Firewall and Intrusion Protection

Available in: Jersey | Guernsey

Threats to your network will look to exploit your vulnerabilities, launching distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), or attack Internet connections. This has the potential to release ‘worms’ (malware) and viruses that can spread across worldwide networks in a matter of moments. During this time, it is imperative that your network has the intelligence required to recognise and mitigate these dangers.

Why you might need this service

This is a cost effective, entry-level cyber-protection service that guards against threats to your network and attackers, helping you keep your network perimeter secure, and to know that anyone accessing it will not pose a risk to your cybersecurity. This service also helps your business comply with the growing regulatory demands.

Key benefits

The service ensures that your critical infrastructure is protected, and you have control and visibility of all applications in the ever-evolving threat landscape, delivering:

  • 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and management
  • Rapid deployment of preventative measures
  • Protection against advanced persistent threats
  • Actions to stop malware entering your network
  • ISO 200001 change control process.
  • Offers a complete manged network solution form one supplier

Firewall and Intrusion Protection By JT And ITC in partnership

We have over than two decades’ experience of delivering firewall and intrusion protection for some of the UK’s best-known organisations and a number of major global brands. The service is managed by our local expert analysts and our state of-the-art Security Operations Centre.