Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Managed Security: JT and ITC Secure in partnership

The internet has seen a massive evolution in recent years that has seen significant benefits for our local businesses to thrive online. However, this evolution has also made it possible for the rise of cybercrime and other security online risks from all over the world threaten our Channel Islands businesses.

JT has extensive experience in providing security services a dedicated team of certified cybersecurity experts to assist local businesses in developing their security posture and to react when there is an incident, but also to mitigate potential and future risks. In addition to this, JT has partnered with ITC Secure to give a global perspective to cybersecurity and emerging threats; gaining access to an industry-leading dedicated 24x7x365 Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) to enhance JT’s Cyber-defence team.

To deliver effective ‘Cybersecurity as a Service’ JT and ITC work collaboratively with customers of all sizes to gain an in-depth understanding of the business risks and priorities, to help mitigate and respond quickly to threats. Together, JT and ITC are committed to driving positive change and helping customers make the right security investment choices by simplifying complex cybersecurity management. Services are offered as scale solutions to fit any organisation’s cyber-maturity level and needs, whether on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid, and available as fully managed services.

Together, JT and ITC are making the digital world a safer place to do business.

About ITC Secure

ITC has over two decades of experience delivering managed cybersecurity solutions to organisations in over 180 countries. At the heart of ITC’s cyber services is a London based, 24x7x35, Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC). From this centre, ITC’s teams deliver high-quality, managed security services to help organisations manage the growing complexity of cyber-threats and securely support their digital transformation. The network includes an international group of senior security specialists, each of whom has held high office in either government or military and intelligence services. This capability clearly sets us apart from our competitors in cybersecurity and strategic business development.