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JT to achieve accreditation as a Jersey living wage employer

JT to achieve accreditation as a Jersey living wage employer

JT is the first large local company to commit to paying Jersey’s new living wage to its direct employees, which is a major boost for the Caritas Living Wage Project. JT hopes its example will lead the way for other local businesses to register with the scheme, increasing the quality of living for as many people as possible.

Local charity Caritas Jersey, is running a Living Wage Project to encourage firms to adopt this rate in place of the minimum wage, by offering accreditation to those who have committed to the living wage.

JT began planning the implementation of the living wage for its local employees prior to the increase being adopted by the States, this plan will also see JT review their subcontractor’s contracts to bring everyone working for JT in line with the new Jersey living wage.

Jo Waring-Hockley, JT’s Group Human Resources Director, said: “We hope by signing up to the Jersey living wage project we are encouraging other local businesses to do the same. We believe that when you buy something cheap someone else is paying the price, and we wanted to demonstrate how much we value our people. We are a Jersey company and are proud to employ local people and treat them fairly, which is why we plan to raise the bar to ensure fair wages for our external contractors which will help to support our whole community.”

John Scally, Executive Director of Caritas, said: “We have enjoyed working with JT to achieve this accreditation, the process has been seamless. JT’s decision to become part of this scheme is excellent news for Jersey.  If employers underpay their employees, then islanders are denied the ability to enjoy Jersey without worrying about how they will afford to continue living here. Caritas has been part of the Living Wage Project since 2014, we look forward to more local businesses joining the accreditation scheme enabling everyone in Jersey to benefit from a living wage.”

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