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Modern businesses are reliant on myriad third-party services and suppliers often handling sensitive company information. Not only that, but flexible working setups have exacerbated the issues of data and information security on and off corporate networks. These issues make it challenging to keep a complete oversight on your data — often, it can be impossible given the breadth and number of variables.

Data risks ending up being scattered across the web; vulnerable in ways that you may not know, or can’t control. Meanwhile, cybersecurity threats are on the rise, evolving and appearing at every turn.

That’s why JT Digital Risk Protection was created. JT Digital Risk Protection is a combination of tools, services and expertise designed to monitor different sources for exploitable information which can then be used to attack your organisation or damage your reputation.

It’s a service that monitors your data across the web for you, instantly alerting you to potential threats as they surface. This can give you precious hours, days, weeks, and sometimes even months to secure your data before a threat is realised.

The key features of JT Digital Risk Protection

Automatic early warnings

The primary benefit of using JT Digital Risk Protection (DRP) is that it can detect cybersecurity threats before they turn into attacks. It can alert you whenever your data is found anywhere it shouldn’t be (i.e in a data dump for sale on the Dark Web).

Instant Alerts

JT DRP will also let you know whenever a service you use has been compromised. Data breaches and leaks that affect you won’t go unnoticed. You’ll get instant reminders whenever a concern is detected, giving you time to mitigate the associated risk.

24/7 monitoring of your brand

Cyberattacks don’t wait until it’s convenient for you — they can happen anytime, anywhere. That’s why JT’s DRP operations run around the clock. The chances that you’ll be caught off guard drop dramatically with JT Digital Risk Protection.

Optional REST APIs

We can integrate into your existing on-premise systems, supporting your SIEM process (Security Information and Event Management), IT Helpdesk, or Data analytics software.

What types of breached data can JT DRP locate?

  • Sensitive details about your IT infrastructure
  • User credentials for your employees
  • Personal information for your teams, customers or other individuals
  • Business critical, sensitive information or intellectual property

All these are among the key types of data that could be used to provide an advantage to cybercriminals, or even an advantage to your competitors – and risk damaging your bottom line and/or your business’s reputation.

What to do if your data is already out there?

The chances are you won’t know the breadth at which your data is located online, as most businesses only focus in on defending the immediate corporate network from external threats. Whereas, JT DRP is constantly looking for your data and threats to your data outside of the firewall and far beyond your network and into encrypted and unindexed areas of the web.

Product documents

JT Digital Risk Protection

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What next / why JT?

At JT, we have pioneered the connectivity and networking industry for decades and are now focused on using this expertise to lead the way in networking and information security and to help make Channel Islands businesses (and their data) safe and secure online. JT Digital Risk giving you next-level protection against the latest threats beyond your network perimeter, helping to catch and extinguish threats you never knew were out there.

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