Why remote teams need Webex Calling

Why remote teams need Webex Calling

James Singleton
Partner Manager & Product Specialist

The remote working revolution is here.

While flexible working is often credited with great swathes of benefits — from attracting top talent to improving employee wellbeing — it also presents fresh challenges for businesses. Not least in the form of maintaining effective collaboration and communication.

Teams that are used to working closely together in an office environment can often struggle to replicate this connection online. When this happens, collaboration and productivity can invariably suffer.

Webex Calling helps mitigate these issues and keeps your teams connected to each other and to your customers, regardless of where they choose to work from.

What is Webex Calling?

Cisco Webex represents the latest advancement in remotely-managed communication technology.  A virtual, cloud-based phone system, Webex Calling enables employees to work and communicate how and when they want — no longer confined by traditional desk phones or second work mobiles.

Because it utilises cloud technologies, Webex Calling is able to deliver the full breadth of capabilities you would expect from a traditional PBX service, only without the need for a complex network of expensive hardware and cables.

Likewise, by migrating this network to the cloud — and harnessing the latest advancements in Voice over the Internet (VoIP) protocols — Webex Calling facilitates instant communication, from anywhere in the world.

How Webex Calling can meet your remote working needs

Remote working demands novel changes from organisations. From video conferencing to instant messaging and everything in between, getting to grips with the reality of communicating and collaborating online can be a challenge for even the most tech-savvy employee.

Thanks to its unified approach, Webex Calling can help make this transition that little bit easier.


Cisco Webex Calling app features

One application, all of your tools

Webex Calling enables staff members to make and receive calls, send messages, and conduct virtual meetings, all from a single app that team members can download to their preferred device — be it desktop, mobile or tablet.

By integrating these multiple functions into one app, team members have the freedom to communicate in the manner that suits them most depending on the task or time, without having to navigate multiple platforms or interfaces.

Not only does this facilitate flexible communication on-the-go, it also minimises reliance on expensive hardware and helps get team-wide buy-in for new remote ways of working.

Cisco Webex Video Calling on laptop

Video is the new email

Relying exclusively on phone calls and emails makes working remotely tough. Even with the best will in the world, some things are simply better-articulated face-to-face.

With Webex Calling, high-quality audio, chat and screen sharing capabilities make video calling almost as simple and seamless as meeting in person. Check-in with your teammates, make time for small talk and even enjoy a Friday catchup together — Webex Calling helps keep your team a team, even when they’re not physically together.

Cisco Webex Calling collaboration on screen whiteboard

Collaboration tools built-in

Webex Calling doesn’t just facilitate communication, it fosters collaboration. After all, sometimes it’s easier to demonstrate by showing.

That’s why with the Webex Calling app, users are able to upload and share files with each other, comment and discuss, and even annotate each other's work. There’s also the option to whiteboard as a team. Users are able to create a shared whiteboard and draw out their ideas collaboratively. Changes save automatically and any invited user can edit and add to the whiteboard.

Cisco Webex Calling cybersecurity

Security you can trust

Relying on internet services and personal devices for essential business communication can inevitably cause security headaches for any enterprise. But security and privacy are the underpinnings of Webex Calling — running through every part of the product design and delivery approach.

All Webex services have secure default settings right out of the box, enabling your team to start collaborating freely without having to worry about configurations.

Cisco Webex Calling integrating into software

Integration as standard

Webex Calling integrates seamlessly with the majority of industry-leading apps, meaning your teams can collaborate without interrupting their workflow.

By integrating Webex Calling into the productivity apps that you work with every day, your team can schedule, host and join video conferences right from within these apps themselves.

Alternatively, thanks to Webex Teams integrations and bots, those apps can be pulled through into your Webex Calling workflow, allowing your team to access everything from one single place.

Could your remote teams work better with Webex Calling?

Boasting the widest array of communication and collaboration tools in the industry, Webex Calling can unlock the true remote working capabilities of your team. What’s more, thanks to simplified purchasing options and enhanced deployment flexibility, integrating Webex Calling into your communication strategy is simpler than it sounds.

As the Channel Islands’ provider of choice for CISCO and Webex, JT delivers collaboration solutions for every type of business requirement. 

For a demonstration of Webex Calling’s capabilities or to enquire about how to implement it within your business, get in touch today.

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