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What is Webex Calling? And how does it compare to other cloud-based phone systems?

What is Webex Calling? And how does it compare to other cloud-based phone systems?

James Singleton
Partner Manager & Product Specialist

Employees no longer expect to be beholden to an office. They want to be able to communicate with clients and colleagues on-the-go, wherever they are. Free to send information instantly and hold meetings virtually.

The problem is, simply calling (landlines and even standard mobile calling), don’t translate to a flexible working environment. Managing inbound calls, diverting them to the right recipient and maintaining voicemail protocols necessitates a network of expensive and interconnected hardware. Or at least it used to.

Thankfully, the last five years have delivered exponential improvements in the technology, reliability and security of remotely managed communications solutions — thanks primarily to the advent of virtual, cloud-based phone systems like Webex Calling.

Introducing Webex Calling

VoIP — or Voice over Internet Protocol — has untethered business communication.

By migrating this vastly complicated network of landlines and hardware to the cloud, organisations are now able to connect and communicate remotely. Today, they need nothing more than a stable internet connection, with a compatible device and app.

CISCO’s Webex Calling represents the latest advancement in that technology.

Webex Calling facilitates calls, messages and meetings to keep teams connected and productive. Wherever and however they may be working, employees can conduct all their meetings, check-ins, and catch-ups via one single app.

Cisco Webex Calling app features

What are the benefits of Webex Calling?


Webex Calling has been designed to be scalable from as little as 10 users to any size.

Feature-rich and yet affordable, Webex Calling combines functionality and agility to deliver a complete solution for businesses and enterprises of all sizes seeking to unlock greater efficiencies and connectivity.

For example, in-built voice recording capabilities maintain compatibility with industry-specific regulations. While virtual conferencing tools not only deliver utility in the form of internal meetups but also present a way to personalise customer service operations — helping to differentiate a business’ offering from that of its competitors.

Fully-functioning Cloud PBX

A PBX service routes all incoming and outgoing calls, essentially fulfilling the job of a business’s telephone operator or receptionist.

With Webex Calling, this PBX service is delivered virtually and entirely over the cloud — operating seamlessly via the Webex app, available to all registered employees.

Once installed, staff members can make and receive business calls on their smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets, with outgoing calls displayed as the company’s landline.

This enables your entire team to work remotely, as and when required, while maintaining their on-site numbers, maintaining consistency for team members and customers alike.

One app, all devices

With the Webex Calling app, on-site desk phones can be synchronised with your staff’s personal devices. Meaning when their desk phone rings, so too do their other screens of choice.

Compatible across the full suite of Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, members can utilise their preferred device depending on situation and location, without suffering from any difference in service quality.

Not only does this facilitate flexible communication on-the-go, but it also minimises reliance on expensive hardware.

Affordable licensing, lower overheads

Designed with all sized enterprises in mind, Webex Calling represents one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

Where previously the costs of a VoIP may have been too much for many SMEs to justify, Webex Calling is covered by CISCO’s Flex Plan software subscription. Businesses can simply license the quantity of named users and common area devices they need for a low monthly fee, with the flexibility to mix and match services as required.

What’s more, Webex’s licensing plan can scale alongside your organisation. When 250 users are exceeded, simply sign up to an enterprise agreement to help reduce costs further.

Bonus Benefit

Webex bundle icon

Webex Calling can be taken on as a bundle alongside Teams and Meetings to bring even more capabilities to your Webex suite and rid your teams of more disparate communications and working tools. As a bundle, you can perfect your business's unified communications strategy and streamline application usage all while making the experience better for your teams.


Channel Island business woman using Cisco Webex Calling

Is Webex Calling right for me?

Optimised for any sized business, Webex Calling delivers a sophisticated and reliable solution for growing and large teams. The flexible pricing and rich feature-set deliver ample capabilities for firms looking to upgrade their remote communication solution, today and in coming months or years.

While other market-leading alternatives offer similar, robust capabilities, they remain targeted at larger organisations, and therefore don’t necessarily scale-down and translate as well for smaller firms.

With simplified purchasing options, enhanced deployment flexibility, and the widest array of collaboration tools in the industry, Webex delivers the tools to answer the remote or multi-office needs of your teams.

Channel Island business man using Cisco Webex Calling

Making the transition to Webex Calling

Whether you are considering migrating your communication services to the cloud for the first time and would like some advice, or are simply looking for a solution more suited to the specific needs of your organisation, JT can help.

As the Channel Islands’ provider of choice for CISCO and Webex, JT delivers collaboration solutions for every type of business requirement. 

For a demonstration of Webex Calling’s capabilities or to enquire about how to implement it within your business, get in touch today.

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