A Very ‘Techy Christmas’ thanks to JT partnership with global Wi-Fi leaders

A Very ‘Techy Christmas’ thanks to JT partnership with global Wi-Fi leaders

JT’s superior performing Wi-Fi and super-fast fibre broadband network enabled islanders to keep connected with loved ones, ensure gamers were seamlessly able to multiplay, and allowed families to binge watch their favourite shows without interruption over the festive period.

Christmas is always the busiest time of the year for internet traffic and JT’s fibre broadband network, which recently became the world’s fastest, handled an incredible 9,641 Terabytes of data in December which was a 12% increase in volume compared to the same period in 2020.

Although Wi-Fi signals can vary within people’s homes; everything from building materials like steel, granite, insulation to domestic appliances and electronics can block or potentially disrupt Wi-Fi signals, that wasn’t an issue for the many Jersey households now enjoying the exclusive JT Total Wi-Fi service. JT Total Wi-Fi is powered by an industry defining global technology developed by world leader Plume. It means Wi-Fi is evenly and seamlessly distributed throughout the home, guaranteeing superior Wi-Fi no matter what the size, or how many people or devices are using it.  Christmas alone saw over 30,000 devices, of which Apple represented nearly 50%  connected to JT Total Wi-Fi units across the islands.

Thomas Helbo, JT Group Chief Operations Officer, said: “The figures from this Christmas and over the New Year when people were almost permanently on their devices show how resilient our local network is. This Christmas we saw a rise in the use of tablets/phones/games consoles which our network and those homes connected to JT Total Wi-Fi products, managed with ease. Since we introduced JT Total Wi-Fi our customers have told us there’s been a massive improvement in their user experience. We started working with Plume in 2020 and have recently extended this partnership with them, given how well their next generation Wi-Fi service is working on our fibre network in the Channel Islands, further improving our customers quality of experience.”

To find out more about JT’s exclusive JT Total Wi-Fi products visit: www.jtglobal.com/global/jt-total-wi-fi/