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Connect your business through seamless data, voice and video transfers

Our ISDN service enables simultaneous communication on up to 30 channels. Experience high-performance voice, video and data transfers between multiple sites and employees. ISDN30 also supports DDI (Direct Dial In) allowing you manage your business’ IPAM process seamlessly.


Utilise JT’s ISDN service with the following business benefits

  • Includes a fully integrated DDI solution
  • Connect up to thirty channels
  • High-performance voice, video and data transfers
  • Seamless connects between multiple sites through a WAN
  • Fixed line tariffs


To learn more about this product and the benefits it has for your business, click the links below:

ISDN, Jersey

Product Monthly Price
ISDN30 £511.35
ISDN30 (18 Channel) £307.32
ISDN30 Connection/Move £57.75 per channel

Monthly price plans include GST.

Call Charges for JT ISDN and PBX Service
Unless stated otherwise, charges shown are the per minute rate from a JT ISDN or PBX service, all calls are charged in increments of 1 minute, with a minimum charge of 7p
Call Charges
Destination Daytime Evening Weekend
Local landline (01534) 0.23p 0.23p 0.23p
Local mobile 12p 10p 9p
Guernsey landline (01481) 3.5p 3.5p 3.5p
Guernsey mobile 20p 15p 13.5p
UK Fixed Line 4.5p 4.5p 4.5p
UK mobile 26p 16p 14p
Speaking Clock 20p 20p 20p

Usage charges for calls, texts and data exclude GST which is added at the time of billing.

National & International Charge Periods Daytime, evening & Weekend
Daytime (D) Mon to Fri, 8am – 6pm
Evening (E) Mon to Fri, after 6pm & before 8am
Weekend (W) All day Saturday & Sunday
Call charges for non-geographic services vary.

Making an international call from your ISDN, Cloud PBX or SIP service