Azure Sentinel Managed Service

Available in: Jersey | Guernsey

We have developed a multi-layered approach which utilises Microsoft’s cloud-native SIEM technology, Azure Sentinel.

By combining advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence with human expertise and insight, our solution enables businesses to defend against the cyber-threats of tomorrow.

Why you might need this service

To address evolving cyber-threats, businesses need to be proactive rather than reactive. Increased responsibility on internal IT teams and manual processes divert the focus of budgets and resources.

Key benefits

Through Azure Sentinel’s native machine learning and artificial intelligence this service brings automation and orchestration to multiple security tasks. Adhering to a range of compliance rules and regulations, the need for centralised logging is addressed, allowing data to be collected at cloud-scale, providing unlimited compute and storage capability.

The service provides:

  • 24x7x365 management, detection and response.
  • Access to expert analysts.
  • Automation of common tasks and incident response.
  • Easy integration into behavioural analytics tools, workflow management systems (ServiceNow etc.).
  • Simple and scalable pricing.

JT Azure Sentinel partners

Delivered and managed through our world-class ‘Global Service Desk’ in Jersey, and enhanced by our partnerships with selected key managed security providers. We utilise the industry’s first cloud-native technology to automate and orchestrate an all-encompassing security information and event management solution.

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