Transformation of States IS moves ahead with data centre award

Transformation of States IS moves ahead with data centre award

The transformation of the States Information Services function, one of the building blocks for public sector reform, continues with JT being awarded preferred supplier status to provide a second data centre.

This forms another key part of the States IS strategy and meets the need to consolidate the States existing data centres and server rooms into just two centres which will provide back up for each other. The initiative follows the agreement to consolidate the provision of States data network services in January 2012, at a reduced cost, fixed price and with new service quality measures.

The new centre, provided by JT on a dedicated and fit for purpose site, will replace the centre currently housed at the General Hospital which has limited scope for expansion. This will meet the long term need to provide a new data centre without incurring the cost associated with building and fitting out a new site.

The Director of Information Services, Neil Wells, said: “This is an important step in bringing about the long term aspiration for States departments to share IS infrastructure which will improve business continuity, help us make cost reductions and further improve service levels. We have an excellent team in place to manage this fundamental shift in IS provision in the public sector.

“The provision of modern IS Services require a high quality shared service in partnership with local suppliers. In this instance, the potential suppliers for the new data centre proved to us that they could provide the high level of security that both we and the public would expect for centrally-held data and I am confident that the service JT will provide will meet this and all other aspects of the contract,” said Mr Wells.

“We were impressed with the quality of the proposals from all potential suppliers. Our plan is to continue to develop ongoing service delivery partnerships with local companies, and further opportunities for other suppliers will arise in the next 12 months.”

Tim Ringsdore, Managing Director for Global Enterprise at JT said: “We are delighted to be confirmed as the preferred supplier on this project. JT is the largest provider of data hosting services in the Channel Islands and we have the skills and infrastructure necessary to provide an innovative and cost-effective solution for the States of Jersey.

“We have the experience to deliver a resilient and well equipped facility which will protect the Island’s vital data through a variety of different scenarios. Coming just a few months after we won the contract to build a fibre network for the States of Guernsey, this confirms that JT is growing business as we implement our five year strategy to become the partner of choice for global telecoms innovation”.

The Cyril Le Marquand House data centre has been substantially refurbished in the last two years, enhancing its capacity by some 61 per cent. The new location will run alongside this data centre.