Business Call

Available in: Guernsey

JT’s ‘Business Call’ service enables you to route calls from your current ISDN via the JT network to your call destination; providing you with lower-priced rates for the calls you make. Your ISDN line rental to Sure and any contractual agreement you have with them will remain unaffected by any use of the Business Call service, whilst allowing you to benefit from the great local and international rates JT has to offer, all without changing your existing telephone number. 

Why JT Business Call?

  • Reliable service with over 120 years of experience in business communications
  • Tailored solutions to meet your business needs
  • Efficient and cost-effective solution
  • No Connection Fee
  • No disruption or change to your monthly line rental
  • No Minimum Term
  • No need to change Phone Numbers
  • Existing Provider remains the same
  • No change to any current directory entries

We are making some changes to our call rates on Premier Connect, SIP Guernsey and Cloud PBX in Guernsey. These call rates will change on 3rd April 2020, please see below for more information:

Destination New Call charge
Voice Call: Austria £0.10
Voice Call: Belgium £0.25
Voice Call: France – Mobile £0.15
Voice Call: Greece £0.25
Voice Call: Monaco £0.06
Voice Call: Netherlands £0.05
Voice Call: Netherlands – Mobile £0.15
Voice Call: Poland – Mobile £0.30
Voice Call: Russia £0.13
Voice Call: Singapore £0.15
Voice Call: to Guernsey Fixed Line £0.00
Voice Call: to Guernsey-AirtelVodafone £0.08
Voice Call: to Guernsey- Sure_Mobile £0.08
Voice Call: to JT-Guernsey Mobile £0.08
Voice Call: to UK £0.03
Voice Call: UAE – Mobile £0.15
Voice Call: USA – Mobile £0.05
Voice Call: to UK-Mobile £0.15
Voice Call: Switzerland £0.05
Voice Call: Switzerland – Mobile £0.15