Carrier Services

Available in: Jersey | Guernsey

Our Carrier Services team is responsible for the infrastructure out of the Channel Islands to the rest of the world, via JT’s subsea cables and other infrastructure, providing off-island carriers connectivity into the Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey). Locally, Carrier Services manages the wholesale of JT’s landline, broadband and private circuits services to telecommunication providers.

JT’s Network

Why choose JT?

We have built a robust pan-island network across both Guernsey and Jersey, with undersea fibre-optic cables linking Jersey, Guernsey, the UK and France. JT has the largest on-net presence of all operators in the Channel Islands, as incumbent fixed and mobile operator in Jersey, and provider of fixed and mobile and private circuits services in Guernsey over JT’s Fibre infrastructure. We pride ourselves on delivering robust, diverse networking, while offering flexibility.

Customer Notices

09/09/20: JERSEY MTRs
On 01/08/20 the regulated rate for mobile termination on JT’s Jersey network will reduce from 4.11ppm to 3.11ppm

09/09/20: GUERNSEY MTRs
On 01/09/20 the regulated rate for mobile termination on JT’s Guernsey network will reduce from 4.11ppm to 3.11ppm.

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