Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

Sunny Ajanaku
Professional Services Manager, JT Enterprise

Data Backup – Misconceptions and risks around your
business’s 365 data

Almost everyone who has ever used a computer will be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Teams.

Today, the world over, millions of businesses rely on the Microsoft suite of tools to communicate, create documents, host meetings, manage file storage and more.

However, while organisations can and do rely on Microsoft 365 to power their daily operations, understanding its limitations and where and how risk could be avoided is a crucial part of keeping your business safe. One of the most common misconceptions is that Microsoft is responsible for securing your data. Whilst Microsoft provide extensive tools, businesses are in fact responsible for the security, privacy, compliance, backup and recovery of their own data.

Below are a few examples of the risks you should consider when defining your back-up strategy beyond Microsoft 365’s own data handling.


Accidents happen

Data being accidentally deleted; it happens more often than you realise, someone presses the wrong button; moves the wrong file to the wrong location or misreads a prompt on their computer. Or maybe it didn’t involve human error— a machine simply crashed at a crucial moment, and your data can be accidentally, permanently deleted.

Microsoft 365 does offer protection in these instances. However, more often than not data that’s been accidentally deleted risks remaining lost. For example, files are deleted and or altered and synced back to OneDrive– replacing the original file version. Or a file is deleted on a user’s local device, that change is automatically synced. While some items may be recoverable from the ‘recycling bin’, it shouldn’t be relied on as a fully-fledged back-up as it can’t restore previous versions and requires manual intervention.

Lost communications

Cyber criminals know email is a business’s most-used communication tool and, with relatively little effort, hackers can gain access to a treasure trove of confidential information. Microsoft Exchange Online Email comes with some built-in security features – however this may not be enough to protect your organisation in the event of a breach.

Your business communications, research, client data, and even your internal confidential conversations are at risk if you don’t back-up Microsoft 365. Whether it's emails, or messages sent via a third-party platform, data is central to a company’s operations and losing it has consequences.

Legal obligations

There are of course specific regulations to be aware of and comply with regarding how data should be stored, secured, and accessed. It’s your business’s responsibility to ensure these regulations are followed. Having a back-up solution can complement MS365’s data security capabilities with additional protection. If data isn’t properly protected, there’s a chance it won’t be recoverable which could have legal repercussions.

JT’s solution to data backup concerns

To help properly protect your Microsoft 365 data, you should consider engaging a third-party back-up and recovery option, which is why we developed the JT Cloud Back-up solution for Microsoft 365.

We understand how complex and specific data retention policies are for businesses. With JT’s solution you can define and implement your own retention policies, specifying unique requirements to enhance security, via a personalised solution customised to your needs. JT Cloud Back-up is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft platform, protecting data without getting in the way.

Prevent accidental deletion

Microsoft 365 does offer safeguards to prevent data loss within tools and applications, helping secure the bulk of your data short term. However, shorter data retention periods can lead to data unknowingly being deleted.

JT’s Cloud Back-up solution improves on this by offering unlimited back-up retention for data, backing up as often as every five minutes — company wide and without interruption. Meaning the window for data to be permanently lost is vastly reduced.

Location of data

At JT, we know that where your data is located is important to you, which is why we use local data centres in Jersey and Guernsey, ensuring your data is safe, secure, and easily accessible.

The right choice

A data protection strategy that includes data back-up is essential for all businesses seeking to mitigate risks and provide reassurance to key stakeholders. So, why not contact us to find out more about JT’s Cloud Back-up service? Offering fast, easy, reliable back-up for all 365 services; Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.

If you would like to learn more about JT’s secure back-up services, or any other business services, please contact one of JT’s friendly Enterprise team today to review your business needs.

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