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On-Island Circuits

Available in: Jersey; Guernsey; Channel Islands

With tailored JT On-Island Private Circuits, you can be guaranteed of secure, dedicated internet connections for high-speed voice, video and data transfer. Our solutions are focused on providing your business with the support needed for a cost-effective and reliable service, allowing your multiple-site network to be better connected.

Why JT On-Island Circuits?

  • Unlimited bandwidth with JT Megaline
  • 24/7*365 monitored support with sustained protection and attack mitigation
  • Unrivalled security with data encryption and purpose built storage in resilient backup vaults
  • Efficient and cost effective solution
  • Tailored solutions to meet your business needs
  • First class service powered by globally recognised market leaders

Reliable, secure and speedy connections for all your communications.

Private Circuit Tariffs

On Island Tariffs

Service Description Connection Charge Annual Rental
2Mbit/s Megaline Circuit £2,625.00 £3,568.32
34Mbit/s Megaline Circuit £4,620.00 £39,270.00
45Mbit/s Megaline Circuit £4,620.00 £37,270.00
155Mbit/s Megaline Circuit Subject to quotation Subject to quotation

All prices include GST.

Fibre Link Circuits - On Island

Service Description Connection Charge Annual Rental
Fibre Link 10/16 £2,625.00 £5,544.00
Fibre Link 100 £2,625.00 £12,5799.84
Fibre Link 1000 £3,150.00 £17,418.24
Ethernet 10Gb £5,250.00 £64,050.00
Fibre Channel 8Gb £5,250.00 £64,050.00
Fibre Channel 1.25 Gbit/s £3,150.00 £17,418.57
Fibre Channel 2 Gbit/s £3,150.00 £27,858.60
Fibre Channel 4 Gbit/s £7,035.00 £40,370.40

All prices include GST.

Link Loss Forwarding is available on Ethernet circuits as a chargeable upgrade to the connection fee of standard service.

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