Available in: Jersey | Guernsey

JT’s Software Defined Wide Area Network, (SD-WAN), is an actively managed solution that forms part of our Managed Service portfolio. Built on high availability architecture JT’s SD-WAN securely and intelligently directs traffic across your WAN and optimises the performance of your cloud-based applications.


Here are a few key drivers for moving to JT’s SD-WAN:

  • Flexibility
    No longer is your WAN limited; MPLS, private circuits, dedicated IP feeds, Broadband and LTE may all be utilised, in any combination, to deliver a secure WAN.
  • Application Centric Network
    Out of the box recognition of thousands of applications and advanced routing options enable the delivery of networking policies that focus on user experience, maintaining performance SLA’s by automatically reacting to network conditions such as circuit degradation or outage.
  • Multicloud Architecture
    Seamless integration with cloud services ensure optimal performance and end to end visibility of applications irrespective of the location and delivery methodology (on-prem, public cloud, IaaS, SaaS, etc).
  • Rapid Deployment
    By integrating Internet services into the WAN, JT’s SD-WAN enables rapid new site deployment utilising zero touch provisioning.
  • Security
    JT’s SD-WAN is inherently secure; all Site to Site WAN traffic is encrypted via IPsec tunnelling with optional local breakout at the edge, that can be protected via built in Next-Generation Firewall and UTM services.


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