Cybersecurity Consultancy

Available in: Jersey | Guernsey

Our expert team can provide a range of services to meet your cybersecurity needs, from a one-off piece of cybersecurity consultancy advice to a Chief Information Security Officer service. Our consultants will sit down with you to understand your priorities and agree on how we can cost-effectively deliver them.

Additionally, we provide:

  • Strategic advice
  • Compliance consulting
  • Private client security
  • Crisis communication
  • Forensic investigation

Cyber Assessments

The crucial first step in managing cyber-risk is to understand it. Our cyber-assessment will provide you with this understanding. We assess every aspect of your organisation: technology; culture; governance; and more, to give you a clear, comprehensive, and independent understanding of the specific levels of risk you face. This puts you in an optimum position to address and lower your cyber-risk, and our experts can be on hand to assist you each step of the way.

Why you might need a Cyber-assessment

To manage your organisation’s cybersecurity and ensure the safety of your most valuable data assets, you need to understand the levels of cyber-risk for your business. This service helps you identify where your network is most vulnerable and determine key actions and steps to prioritise your cybersecurity budget.

Key benefits

A Cyber-assessment covers:

  • Governance (strategy, accountability, board oversight)
  • Identification (asset inventory, third-party risk, user access)
  • Situational awareness (threat intelligence, collaboration)
  • Protection (patch management)
  • Detection (continuous monitoring, incident response)

What we deliver

From our assessment, we will deliver a vulnerability report across each area of your organisation. This will include a management-level executive summary of the identified issues and their potential business impact, together with a detailed technical appraisal which we will work through, alongside your team, to mitigate any identified risks.

We will also work with you to ensure you consider any relevant regulatory standards throughout the process.

Cyber consultancy by JT and ITC in partnership

Our advisory team has access to some of the world’s leading security experts and world-class technology, with an in-depth understanding of how these affect companies operating in the Channel Islands. Using a proven methodology to show organisations their current cyber-maturity, we deliver clear, outcome-based recommendations that assist organisations in making the right cyber-investment choices.