Managed LAN

Available in: Jersey | Guernsey

Connect your business to a shared and secure platform

Modern businesses need secure and efficient communications. Dynamic networks, robust uptime and secure access are essential and relied upon. JT’s LAN (Local-Area Network) service is a computer network that spans a concentrated local area, transmitting data at very fast rates. This enables your business to connect multiple users to a shared platform of core devices, including data sharing, and with access to instant communication through e-mail or chat sessions.

Why JT’s Managed LAN

  • Secure  and resilient networks
  • Specialists with over 120 years of experience delivering innovative solutions
  • 24/7*365 monitored support
  • Simple integration into your existing structure
  • Tailored solutions to meet your business performance and design needs
  • Cisco Premier Partner access to certified technical consultants and engineers
  • Reduce operational complexity and increase production
  • Guaranteed up-time, network performance and resilience
  • Managed by JT’s ISO/IEC 27001 certified Service Management Centre (SMC)

Case Studies

Salamanca Group

Salamanca Group

"With over 120 staff in three locations, we required a business-critical link between our offices and business continuity and speed were of the utmost importance. JT provided us with a highly resilient MPLS system, linking all teams efficiently to the company's private network."
Matthew Such, Head of Technology Trust and Fiduciary