Cellusys IOT — Paul Bullock, Head of IoT at JT

IoT security innovation delivered by JT and Cellusys IOT showcased at GSMA conference

IoT security innovation delivered by JT and Cellusys IOT showcased at GSMA conference

JT and Cellusys IOT will further strengthen their new partnership at the next major global conference on mobile privacy and security later this month.

The Jersey-based telecoms operator, which has developed an IoT and M2M SIM card that provides total and seamless connectivity whatever network is used, formed an alliance with Dublin-based Cellusys IOT in February to enable enterprise customers of JT to view and manage their cellular connectivity security via an IoT security dashboard. Both partners will be showcasing the new enhanced security dashboard solution at the GSMA Mobile 360 Privacy and Security conference, being held in The Hague on 30 and 31 of May.

Paul Bullock, JT’s Head of IoT, said: “With the growing number of IoT devices worldwide, the security risks for enterprises and consumers is increasing, including information being stolen, devices being made dormant, the theft of personal identity and even remote car hacking. These are often initiated by hackers via network-based signalling attacks, air-interface hacking, and DDoS attacks, which continue to grow in size and frequency. These attacks are often not visible for enterprise customers, since they happen in the controlled environment of the telecom provider and not in a customer’s IP network.

“Through our partnership with Cellusys IoT, we are offering enhanced security solutions via a security dashboard that enable customers to manage their own safety. Alarms can be triggered in case of attacks and enhanced security filters can be applied, specific to each use-case. For the first time, signalling security is made available for enterprise customers who need full visibility and management capability over the security of their IoT devices.”

Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Cellusys IOT, said: “We’re delighted to continue to partner with JT  showcasing an excellent working relationship at this significant event. The GSMA’s Mobile 360 Privacy and Security conference cultivates regional engagement through topics that are impacting the mobile industry on a global and local level. As security becomes more important in the IoT space, we think we have an important story to tell and this is an ideal platform to tell it.”

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