Mitel Flex

Available in: Jersey | Guernsey

Mitel Flex: the versatile collaboration solution for enterprise teams

We live in a world where “mobile-first” is a rapidly expanding definition. Most companies no longer exclusively meet in-person or telecommute. Now, organisations are formed from a myriad of working styles — and that’s great for employees, but challenging for the companies trying to adapt.

That’s where solutions like Mitel Flex come in. Mitel Flex is a modern telephony solution that keeps your business connected, even when meetings happen more in the virtual world than the physical one. It’s cloud-based, which allows you to get the same support and reliability you’re used to, with feature-rich capabilities for multi-office and work-from-home environments.

Mitel Flex key features

Enhanced mobility for remote teams

Mitel Flex is built on the same cloud infrastructure as Google’s most user-intensive services (such as Google Search and YouTube). This means you get high 99.999% SLA performance and efficiency for core voice, while still being able to use remote comms.

Capable of supporting the largest remote teams, Mitel Flex can scale from 250 users to 50,000.

Crystal clear audio and video conferencing

When you work in a telecommuting environment, being able to host conferences remotely is critical. That’s why Mitel Flex comes with audio and video conferencing included. You can easily connect with your various teams on whatever device they have available, and enjoy 2160p resolution as well.

Advanced collaboration tools

In addition to conferencing, being able to work on the same files as other teammates is vital when working remotely or over various office locations. Mitel Flex comes with powerful collaboration tools so that you can work with other staff in real-time — without meeting in person.

Instant messaging included

Video and phone conferencing is great, except when it isn’t. Instant messaging gives you a simpler, more personal, and more asynchronous alternative when you need it. It’s a more organised solution than email, and it comes with Mitel Flex.

Flexible mobility and support that exceeds the industry standard

Now, with a solution like Mitel Flex, companies can get the all the same (or better) service features offered by traditional PBX systems, but hosted in the Cloud. Additionally, with the synchronisation of all additional team communications wrapped up in one place.

Mitel Flex is perfectly positioned for enterprise-size teams working in separate offices or from home.

Whether you’re using a desk phone, mobile phone, or tablet, Mitel Flex is there to keep you and your team working together.