How Mitel’s MiCloud Flex improves team collaboration

How Mitel’s MiCloud Flex improves team collaboration

James Singleton
Partner Manager & Product Specialist, JT Enterprise

Technology continues to revolutionise the workplace. The days of employees being tied solely to static desks and phones will soon be behind us as workplaces become hybrid — combinations of employees and teams who work on-site and others who work remotely.

However, this newfound freedom in where and how we work has presented a new series of problems for businesses. How can companies ensure effective communication and collaboration among teams, when their employees are across the country or globe?

Unified Communications with MiCloud Flex

Unified Communications with MiCloud Flex 

We’re seeing a new surge of technology-driven communication tools allowing you to connect on any device, seamlessly — from messaging applications to video conferencing solutions, and everything in between.

The sheer volume of solutions and tools now available can be overwhelming for even the most capable worker or IT team, not to mention managing logging into and being contactable across often multiple platforms.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (Unified Comms, for short) describes the integration of these many, disparate communication and collaboration tools into a single, centralised system.

By combining or integrating multiple functionalities into one platform, Unified Comms facilitates the flow of communication among devices and personnel, easing the burden of managing these separate tools individually.

Unified Communications traditionally relied on a complicated network of hardware and cables, which was often costly for larger organisations.

How do you overcome this? Take your unified comms into the Cloud with MiCloud Flex.

MiCloud Flex delivers exactly the same capabilities that you would expect from a traditional telephony system, but without the purchase or maintenance costs of the associated hardware. By combining IM, VC and other now essential team communication features — this system provides unbeatable value for large organisational teams.

The benefits of Mitel Flex for large business teams

Built on Google’s Cloud infrastructure — yes, that very same framework that Google uses to service over one billion users a day — MiCloud Flex utilises Voice over the Internet Protocols (VoIP) to transfer calls and deliver information safely and securely.

What does that mean for the average business? In short, teams of any size are now free to choose where and how they work, and MiCloud Flex’s suite of Cloud Voice services will help foster collaboration.

Here’s just some of the ways that MiCloud Flex can help teams work better together:

Caters to multi-office environments

With MiCloud Flex, users are free to enjoy the same communications experience anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Because all of the Mitel Flex services run from a single app — and information is stored virtually — communication and collaboration remain seamless, regardless of where your team chooses to work from on any particular day. It's as easy to schedule and host a meeting between colleagues from home as it is in the office.

All applications feature the same advanced security protection, helping sensitive data remains safe, even when your team is not on site.

Collaborate smarter

MiCloud Flex boasts an extensive and robust feature set, fulfilling the collaboration requirements that are essential to your business (and even some that you may not have considered).

With Mitel, communication is instant. Whether instant messaging, making calls or organising a team-wide video conference, it’s simply a case of choosing who you wish to speak to and by what means. Visual voicemails, an attendant console and presence-based awareness also contributes to a market-leading Unified Comms solution.

Maximum flexibility and scale

With MiCloud Flex, your organisation receives dedicated hosting via Google’s secure Cloud data centres. This means your company is free to create its own bespoke communications environment, without the complexity or responsibility of managing it yourself.

What’s more, with full control over upgrades and maintenance if desired, or opting for a managed service your communications can scale with your business needs.

Transitioning your teams to Mitel’s MiCloud Flex

As the Channel Islands’ leading provider for Mitel MiCloud Flex, JT has proven experience delivering communication solutions for varied business sizes, bespoke to a variety of requirements. Also supplying, where required, a suite of intelligent Mitel video and audio hardware, we can ensure a complete, collaborative experience in and out of the office for your teams.

For a demonstration of Mitel Flex’s capabilities, or to get started using the service, contact the JT Enterprise Team today.

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