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Using your mobile

Your Password
When you first connect to the JT mobile service, you will be asked to provide a password. This password is an essential part of the measures taken to protect mobile customers from unauthorised use of their mobile phone.

There may be occasions when you need to contact JT to give instructions, or obtain information such as your PUK number (see below) over the telephone. No instructions will be accepted and no information will be given out to you unless you can provide the correct password. If you are unable to provide the correct password, you will be required to provide a valid proof of identity (the photographic ID you gave when you purchased your mobile handset will be acceptable). This is particularly relevant when you are outside the Island and either accidentally block your mobile phone or it is lost or stolen.

Note: If you are connecting on behalf of a business you will be asked to provide a company password and a contact name and number. If applying for service in your own name you will be asked for your Mother’s maiden name as a password.

Security PIN Code
Each time you turn your mobile phone on, you will be required to input a 4 digit security PIN code. This Personal Identity Number, provided at the time of connection to the JT Mobile Service, is to protect your handset from being used should it be lost or stolen. The security PIN code can be changed at any time by using the programming menus on your mobile phone.
The PUK Code
Any attempt to enter your PIN code incorrectly three times in a row will result in your mobile phone becoming ‘locked’. This security feature is provided to prevent unauthorised use of your mobile phone.

If you accidentally enter a wrong security PIN code three times in a row and consequently block your phone, you are able to reactivate your service by entering the PUK code. The Personal Unlocking Key code is provided, together with your security PIN code, when you first connect to your mobile service. It is an 8 digit number which, unlike the security PIN code, cannot be changed.

The PUK code should be kept secure and not carried with your mobile phone.

Note: For your PUK number to be provided over the phone, you must be able to give us the mobile number for which you require the PUK number. Alternatively you can visit the Jersey Telecom Retail Outlet at 18 Queen Street and provide us with the mobile number for which you require the PUK number.

To enter the PUK code follow the instructions in your mobile phone manual.

Recommendation to mobile customers
We recommend mobile customers should insure their mobile handset against loss or damage, as part of household content insurance, to minimise the cost of replacing their mobile should it get lost or stolen.

Should you lose your mobile, or should it get stolen, you must report your loss to the Police. In this instance if you have a mobile contract you can contact us directly on 152 and we can deactivate your service. If you have lost a prepaid or ‘pay as you go’ mobile, you must go to the Police, who will liaise with us regarding deactivating your SIM.

Your SIM card
At the heart of your mobile phone is the SIM card, or Subscriber Identify Module. Issued when first subscribing to the mobile network, it contains a small electronic microprocessor which holds information unique to your SIM. This information includes your GSM mobile number, your security PIN code and a memory for your most frequently dialed numbers.

A SIM card is rendered useless if any attempt is made to tamper with it, physically, optically or electronically. If your card is lost or stolen, you must immediately notify JT by calling the Mobile Services Helpline on 152 from any local phone, or +441534882152 if you are outside the Island. The SIM card will be deactivated and your personal details can be transferred to a new one.

Replacement SIM cards are free of charge.

Updating your phones software
Mobile phone manufacturers are continually adding new state of the art features to their handsets, meaning your mobile phone is now like a miniature computer. From time to time your mobile phone will need to have its software updated in order to ensure it continues to function as it should.

There are a number of benefits that you may get by updating your handsets software such as:

  • Enhanced functionality
  • Additional features
  • Bug fixes

Most importantly if your phone is not functioning correctly a software update can often solve these issues.

PUK request?

Is the correct PUK number being used?
Call the Mobile Services Helpline on Freefone 882882 and wait for the prompt as follows.
  1. If your product or service isn’t working and you need us to fix it press 3
  2. If you require your mobile PUK number press 2
  3. When prompted enter the mobile number you require the PUK number for
  4. When prompted enter this number
  5. Wait for the announcement of the PUK number

An automated PUK retrieval service is built into our IVR.

Problems with your phone

Phone can make and receive calls but 'UK – JT GSM' is not the network name in the display
Phone can make and receive calls but ‘UK – JT GSM/Jsy Tel’ is not the network name in the display.

– Have you accidentally logged on to another network?
-It is possible in Jersey to log on to the Guernsey or even French GSM network, i.e. Sure or Airtel in Guernsey, no it isn’t
-Either move to a different location or set the handset to ‘manual’ network selection.

Phone display says ‘check SIM’
  • Remove your SIM card and wipe carefully before refitting.
  • If display remains the same, return your SIM card to the JT shop for a replacement.
Phone does not accept PIN number
  • Is the correct SIM card in the phone?
  • Remove card and check status.
  • Is the correct PIN number being entered?
  • Try three times. If the phone locks up reset the PIN using the PUK number.
Phone is on, but will not to connect to the JT mobile network
  •  Is the GSM network signal present?
  • ‘No network’ in display indicates no signal. Try moving to an alternative location. Due to our local geographical features you may experience poor coverage in certain areas.
  • Are you inside a building? Moving closer to a window may help.
Phone will not turn on

Check battery is charged and fitted correctly. If it will still not turn on, return your handset to your supplier.

Making/receiving calls

Phone has connected to the JT mobile network, but cannot make or receive calls
  • Is incoming call barring set on the phone? Check phone settings and barring status. Clear all diverts and try again.
  • Is an unconditional divert set on the phone? Check phone settings and divert status and cancel if necessary.
  • There could be a problem with network congestion. Try again after a few minutes.
  • Have any restrictions been applied by JT? Call the Mobile Services Helpline on Freefone 882882
Phone can make but not receive calls
  •   Is incoming call barring set on the phone? Check phone settings and barring status and cancel if necessary.
  •   Is an unconditional divert set on the phone? Check  phone settings and divert status and cancel if necessary.
Phone has connected to the JT mobile network, but cannot make or receive calls
  • Is incoming call barring set on the phone? Check phone settings and barring status. Clear all diverts and try again.
  • Is an unconditional divert set on the phone? Check phone settings and divert status and cancel if necessary.
  • There could be a problem with network congestion. Try again after a few minutes.
  • Have any restrictions been applied by JT? Call the Mobile Services Helpline on Freefone 882882

Pay as you go service

Top up problems -How do I top up?
  • Top up cards – You can top up using top up cards which are available from various retail outlets across the island.  You then simply dial 232, listen to the instructions and key in the 12 digit number printed on the back of your top-up card. There is no limit to how much you can add to your account.
  • Top up online – You can also top-up online. Registration is simple and the process is automated so you do not need to enter any top up numbers. You can only top up by £100 every 7 days.
  • Top up over the phone – You can top up over the phone by calling 882882.
  • I have a top up card and input the number but it hasn’t worked.
    • Please try again and take care when entering the top up number.
    • Please try again, but this time dial *#132*top up number# then send.
    • If you are still having problems please call 882882 for assistance or call +44 1534 882882 when roaming (standard charges apply)
Which additional services are provided with pay-as-you-go?

Services Available

  • Message Manager – a personal answering phone facility
  • Call Barring and Caller Display – a calling line identity service are provided free of charge
  • Text Messaging – allows you to send & receive Text Messages from your mobile. This service costs 7p per message sent on the JT mobile network, with no charge to receive messages.

Services Not Available

  • Mobile Office will not work with the pay-as-you-go service.
  • JT cannot provide call itemisations to pay-as-you-go customers. If you need regular breakdowns of your calls, you should select one of the standard mobile pay monthly tariffs.
Can I use the pay-as-you-go service outside of Jersey?

Yes, pay-as-you-go roaming is now available and we are adding new countries and roaming partners every week. Check our full list of Roaming Partners for more details.

How much does it cost?
Making and receiving a large number of calls whilst you are away can be very expensive. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the Roaming Charges of the country you are visiting prior to leaving the Island.

Lost or Stolen

What to do if your mobile phone has been lost or stolen?

If your contract mobile phone is lost or stolen, please call 01534 882882 immediately to have your service temporarily suspended.

Once your service is suspended report the loss/theft to the Police and obtain a Police report for any subsequent insurance claim, it is particularly important that you do this if your mobile phone is lost whilst your abroad. Mobile phones are often handed into the Police so please check with them periodically.

To obtain a replacement sim card, with your same mobile number please visit our Retail Outlet at 18 Queen Street where a new sim will be issued. Photographic ID will be required in the form of a Drivers License or Passport.

Are mobiles safe?

Effects of Mobile Base Stations

If you are concerned about the effects of base station RF signals upon human health, further information can be obtained from the latest WHO report, Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health, WHO fact sheet 304 (May 2006). This can be found at
Further information about the issues raised here can also be found by visiting the UK Department of Health website

More information can also be found at:

What are SAR values and what does it mean?

(Specific Absorption Rate)
It is possible to measure how much radio wave energy your body receives from each model of mobile phone.

This is done by measuring the specific absorption rate or SAR. There is now a European standard method for measuring the SAR and manufacturers make this information available. You can also find the SAR values on your mobile handset manufacturer’s website, click on the relevant link below:

Mobile handsets and radio frequency

Mobile phone handsets are low powered radiofrequency (RF) transmitters. Typically, they transmit in a range between 0.2 and 0.6 watts.

There is no confirmed scientific evidence to suggest that using mobile phone handsets has an adverse effect on human health. However the RF strength decreases considerably with distance. If you are concerned about the use of mobile handsets then you can reduce the absorption of RF signals even further by using a hands free kit.

Is using a mobile phone dangerous?

As with many new technologies, some people have been concerned about the possible health effects of using mobile phones. This is understandable and JT, along with the mobile industry as a whole, supports the extensive scientific research into these potential health issues.

After more than 30 years of research and the publication of over 25,000 articles about the health effects of the type of radiation emitted by mobile phones, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that “Scientific knowledge in this area is now more extensive than for most chemicals” and that a review of this literature “does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low level electromagnetic fields.”

Further reviews conducted by national and international bodies have consistently concluded that there is no credible evidence to suggest that Radiofrequency (RF) exposure from mobile phones or base stations operating within international safety limits, International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) cause any harm to human health.

All of JT’s base stations and the mobile phones that we sell operate well within these international safety limits. We are confident that mobile phones do not harm health but also appreciate the need to remain up to date on all information about this subject.

JT is committed to passing on the latest information about any potential harm caused by mobile phone equipment to our customers in order that people can make fully informed choices about their mobile phone use.

Travelling Abroad

How can I use my mobile abroad?

So long as we have a roaming agreement in-place with the country you are visiting, you can use your phone as you do at home.

When you arrive turn your mobile on and enter your PIN as usual. Your handset should automatically search for an available network and register as soon as it has found one. You can then talk and text as normal.

What’s the difference between manual and automatic network selection?

If your phone does not automatically pick up a network you can select one manually as follows:
Settings – Phone – Operator Selection – Manual
Your mobile will perform a scan of all available networks. Hi-light and select a suggested network.  If your first selection is unavailable, try another.

If problems continue please call our Mobile Services helpline on:
JT – +44 1534 882882.

How do I set up my mobile for roaming?

Enable 4G on iOS 9

Tap on Settings
Tap Mobile Data
Ensure that Mobile Data is toggled On
Tap Voice & Data
Tap the LTE option
Confirm the setting by pressing Enable LTE
If you are a JT customer, select Mobile Data Network
Type ‘pepper‘ into the APN field

At the last step, you will be shown a message stating that enabling 4G may affect the quality of your service and device. Please continue to confirm “Enable LTE”, but note that extensive testing has been conducted on our new network and the quality of your device and service will not be affected.

Enable 4G on Android 6.0

(Based on Samsung Galaxy S6 device)

These instructions will vary by manufacturer and device. Please use the below as a guide.

Click on Settings.
Tap Mobile networks.
Tap Network mode.
Make sure LTE/WCDMA/GSM is selected.

Please note if you have a Samsung or LG device, you may need to complete a software update in order to connect to JT’s 4G network.

Enable 4G on Windows Phone 8.0

(based on Nokia Lumia 1020)

These instructions will vary by device. Please use the below as a guide.

From the Start screen, swipe to the left.
Scroll down to and tap Settings.
Scroll down to and tap mobile network.
Tap the Highest connection speed field.
Tap 4G.

What's the difference between manual and automatic network selection?

Most GSM handsets offer a choice to select a new network, automatically or manually.

Automatic Settings
The default setting, in most cases, is automatic, which instructs your mobile to automatically connect to the strongest network signal available. As you move, the handset will continually monitor the available networks, and keep you connected to the strongest one.

Manual Settings
In a manual network selection setting, your mobile handset will detect if there is more than one network present and offer you a choice. If you then select one network, your mobile phone will remain connected to it regardless of the alternative networks available. You may prefer to remain connected to one network if it offers cheaper outgoing call charges.

To manually select networks please refer to your mobile phone user manual for instructions.
Your JT SIM card can store a list of your preferred roaming partners. If you have an automatic network selection setting, and there are two networks of equal strength available, the mobile phones will connect you to the one that is highest on your SIM card’s preferred list. The list can be edited by using the appropriate menu on your mobile phone. Check your mobile phone user manual for details.

What should I do before I go?

A few simple preparations and checks before you travel may help to prevent difficulties when you arrive:

  • We have a large number of roaming partners throughout the world and the list is being added to monthly. Before you travel, check that the destination you are travelling to has a compatible GSM Network.
  • If you are travelling to a country that has an electricity supply using a different voltage or sockets, ensure that your battery charger is compatible and you have an appropriate socket adapter.
  • If you have a pay-as-you-go service, make sure you have sufficient credit, either already loaded or as top-up cards.  It may be an idea to register on our online top-up facility before you travel.
  • Decide whether you want to receive incoming calls whilst travelling. You may prefer to divert all incoming calls to your Message Manager.  We have a bolt-on available that allows free incoming calls when roaming for a monthly charge of just £5.
  • Check that your handset is insured in the event of loss or breakage.
Who do I call for help when I'm away?

Call our Mobile Services Helpline from an alternative phone on +44 1534 882882 for assistance while you’re away.

*standard charges apply. For quality control, security, accounting and training purposes, calls to and from JT will be recorded and may be monitored.


Unable to send/receive SMS?
  • Try switching your mobile off for at least 1 minute and then power back-up.  Re-enter your PIN.  This may solve the issue.
  • Check Service Centre Address :
  • Messaging – Message Settings – Text Messages – Message Centre
  • Make sure your message centre number is set to +447797704000
  • If you are still having problems please report your fault online or call 882882.
How do I stop unwanted SMS?

Unfortunately we cannot block a mobile number from contacting you, however we can offer some advice on how to deal with unwanted SMS:

  •   Never send a reply SMS to the sender.
  •   Never call the sender or any number contained within the message.
  • If you feel the content of the SMS to be of an abusive manner, we suggest you contact the States of Jersey Police or the Data Protection Office who will offer further advice. However deleting and ignoring the messages remains the best policy.

Please be careful when completing application forms for store cards, surveys or any related forms as this is where your number may be captured and distributed to third parties.

I want to send a picture message
  • Make sure your phone is correctly configured by visiting the handset configurator.
  • Picture messages are only supported to other JT mobiles unless you are sending to an email address.
  • If the recipient’s handset is not already configured, they will be sent a URL address from which they can retrieve the image.

Internet & Data

Unable to connect to the internet?
  •  Has your handset been able to connect previously? If so please switch off your handset, power back-up and re-try.
  •  Is this the first time you’ve tried to connect? Please visit our handset configurator to make sure your phone has the correct settings.
  •  If your handset is not listed on the configurator or you have ported your number to JT please call 882882 as you cannot use this service. The iPhone requires the settings to be entered manually.
How much data have I used this month?

Please call Mobile Services helpline on 882882 for further assistance.

Can I use mobile data services with my PAYG mobile?

Yes! At just 1p a meg you can access mobile data on your PAYG handset.

Can I receive and send Text Messages/Voice Calls when I’m connected to mobile data services?

Text Messages
Yes but you will not be able to send a Text Message or see that a message has been received if your browser is open. If you have set up your mobile so that a tone is played when a message is received you will still be notified in this way.

Voice Calls
Yes, data transfer is suspended while you make or receive a voice call.

What affects the speed of my mobile data service connection?
Many factors such as; the capability of your mobile phone, the network capacity that is available, the strength of the GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA signal, your compression settings (if you are using compression software on your laptop or hand held device) and the type of interconnection you are using e.g. bluetooth, infrared or cable.

Can I use Mobile data services abroad?

Yes, but please be aware that this will incur additional data roaming charges.

How is data charged?

Calling all Smartphone users

Whether you have an iPhone 4, the latest HTC or a Nokia, all the latest Smartphones are little pocket power houses so you can check out your favourite web pages whenever you want, where ever you are.

So, if you use your mobile for checking your emails, Facebook, to check the latest travel or weather why not  add-on one of our mobile data bundles to boost  your inclusive data.

Our mobile data bundles are available on our MyMobile plans and can be shared by users on the same account.

Tariff Monthly Charge Inclusive Data Equivalent Price per MB
MyMobile Shared Data 1GB  £4.99  1GB  £0.005
MyMobile Shared Data 3GB £9.99 3GB £0.0033
MyMobile Shared Data 5GB £14.99 5GB £0.003
MyMobile Shared Data 10GB £19.99 10GB £0.002
MyMobile Shared Data 20GB £24.99 20GB £0.001

Useful information: 1024MB = 1GB

Our mobile data bundles are available on our Pay Monthly MyMobile, MyMobile Business and Business Talk tariffs.  Bundles are also available as ‘data-only’ via our Pepper Connect tariffs.  Data Bundles can be shared by users on the same account.

Sign up online for a data bundle now

Standard Usage

If you’re using the Mobile Internet without a data bundle and exceed your mobile data allowance, it now costs as little as 5p per MB.

Pay Monthly customers* 5 Pence per MB
Pay-as-you-go customer* 5 Pence per MB

* Minimum charge of 5 pence applies to all data usage.  Usage there after is then charged per MB.

Mobile data charges abroad

For information about our mobile data charges whilst abroad please see our Roaming section.

Are voice calls included in my mobile data services tariff?

No, your mobile data services tariff only includes your connection to the GPRS network and the data you transfer to and from your mobile. Voice calls are charged according to the mobile tariff you are connected to.

Back up your data

It’s always possible that electronic devices can lose data stored in their memory. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as impact damage, faulty components, water damage etc. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you periodically back up all of the data stored in your phones memory.

This can be done by keeping a written or printed copy of your contacts or by regularly backing up your data to a PC using the data cable and software provided with your handset. Our Retail Outlet sells data cables and other equipment that will allow you to connect your handset to your PC.

Alternatively we have a Cellebrite mobile synchronisation device at our Retail Outlet that can transfer data from one handset to another. Cellebrite data transfers are charged at £15.45 inc. GST.

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