Preparing for a remote or multi-office future

Preparing for a remote or multi-office future

James Singleton
Partner Manager & Product Specialist

Flexibility and agility are two of the most important characteristics for any business, but especially as we move into a new world of working.

While the events of the past year have been tough, they’ve also afforded us a glimpse into the future of the workplace. Many organisations have seen that their teams don’t necessarily need to be centralised in one office space — not if they have the right virtual tools.

It’s time to consider the working arrangements that will help see your organisation through 2021 and beyond.

Remote, office or multi-office — what are the benefits?

Remote working

The benefits of remote working can be far-reaching and profound. Studies have shown that, on average, remote workers are more productive and collaborative, more innovative and more engaged, too. Likewise, companies who implement remote working and are more attractive to employees (, particularly when it comes to younger workers.

Working from home enables employees to skip lengthy commutes and customise their workday to suit their needs. Working remotely can be highly motivating for staff and, when handled appropriately, helps deliver a greater work-life balance.

Office working

The office has long been a staple of the working world, and with good reason. In an office environment, collaboration comes naturally — a stark contrast to the sometimes problematic task of weaving together multiple remote worker schedules.

Multi-office working

The growth of flexible, “co-working” workspaces has birthed a third option for teams to consider: multi-office or satellite working.

By harnessing co-working spaces, businesses can essentially do away with their traditional “headquarters” and instead have several smaller offices that employees are free to work from at their choosing. This providing a space for employees to collaborate face-to-face, work together when necessary, and maintain that feeling of being one cohesive team.

When planning the year ahead, flexibility is key

Different employees require different working arrangements at different times. Therefore, it may be more prudent to invest in tools that allow your business to ramp up its office or remote working capacity as and when needed.

Rather than committing to one particular form of working, organisations should instead focus their efforts on flexibility; ensuring that communication methods are just as effective when employees are working remotely as when they are in the office.

Thankfully, there are solutions available to do exactly that.

Increase operational flexibility with Mitel MiCloud Flex

Mitel Micloud Flex delivers a full Unified Communications solution — incorporating chat, video calling, telephony and screen-sharing. With a single app, Mitel Flex allows your team to use the same communication tools across any device, regardless of where they choose to work from.

With Mitel MiCloud Flex, no longer will your team be beholden to wired telephones and static desks. Instead, they receive the freedom to work remotely or on-site, as and when they like.

Future-proof your team with JT and Mitel’s MiCloud Flex

A robust feature set and the latest Voice over the Internet Protocols ensure that MiCloud Flex is the team collaboration tool to prepare your office for the future, whatever that future might look like.

As the Channel Islands’ leading provider of choice for Mitel, JT has proven experience delivering collaboration and communication solutions for varied business sizes, bespoke to a variety of requirements. Also supplying, where required, a suite of intelligent Mitel video and audio hardware, we can ensure a complete, collaborative experience in and out of the office for your teams.

For a demonstration of Mitel Flex’s capabilities, or to get started using the service, contact the JT team today.

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