Managed Wi-Fi

Available in: Jersey | Guernsey

Improve process and productivity with secure connectivity

The JT Managed Wi-Fi service allows our customers to solve the business problem of ensuring both staff and guests have reliable, secure, high-performance Wi-Fi available at all times. The JT service monitors that all your Wi-Fi access points are performing correctly and quickly responds to resolve hardware or technical issues. We ensure that your Wi-Fi is not being used to access malicious, inappropriate or illegal websites and guests are kept separate from your business network, protecting you from the risks that business Wi-Fi presents. Built for performance, JT Managed Wi-Fi is carefully optimised for a seamless user experience.

Why JT’s Managed Services

  • First classservice powered by JT as a recognised Cisco Meraki Premier Global Partner 
  • Class-leading enterprise features and security 
  • Greater user capacity, and increased coverage. 
  • Your entire network managed by the vendor certified JT Managed Service Team 
  • Control users, applications, and devices  
  • Allow for scalability 
  • BYOD-ready, Out of the Box 
  • Built-in guest access with authorised Login  
  • Optimised performance – professional sites surveys for optimum Wi-Fi locations  
  • Simple integration into your existing infrastructure 
  • Flexibility creating tailored solutions specific to your business 
  • 24x7x365 monitored support with sustained protection and attack mitigation 
  • Improve customer relations with live response management 
  • Full managerial monitoring allowing you to analyse activity and identify tends 
  • Identify emerging markets with dynamic customer needs analysis 


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Case Studies

Hart Brown

Hart Brown

"The decision to choose JT’s Managed Wi-Fi was an easy one and JT made the installation process painless and straightforward. We are now in the process of rolling the solution out to our other five offices."
Peter Burtwell, Head of IT



"JT enabled us to increase our sales and improve our customer service by integrating product recommendations into our tablet devices providing a much improved service, which is ultimately our key aim."
John Bovill, IT & eCommerce Director