JT goes green in 2018 in support of Island charities

JT goes green in 2018 in support of Island charities

As an eco-active business, JT has always been proudly green, as well as trying to help local charities to make a difference. This year it is taking it a step further by supporting two local charities that are focused on improving the environment we live in.

Throughout the year, JT’s Jersey team will be working with Littlefeet Environmental and Jersey Marine Conservation, while the Guernsey team will be supporting the Marine Biology Section of the Société Guernesiaise. In JT’s offices in London, Melbourne and Boston, the teams have also selected environmentally focused charities.

Christophe Chateau, JT Group Head of Culture and Staff Engagement, said: “The environmental movement has a new energy as more and more of us wake up to the ‘plastic pandemic’ in our oceans, the impact of our coffee-cup culture, and the potential impact of everyday activities on global warming. Our people across JT felt that we needed to focus on our planet this year and in particular the environments and communities that we live and work in.”

Courtney Huisman, a volunteer at Littlefeet Environmental, said: “We may be a small charity but we have big plans for 2018. Last year, we collected over 140 bags of rubbish and 380 plastic bottles from island beaches and, with JT’s help, we expect to pick up a lot more this year. I would like to thank JT for choosing to support Littlefeet Environmental but, more importantly, for choosing to support the environment.”

In 2017, JT’s people raised £10,000 for Alzheimer’s Disease-related charities.

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