JT SOC Services

JT SOC Services

Jon Collinson
Head of Product Development

Global cybersecurity spending reached $124billion (£98.8billion) in 2019, and that cost is going to continue to grow as homeworking increases in the wake of Covid-19. Striking a balance between having enough security in-house vs the budget is going to continue to get harder. Instead, be smarter with your budget by partnering with cost-effective, scalable yet highly effective, SOC service provider.

Why partner for your corporate cybersecurity?

It can be challenging for large enterprises to maintain a team of cyber-experts in all areas of cybersecurity from pen testing to compliance, and it can be impossible for mediums size organisations to achieve it. Cybersecurity experts need constant training to be able to respond to new and emerging attacks quickly. By working with a Cybersecurity partner, industry-leading experts are available 24x7x365 to support you with their experience.



What is SIEM?

SIEM services aim to increase your team's real-time security vision.
Every computer, network switch, firewall, and program produces a log file recording details of its activity. These log files are what a cybersecurity investigator looks at when there is a cyber breach. Unfortunately, most devices don't keep these logs very long and are often unreviewed, so the opportunity for early detection is lost.

Collecting these logs and correlating them can identify attacks and data leakage. This is done by using a 'Security Information Event Management' (SIEM). Without SIEM implementation, it's difficult to know how your security is performing and to pinpoint attacks.

What is SOCaaS?

SOCaaS — or Security Operations Center as a Service — is a way of outsourcing the typical role of a SOC. It's essentially the management and operations to ensure your cybersecurity systems are delivering the correct protection, and reacting when there is an incident.

Outsourcing SOC, rather than as an internal department is similar to the difference between simply installing a security camera, or monitoring it 24x7x365.


The benefits of outsourced SIEM and SOCaaS

Industry compliance made easy

Whether your business adheres to NIST, CIS Top 20, ISO or is yet to adopt a framework, establishing strong cybersecurity and achieving regulatory compliance is made easier with SIEM centralised logging, event correlation and incident investigation.

Stronger security, backed by the experts

SOCaaS take the pressure of real-time security from in-house; passing responsibility to experienced, third-party professionals. There's no need to hire or train internal staff, purchase or maintain equipment, and you can always scale if and when your needs change.

Lower costs in the long-term

Despite being an “always-on” service, outsourcing SIEM and SOCaaS substantially reduce the cost of cybersecurity. In fact, compared to on-premise security teams, companies can significantly save each year on “soft costs” such as maintenance and growth.

Couple these savings with the introduction of a team of experts, the ability to grow your cybersecurity position and remain compliant, and a proactive approach to security, and the move to a cloud-based cybersecurity model becomes an easy decision.


Strong cybersecurity backed with: JT Sentinel SOC As a Service (SOCaaS)

Last year, Microsoft released their cloud-based platform, which allows organisations using Office 365 to collect and correlate these logs cost-efficiently. There is still a need for a Security Operation Centre to review and act 24x7x365 on these security alerts. However, this can massively reduce the costs involved in having a high-quality SIEM solution.

JT has partnered with ITC, global SOC provider and Microsoft Azure Sentinel experts to offer customers a highly skilled 24x7x365 Security Operations centre supported by the JT cybersecurity experts on the ground.

JT Sentinel SOCaaS provides a comprehensive approach to data collection, threat detection, incident investigation and rapid response. Using cloud-native SIEM technology; Microsoft Azure Sentinel, the service is designed to tackle current and emerging cyber-threats by combining advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence with our team’s vast expertise and insight.

We automate the collection and analysis of data, detect and investigate potential threats or network anomalies, and help your business respond, taking the necessary steps to ensure any identified event does not happen again.

Most importantly, we offer 24x7x365 management detection and response to give you confidence in your cybersecurity position.

To find out more visit: Azure Sentinel Managed Service

Or, get in touch with our Business Solutions Team below:

In partnership with ITC Secure, JT provides cyber threat advisory and managed cybersecurity services. These help organisations identify, understand and control their security risks. ITC has over two decades of experience delivering cybersecurity solutions to organisations in over 180 countries. At the heart of ITC’s cyber services is a London based, 24x7x35, Security Operations Centre (SOC). From this centre, ITC’s teams deliver high-quality, managed security services to help organisations manage the growing complexity of cyber-threats and securely support their digital transformation. The network includes an international group of senior security specialists, each of whom has held high office in either government or military and intelligence services. This capability clearly sets us apart from our competitors in cybersecurity and strategic business development.

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