Service Excellence in action, not just words

Service Excellence in action, not just words

By Susan Sproston, Head of SME Sales, JT Global Enterprise

No matter what business you’re in, no matter how big you are or how long you’ve been around there’s one rule that holds true – if you don’t keep your customers happy, you don’t have a future.

As a business that is this year celebrating their 120th anniversary of operating in the Channel Islands, JT understands that very well.

That’s why when we focus on our business services, we focus on what our customers want, not on what might be convenient for us to sell to them.

That’s more important to our customers in the modern environment now, more than ever, because doing business today and having the right mix of connectivity services –whether that’s broadband, mobile, or fixed lines – is a basic necessity, not a luxury.

Even if you’re not in the technology field, you need to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients whether they’re at a desk across the room or in another location, you need access to information and systems both in the office and out on site, you need the right infrastructure in terms of hardware, bandwidth and storage, and above all, you need your systems to be reliable and fast..

Our approach to business customers is to design a service that is tailored for their individual needs and to monitor that service so that we can ensure that they’re getting what they need proactively recommending changes if they’re appropriate. We also will only ever sell where we have the expertise, and partner with experts for the areas we don’t.

When a customer comes to us, they are often uncertain of what they need – and often unaware of the various options that we can offer them.

Once they have made contact one of our Relationship Managers will visit the client on-site spending time to qualify their requirements – they will then work with a pre-sales design architect to build the best solution to accommodate the customers requirement, giving consideration to business needs, future proofing and budget. The design will then be presented to the customer, ensuring our interpretation of what is required to enhance the customers’ business works for them.

We don’t see ourselves as simply taking orders for clients, we see ourselves as business partners. That’s why we take the next important step, which is to monitor your needs and the services that you obtain from us to ensure that they continue to support your needs. That may mean building in some scalability – a particular strength of our Cloud service– or seeing the demands that new or growing areas of business can place on your systems.

Moreover, that monitoring has to be done on the basis of evidence, and that’s why our team will be monitoring your business through our dedicated Service Management Centre. The team is there to notify you of anything you need to know under the set of parameters set by you. This means you’re able to focus on what your own clients, instead of being concerned about your systems and infrastructure.

All of this isn’t just available to our large corporate clients with offices in other jurisdictions – it’s available to all of our clients whether they’re in trust services or hospitality, fund management or construction, eGaming or, retail.

The truth is that when you have the kind of broad and diverse client base that we look after in Guernsey, having a limited set of options to apply to clients on an off-the-shelf basis is just not going to work for everyone. From the 1st of June we will also be able to add further benefit to our customers through providing landline services to our portfolio, offering even more options – further building on our expertise in those areas – to our diverse range of clients.

In short, our teams are supported by not only their own knowledge and experience, but the global solutions available locally enabled by our global reach and the quality of our partners. We’re confident that whatever field you’re in, however long you’ve been in business and whatever size you are, we can help you to find a set of services and solutions tailored to your precise and unique needs.

If this sounds like the kind of service and attention that you’re looking for in a communications partner, then get in touch with us.

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