Benefits of Fibre Broadband for Businesses

Benefits of Fibre Broadband for Businesses

Jamie McGuire
Account Director, JT Enterprise

JT have led the way with hyperfast fibre broadband services in the Channel Islands for over 10 years having already completed the full fibre role out in Jersey. By the end of 2026, Guernsey's community fibre project is expected to be completed, bringing fibre connectivity to every home in the Island's network.

But what about fibre for businesses? In this blog, we'll be looking at the benefits fibre connectivity has for businesses across the Channel Islands.

How businesses in Guernsey can benefit from fibre broadband

Working with Old Government House Hotel & Spa

Meet Andrew Chantrell, General Manager, Old Government House Hotel & Spa. Watch how JT’s superfast fibre broadband allows their customers to experience five-star connectivity.

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Access critical information at the speed of light

The primary benefit that every business will experience when using fibre broadband is rapid speeds. Fibre connectivity can bring speeds up to 1000Mbps, which is up to 50x the speed of basic ADSL packages. 

This increased speed will allow businesses to be more productive and lean. According to Sandisk, employees could be losing up to a week's worth of work each year due to slow internet speeds. This massive jump in performance can bring back that week, boosting your company's output. 

And with JT Fibre Broadband, your business can get even greater, more reliable speeds from fibre broadband. Our system ensures internet integrity, safeguarded by a range of world-class Cisco routers. This provides faster data transfer speeds for real-time application data, voice and video traffic.

Greater bandwidth (excellent for call centres)

Another shortcoming of ADSL is that it provides relatively low bandwidth. This can make it easy to max out, leaving your staff waiting on a sluggish connection. 

Fibre broadband has far greater bandwidth than ADSL, which (similar to increasing your connection speeds) will open up new opportunities for your business. 

This is especially true for call and customer support centres, as both are prone to consuming all of their bandwidth. Fibre broadband will allow you to better meet the needs of your customer while also expanding your call centre operations. And in a world where video conferencing is the new norm, higher bandwidth limits will keep you connected with high-quality video calls. 

Improved cloud capabilities

The cloud is more essential to our workflows than ever before, and each year, it becomes increasingly entrenched in the way we work. From storing our files to making remote collaboration possible, your business likely relies on the cloud in a variety of ways. 

However, working over the cloud has its challenges. It can be resource-intensive, sluggish, and if it doesn't sync in real-time, it can hamper collaboration. 

By upgrading to fibre broadband, your business can make working on the cloud far more practical. You'll have the speed and bandwidth you need to not only better support your current cloud tools but also enable you to adopt more powerful ones. 

Long-term cost-savings

Last but not least, fibre broadband can provide your business with long-term cost savings. The upfront investment provides Guernsey-based businesses with a more reliable internet connection, reducing costs associated with unplanned downtime. 

Additionally, increased speeds and bandwidth will allow your staff to be more productive with the same tools they're already using. The result is greater output, less downtime, and reduced overhead.

JT Fibre for Business Broadband

JT has already led a full-fibre broadband rollout in Jersey and is excited to bring this technology to businesses throughout Guernsey. Below are some of the key features of JT’s Fibre for Business Broadband service. 

JT Fibre for Business (Guernsey)  – Product Description

Communicate, connect, share in an instant.

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JT has led the way with hyper-fast fibre broadband

For the past ten years, JT has been pioneering and deploying fibre broadband technology. As mentioned, we've already brought this technology to Jersey, keeping the island connected.

Designed for all business users

Regardless of your business's sector or size, JT Fibre Broadband is prepared to support your organisation. Our expertise has helped businesses of various backgrounds succeed with fast, reliable connectivity. This enables your business to focus on scaling and meeting the needs of its customers. 

JT Fibre Broadband offers unlimited usage, so there are no caps on your data. This service includes free fixed IP addresses, too, which will allow a mail or web server to be set up on the connection. 

Experience the full power of JT's fibre broadband with the JT Fibre for Business plan

Businesses can upgrade to JT's 1Gb Fibre for Business plan to maximise their connectivity speed and reliability. This plan provides rapid speeds, making it easy to transfer large files daily or support a multitude of users.

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If you’ve not got all of your services with JT, there’s never been a better time to switch. Our NEW and improved JT One for Business plan now includes data roaming in the UK, Europe and USA* + JT Total Wi-Fi.

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Get ready for fibre broadband in Guernsey with JT today

Depending on your location, your business might be ready for fibre broadband today. When fibre is available in your area, we'll be ready to support your business with JT Fibre Broadband. Get in touch with the JT Enterprise team below to find out more: