Managed Firewall

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Managed Firewall: Windows don’t need to be broken to break into your business

Your firewall has always been the 1st line of defence to protect you from cyber-attack. As cyber threats have increased, Firewalls have evolved into Next-Generation Firewalls offering advanced protection to your business from attacks with a range of features including continually updated threat intelligence feeds of malicious websites and attacks. These complex Next-Generation Firewalls need to be managed, optimised and tuned to deliver their full benefit to your business and alerts need to be reviewed when malicious activity is detected. To simplify this management and free up valuable resources JT offers a professional Managed Firewall service, so customers can be confident that their firewalls are delivering full protection managed by vendor certified experts 24x7x365.


This service still provides all the security you’d expect from your traditional firewall, but adding the next-generation security features to help protect you from advanced threats, such as:

  • Understanding the applications being used and how they can be compromised
  • ‘Deep packet inspection’ to look inside the data for malicious code
  • ‘Snort’ Intrusion protection to continually protect against new, unique threats
  • Plus, subscriptions to Cyber Threat Intelligence feeds to be able to block ‘bad actors’ and protect from other new and emerging threats

Also vital to any cybersecurity solution is ensuring that the service is always live, so we have included automatic ‘failover’ (switchover) to our super-fast 4G mobile network service. This means in the unlikely event of your fixed internet connection being disrupted, vital emails and internet access are maintained and stay secure across our mobile network.

You will also benefit from a single point of contact, with JT managing your complete end-to-end internet connection. So you can be assured of expert protection, 24x7x365, giving you simple, quick resolutions and assistance where needed.

Next-Generation vs Traditional

Are you wondering, ‘What’s the difference between Next-Generation and Traditional Firewalls?’ — Watch this short video, where we’ll breakdown the major differences.

Why JT Managed Firewall?

  • Next-Generation service powered by globally recognised market leaders
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and support with sustained protection and attack mitigation
  • ITIL based Global Service Desk
  • Efficient and cost-effective solution
  • Fully managed and actively monitored
  • Service account management 24x7x365
  • Continually updated IPS – the latest intrusion protection signatures blocking attacks
  • Failover to our super-fast 4G mobile network in the event of a broadband outage
  • On-island replacement hardware
  • One point of contact for end-to-end management of your internet connection
  • Blocking of infected and inappropriate websites
  • And much more

If you are interested in learning how we can help protect your business from a data breach and other cyber threats, contact our Business Solutions Team on 882345, and they will be pleased to discuss the service with you.

You can also add this protection to your existing service contract and significantly improve your cybersecurity position and internet resilience.

JT’s Cybersecurity Tips

In this section, we’ve outlined some useful cybersecurity tips to help keep you and your data safe.