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Fibre Circuits

Available in: Jersey; Guernsey; Channel Islands; UK

Fibre Link Circuits are commonly used to provide a digital Private Circuit connection between two remote sites to link customers’ Local Area Networks (LANs) or Wide Area Networks (WANs) using Fibre LAN-link terminal equipment. Fibre Link Circuits are the perfect choice for customers with a need to transfer secure data or mixed voice, data and multimedia. The service provides transparent and symmetrical bandwidth between two Ethernet ports and is provided as either point-to-point or managed circuits at our discretion.

JT Fibre Circuits can be provided between a customer’s premises in Jersey and Guernsey, between the Channel Islands and to the UK.

Why JT Fibre Circuits?

  • Efficient and cost effective solution
  • Improve relationships with fast and accurate response capability
  • Competitive advantage with faster speeds to market
  • First class service powered by globally recognised market leaders
  • Global reach delivered with local expertise
  • Reliable service as a tier 1 independently owned, government backed Telco
  • Flexibility creating tailored and scalable solutions specific to your business
  • 24/7/365 monitored support with sustained protection and attack mitigation
  • Unrivalled security with data encryption and purpose built storage in resilient backup vaults
  • Simple integration into your existing structure

Access critical information on a private network at the speed of light.


Private Circuit Tariffs

On Island Tariffs

Service Description Connection Charge Annual Rental
2Mbit/s Megaline Circuit £2,625.00 £3,568.32
34Mbit/s Megaline Circuit £4,620.00 £39,270.00
45Mbit/s Megaline Circuit £4,620.00 £37,270.00
155Mbit/s Megaline Circuit Subject to quotation Subject to quotation

All prices include GST.

Fibre Link Circuits - On Island

Service Description Connection Charge Annual Rental
Fibre Link 10/16 £2,625.00 £5,544.00
Fibre Link 100 £2,625.00 £12,5799.84
Fibre Link 1000 £3,150.00 £17,418.24
Ethernet 10Gb £5,250.00 £64,050.00
Fibre Channel 8Gb £5,250.00 £64,050.00
Fibre Channel 1.25 Gbit/s £3,150.00 £17,418.57
Fibre Channel 2 Gbit/s £3,150.00 £27,858.60
Fibre Channel 4 Gbit/s £7,035.00 £40,370.40

All prices include GST.

Link Loss Forwarding is available on Ethernet circuits as a chargeable upgrade to the connection fee of standard service.

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