Protecting critical information from a cyber pandemic

Protecting critical information from a cyber pandemic

Having up to date and effective cybersecurity is more vital now than ever, and a Chamber of Commerce briefing next month will focus on what businesses can do to improve their cybersecurity in the face of growing threats.

JT is sponsoring a breakfast briefing on Thursday 19th May at the Royal Yacht, which will include security specialist insights, local cyber intelligence, and a discussion on just how to secure your business-critical information.

An expert panel of specialists from the world of cybersecurity will discuss how to prepare for and mitigate against potential cyber threats.

Katie Corbett, Interim Managing Director, JT Channel Islands, said: “Mandatory training on the systems, policies and processes that make a business function has always been seen as a core requirement for any company. But now, more than ever before, it has become vital that companies prioritise the training for all staff on cybersecurity threats. They must be kept up to date with the latest methods utilised by attackers and how to spot and prevent cyberattacks. As corporate governance and regulatory bodies place more and more emphasis on meeting security compliance metrics it is a significant challenge for any business to keep up. It’s often by learning from experts at events such as this that those responsible for setting the standards in their own organisation can feel adequately equipped to deal with such pressures.”

Jennifer Carnegie, President of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, added: “Cyber criminals have no respect for national boundaries, so we are all vulnerable to attack. It is vital that businesses, large and small, are aware of the threat, pass that awareness on to their people and make sure they are properly trained to deal with it. It only takes one slip up to cause a breach that puts a company and their customers’ data at risk.”

JT provides cyber threat advisory and managed cybersecurity services that help organisations identify, understand and control their security risks.