JT doubles mobile broadband speeds

JT doubles mobile broadband speeds

JT has now doubled the quickest mobile broadband speeds available in the Island from 7.2 Megabits (Mb) per second to 14.4 Mb. This puts the Island ahead of many areas in the UK. 14.4 Mb is available via JT’s mobile network and makes it even smoother and quicker to use the internet on a mobile device; so for anyone who wants to check e-mails with large attachments, download music/tv/films, use social networking sites, take part in online gaming, or make a video call using a webcam, the experience will now be even better.

Mobile broadband is particularly useful in areas of the Island where JT is working to improve the fixed broadband speed. With a device called a dongle, customers can connect their computer to the internet using the mobile network instead, and remove the need to use underground cabling. JT is midway through an £11m network upgrading program which will see more than 50% of Island homes receiving between 15 & 20Mb fixed broadband speeds by Easter 2012. Similarly, it has announced plans to invest £40m to upgrade the copper cable network to fibre-optic cabling over the next five years. Fibre-optic cabling allows customers to access speeds in excess of 1Gb (1024 Mb). But while that program is running, 14.4Mb Mobile Broadband is another option for customers wanting quicker speeds on the move.

Graeme Millar, Chief Executive Officer at JT said: “We have a firm commitment to provide the world’s fastest broadband speeds to local customers under our Gigabit Isles strategy. Doubling the mobile broadband speed to 14.4Mb is an important part of that, making it quicker and smoother to download pictures, video and music on your laptop or mobile, make a video call, use social media sites, take part in online gaming or just open e-mail attachments.

Being able to support our customers with these very quick mobile broadband speeds allows them to make full use of the very latest devices such as the HTC Desire HD, which is one of very few capable of handling speeds of up to 14.4Mb.

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