Business–class Apps, Blue Skies

Business–class Apps, Blue Skies

JT editorial for Blue Skies, September 2015
Author: Paul D Taylor, Managing Director, JT’s Global Enterprise Business Unit

In June, Apple’s App Store reported that, of the billions of Apps downloaded since 2008, Apps in the business category accounted for 10.33%, second only to games, which represented a whopping 21.8% (Source:

As the second most popular category for downloads it seems globally we’re all looking for a helping hand to improve our performance at work, to simplify our to-do lists and develop our business networks.

As App developers around the world make our day-to-day lives a whole lot easier, when it comes to making you more efficient at your job, which Apps do you turn to?

Here are a few of the business-class Apps most frequently used by the JT team:

1. Dropbox
Globally JT provides the secure and robust networks and innovative services to enable our customers to enjoy the advantages of the ‘mobile office’. A key part of this is the necessity to share documents and this is simplified with the secure online file-sharing tool DropBox. Offering virtual accessibility to files from anywhere at anytime, DropBox is a complimentary App to the business solutions we provide to our customers to enable them to conduct their global business 24/7.

2. Evernote
This is the go-to App in business today and is proving particularly popular with iPad users. Evernote enables you to record, share and capture all-important meeting notes in real-time alongside storing scanned documents, images and PDFs. This is then all available to access from any device at anytime, wherever you are. This App is quite simply the key to keeping organised.

3. Linked-In
Building and maintaining partnerships and alliances with like-minded groups and individuals around the world, is central to the success of JT’s Global Enterprise and roaming teams in building meaningful business networks. A simple yet effective way to do this is via LinkedIn, which acts just like a virtual address book and replaces the outdated business card holder.

4. Twitter
This App enables JT to maintain a two-way dialogue with our customers, which is a fundamental part of our commitment to customer service excellence. Through our Twitter accounts @JTSocial and @JTHelp we keep customers informed of any network enhancements or service impacting issues in real-time, while providing them with a direct-line into our support teams in the palm of their hand. In parallel, Twitter offers us an instant view of industry news including commentary from influential tech bloggers, so that we can remain informed and share any insights with our customers instantly.

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a free App that enables you to take control of your online activity by connecting all the Apps you use. The App’s tagline is Recipes for the Internet of Things and with this App you really can control your home devices and mobile Apps all at once. Pre-setting actions on your mobile device from anywhere is something we can all benefit from to save time during the working week and this App does just that.

6. Online news
News providers including the BBC, Sky News and The Economist are the go to Apps for keeping the JT team up to date and informed on world headlines. The catch-up Apps make it even easier to stay in tune with local and international news while at home or travelling, meaning we can keep up to date with the news affecting our global customers.

7. Canva
This is a design App that makes social media updates pop-up and is straightforward to use. It offers simple graphic design, plenty of layouts and stock images to choose from and means that anyone using it can get messages out via their social media channels in a stylish way that captures attention.

8. Battery Doctor
This particular App has millions of users Worldwide and it’s really great for any of our customers who travel or rely upon their mobile for 24/7 connectivity. There are a number of ways to keep track on battery usage but this App can extend your battery life up to 50% by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device.

App development: We’re all at it
JT’s vision is to be the partner of choice for global telecommunications innovation and what better demonstration of this commitment than the development of our own innovative, customer-centric Apps.

Understanding the needs of our customers was central in the creation of two new Apps that we’ve designed to give them instant access to account information and control of their services at the touch of a button.

JT Rewards Voucher Manager App
This was designed specifically for our JT Rewards business customers as a tool to simplify the process of voucher offers, enabling them to take control, browse who has purchased their latest deal and manage voucher redemptions in real-time.

JT My Account mobile App
We’ve developed this free App using a local designed right here in the Channel Islands. Our intention is to provide customers with a mobile App that offers real-time insight into their accounts, allowing them to track usage and spend; set up alerts to avoid high costs while roaming; apply a bolt-on or choose additional services from anywhere and at anytime.

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