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JT SOC Services

David Salisbury
Product Portfolio Manager - Security

In every aspect of business we are pressed to do more with less whilst we are also pressed to ensure that an organisation is cyber secure. Global cybersecurity spend reached $124billion (£98.8billion) in 2019, and that number is only continuing to grow. t. Striking the balance between having enough security and budgets is going to get harder Instead, be smart with your investment — partnering with cost effective, scalable yet highly efficacious, SOC service provider.


Why partner for your corporate cybersecurity?

Though cybersecurity partners deliver an array of critical benefits, two really stand out.

The first is a data breach. A breach happens anytime customer/client data has been leaked, accessed, leveraged, or stolen. Cybersecurity also helps with compliance. Security regulations are constantly changing, posing yet another serious and difficult challenge for businesses to overcome.

When you outsource your security to the right place, you significantly reduce your breach risks and can improve your compliant behaviour — every step of the way.


Security Incident Event Management (SIEM)


For utmost trust and reassurance, you should lean on dedicated experts to get it right.

What is SIEM?

Every computer, network switch firewall, and program produces a logging file, that gives details of exactly what’s it’s been doing. These log files are what a cybersecurity investigator looks at when there is a cyber breach, unfortunately most of these devices don’t keep these logs very long and they are not reviewed, so the opportunity for early detection is lost. Which is why financial organisations and security conscious enterprises have been collecting these logs and correlating them proactively looking for attacks and data leakage. They use what’s called a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) platform to correlate something strange on a remote laptop and database sending its contents to the internet via the firewall. SIEM services aim to increase your team's real-time security vision. Without SIEM implementation, it's difficult to know how your security is performing and to pinpoint where threats are coming from.

What is SOCaaS?

SOCaaS — or Security Operations Center as a Service — is a way of outsourcing the typical role of an SOC. It's essentially the management behind your security system. If firewalls are the locks on your doors, a SOCaaS service is the team that makes sure those locks stay tight.

Outsourcing SOC — and implementing it as a service rather than as an internal department — is similar to the difference between installing a security camera on your home, or asking someone to keep an eye on it 24/7, 365 days a year.

You could manage that camera yourself, checking it when you have time or receive an alert. But that would be too reactive; you're only involved with your security after it's been breached.

However, with a team of experts monitoring your security day and night, you can proactively respond to threats. That way, you significantly reduce the risk of someone sneaking past your security camera — or in the case of a business, your firewalls and malware protection.

For business, SOCaaS is the difference between feeling protected and being protected.


Incident Response

The benefits of outsourced SIEM and SOCaaS

Industry compliance made easy

By investing in SIEM and SOCaaS services, adhering to industry regulations will be easier than ever. This is increasingly important as regulations are becoming more complex all the time.

Stronger security, backed by the experts

SIEM and SOCaaS take the pressure of real-time security from in-house; passing responsibility to experienced, third-party professionals. There's no need to hire or train internal staff, purchase or maintain equipment, and you can always scale if and when your needs change.

Lower costs in the long-term

Despite being an “always on” service, outsourcing SIEM and SOCaaS substantially reduce the cost of cybersecurity. In fact, compared to on-premise security teams, companies can significantly save each year on “soft costs” such as maintenance and growth.

Couple these savings with the introduction of a team of experts, the ability to grow your cybersecurity position and remain compliant, and a proactive approach to security, and the move to a cloud-based cybersecurity model becomes an easy decision.


Azure Sentinel Managed Service

Strong cybersecurity backed with: JT Sentinal SOC As a Service (SOCaaS)

Up until recently these SIEM platforms have been expensive and need an expert team to review and analyse the alerts.  Last year Microsoft released their own cloud-based sing platform which allows organisation using Office 365 to collect and correlate these logs cost-efficiently. There is still a need for a Security Operation Centre to review and act 24x7x365 on these security alerts, but this can massively reduce the costs involved in having a high-quality SIEM solution for customers.

We at JT have partnered with ITC a global SOC provider and Microsoft Sentinel experts to offer customers a highly skilled 24x7x365 Security Operations centre supported by the JT cybersecurity experts on the ground.

JT’s Sentinal SOCaaS provides a comprehensive approach to data collection, threat detection, incident investigation and rapid response.

Our cloud native SIEM technology; Microsoft Azure Sentinel is designed to tackle current and emerging cyber-threats by combining advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence with our team’s vast expertise and insight.

Whether your business adheres to NIST,  CIS Top  20, ISO or is yet to adopt a framework, to further establish the cybersecurity of your business and achieve regulatory compliance requirements, centralised logging, event correlation and incident investigation are key.

We automate the collection and analysis of data, detect and investigate potential threats or network anomalies, and help your business respond taking the necessary steps to ensure any identified event does not happen again.

Most importantly, we offer 24x7x365 management detection and response to give you confidence in your cybersecurity position.

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