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Available in: Guernsey; Channel Islands

Faster broadband for your business for less with JT’s VDSL, meeting the typical user needs with a focus on providing high-speed download capability. Enabling faster data transmission through a single VDSL connection, letting you transfer data and voice calls concurrently.

Why JT’s ADSL?

  • Low contention ratio of 20:1 to ensure you always receive a high-speed service
  • Fixed IP address enabling creation of e-mail or web server
  • Flexibility creating tailored and scalable solutions specific to your business
  • First class service powered by globally recognised market leaders
  • Unlimited usage allowance
  • 24/7*365 monitored support with sustained protection and attack mitigation
  • Efficient and cost effective solution
  • Improve relationships with fast and accurate response capability

Increase productivity with unlimited high-speed data downloads.

JT Business Broadband - ADSL Pricing

Faster broadband for your business, for less.

Sign up to JT Professional Broadband with download speeds of up to 20Mb and we’ll get you off to a flying start with 1/2 price rental for the first 3 months.

What makes JT Professional Broadband better?

  • Low contention ratio of 20:1 to ensure you always receive a high-speed service.
  • Fixed IP address to let you set up an e-mail or web server on the connection.
  • Enhanced level care support included.
  • Unlimited usage.  Choose a JT Professional Broadband plan that includes unlimited usage at all times.
  • Year round, 24/7  helpdesk for any faults or queries.

What Professional Broadband tariffs are available?

Up to 20Mb & 200GB peak time usage– £22.49 for 3 months*, £44.99 thereafter (18-Months) – Up to 1024Kbit/s upload

Up to 20Mb & unlimited peak time usage– £39.99 for 3 months*, £79.99 thereafter (18-Months) – Up to 1024Kbit/s upload

Sign up now

To sign up to JT Professional Broadband services, please contact our Business solution team on 01534 882345.

Router requirements

JT Professional Broadband requires a router, which can be bought or rented from JT or supplied by a third party. Please contact our Business Solutions Team for more information about the products we supply and the available configuration services.

If you choose to rent a router for JT Professional Broadband, you will also receive Enhanced Care support and basic management services from the engineers in our dedicated Network Operations Centre.

JT is proud to provide customers with Cisco Support Services to protect all Cisco equipment, including JT Professional Broadband routers.

All prices exclude GST which will be added at time of billing.
*3 months half price for new customers. £50 connection charge applicable
Usage outside of the peak time allowance is charged at 10p per GB. peak time usage is during the hours of 8am and midnight. Usage is UNLIMITED during the hours of midnight and 8am.

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