plans for redevelopment, Andium Homes approached us to ask how we might be able to move our copper cables and cabinets from the area. We took the opportunity to move all customer services onto our new, full-fibre network, given that the copper network is being switched off Island-wide.

“The result will be new, modern housing connected to a full-fibre network that is capable of delivering the highest broadband quality and speeds available anywhere in the world.”
Mike Porter, Andium Homes’ Head of Operations, said: “It has been fantastic to work with JT on this project.

The demolition and rebuild is all about giving our residents homes that are fit for the future, which is exactly what JT is doing in communications. The arrival of fibre is great news for our own residents as well as the wider community.”

The removal of copper services and equipment from La Collette is the start of a phased project that will continue throughout 2018 as the remaining properties on the old network are moved onto JT’s full-fibre network across the Island.